The Allied Republic

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Holy Empire of Tyfan Union (elected )

Founder: The Republic of TAR Founder

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Most Nations: 168th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 300th Largest Black Market: 2,200th
World Factbook Entry

Welcome to The Allied Republic!
Est. November 3, 2010, Re-Est. March 4, 2019

We are an active political simulation region based on a Democratic Consulate Administration. We have established regional roleplays so you can engage in politics, diplomacy and warfare. Various incarnations of our region have existed since 2010. Take the initiative to join our fun-loving community!

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Embassies: The Allied States, The Allied Republics, Liberty Democratic Alliance, India, Thaecia, New Western Empire, The United Empires of Carson, Pax Britannia, Democritus, The United Ascendancy, The Democratic Republic, Greater Middle East, Force, 21st Century Rome, New West Indies, Capitalist Paradise, and 8 others.Olympia, Lorania, Philippines, OmniOne, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, The League of Conservative Nations, Laraniem, and The Dominion of United Free Nations.

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The Allied Republic contains 129 nations, the 168th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Black Market in The Allied Republic

World Census agents tracked "off the books" deals and handshake agreements in order to study the size of nations' informal economies.

As a region, The Allied Republic is ranked 2,200th in the world for Largest Black Market.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The AnarchoIdiotism of LessoniIron Fist Consumerists“We only make bad decisions”
2.The Union of KenisFather Knows Best State“für die Union”
3.The Holy Empire of Tyfan UnionFather Knows Best State“Established 2011”
4.The Federal Empire of The Amarican EmpireFather Knows Best State“Für der Kaiser und Vaterland”
5.The Empire of Free States of AmericaCivil Rights Lovefest“Once More the Sith Will Rule the Galaxy”
6.The Corporate State of BarrenjastanFather Knows Best State“In Capitalism We Trust!”
7.The Allied States of The of United Confederate RepublicInoffensive Centrist Democracy“A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood.”
8.The People's Republic of OttobengalFather Knows Best State“Pride and Industry”
9.The Confederacy of SvetskaniFather Knows Best State“We all give and take”
10.The Democratic Republic of SurperiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Peace is always the option”
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Last poll: “Communism or Anarchy?”

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The Alaskan Principality of Litchir

Liberty and Unity wrote:No, communism = communism
Anarchy = anarchism

Ah yes, the floor is made out of floor

The Holy Empire of Tyfan Union

The snozzberries taste like snozzberry

via The League of Conservative Nations

The Shareholder States of Washingtonian Republic

Hello everyone! I'm here to deliver this week's edition of the League's Chronicle.

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This edition of the League's Chronicle was brought to you by:

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The League's Chronicle is now hiring writers and correspondents - Contact Gagium through telegrams or Linkthe LCN's discord server if you're interested! Anyone may apply.

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The Republic of Land of everyone


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The Alaskan Principality of Litchir

mows the grass

The Holy Empire of Tyfan Union

Litchir wrote:mows the grass

smh you are a member of the rebel alliance and a traitor!

The Allied States of Liberty and Unity

Tf did I miss?

The Holy Empire of Tyfan Union

Edition 2

Consulate Elections:

The Allied Republic had its monthly Consulate election. 3 Seats went up for grabs as scheduled, The Seats of CDLand, Albert, and Mytzonia went up for grabs. With Mytzonias departure and Al's decision not to seek another term, two spots were sure to go to new faces. This election saw a limited field with only 4 candidates vying for 3 seats when the final poll went up. Lena and Mihail lead voting among all candidates with 22 votes, CDLand cruised to his re election with 17 votes, and Habs would come it at 9 votes to round off the poll. Once things were settled a briefly contested bid for High Consul that saw Cathy and CD receive support, ended with CDLand as High Consul. With 16 days remaining in the term Cathy announced that she would resign her seat on the consulate and a special election was held. River and Arbor Mist participated in the special election that saw Arbor gain the remainder of Cathys term.

The February Consulate

High Consul: CDLand
Consul: Mihail
Consul: Lena
Consul: Ty
Consul: Cathy *resigned
Consul: Arbor *partial term

GovSim Elections:


A highly contested presidential race saw 4 candidates battle it out for the top seat in GovSim. Charleen Rogers of the Progressive Party (Butters), John Goodman of the Republican Party(Ty), Spike Cohen of the Libertarian Party (Mihail), and Jordan Devlin Independent (Jakobe) all had strong showing in the AMRBC sanctioned debate and when the final vote came to pass ass expected, there would need to be a runoff. Charleen Rogers lead the first poll gaining 39.88% of the vote and securing her position as the favorite heading into the runoff. John Goodman gained a 30.31% share of the vote and secured the final position in the runoff, his supporters hoping to gain the advantage from the independent and Libertarian vote. Jordan Devlin absolutely shocked the nation by his performance as an independent candidate gaining a whopping 21.88% share of the votes. Spike Cohen and the Libertarian Party came up short and disappointed only bringing in 7.93% of the vote and being grossly out performed by an independent.
The Runoff came shortly thereafter pitting the two top parties candidates against each other one on one. Charleen Rogers would go on to become the next President of The Allied Republics as data show Devlins supporters would mostly flock to the Rogers Camp giving her the 58.68% share of the vote and the majority needed for the Presidency. John Goodman fr4om our data, was able to reel in some support from the Libertarians however he only managed a 41.32% share of the vote and was forced to concede the race.


Once again the 3 parties of The Allied Republic came together and battled it out over the distribution of party seats in congress. This time, 100 seats would be up for grabs with the increased population of players in congress. The Progressives managed the strongest showing receiving 45.28% of the vote and securing 45 seats. The Republican Party was not far behind gaining a 42.48% share and 43 seats. And as in the Presidential election, the Libertarians forgot to show up, only bringing in a 12.24% share of the vote and therefore 12 seats.
Meta Term Review

The Govsim Party Seat Expansion Act
Expanded the number of seats to be given out at GovSim elections to 100.

The Regional Integrity Act
Abolished Legacy Status and created a universal standard for citizenship.

The Nationstates Military Exception Rule
Created an option for the consulate to allow exceptions to those who participate in Raiding/ Defending operations on Nationstates from the WA verification clause.

Other Notable Policies and Actions
Aerandariel was appointed to be the new chief of TAR foreign affairs, and Proconsul.
Muss was appointed as head of interior and Proconsul responsible for welcoming and aiding new arrivals
Cathy has been appointed Roleplay Chief and proconsul

GovSim Review

Brandon Marlowe[River] became the next progressive speaker of congress after a contested election.

The Allied Republic Space Bill which was left over from last congress went to vote and failed by a slim margin. The vote on the nomination of Blackflag to the SC followed and he was confirmed. The Mexican Freedom act followed, no final tally was ever given. A stall of Govsim followed and the administration is currently looking at how to address this and mover forward. It is clear that the capacity for activity is there in GovSim but the system as a whole is incomplete. We now look to fill in the gaps and make the entire system more whole and therefore a more enjoyable experience for the community.

The Allied Post February Citizen Of The Month

It's that time again that we take a moment to be selfless and think about the people who make The Allied Republic a great place. And I'd like to thank everyone who nominated someone and everyone who was nominated. Here are the nominees:


And now the Citizen of The Month:


Albert has been one of the essential cornerstones of The Allied Republic community in a short span. His addictive personality and soothing presence has become a staple in the region. When it comes to making broad statements we can always count on Al to be there to correct us, and that is a comforting thought many. His contributions to the GovSim and the Consulate as well as his service to the region in the past cannot be understated. Al has quickly climbed the ladder and cemented himself among the all time Hall of Famers in the Allied Regions. As long as there is an allied region on nationstates, Albert will be a revered regional contributor, and friend to many. You can always count on Albert, he is consistent and dependable. Qualities that become more and more rare and he perfectly and seemingly effortlessly thread the needle between being true to himself, and being well perceived. So today we salute you Albert and forever enshrine you as one of our greatest contributors.

Written and edited by Tyfan Union 2/24/21

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The Alaskan Principality of Litchir

Tyfan Union wrote:smh you are a member of the rebel alliance and a traitor!

Catch me if you can!
runs away

The Holy Empire of Tyfan Union

Litchir wrote:Catch me if you can!
runs away

You can run but you can't hide!

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