Southern Army

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Armed Republic of Gunyria

Last WA Update:

Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 111th Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 325th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 351st+17
Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector: 444th Fattest Citizens: 484th Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry: 553rd Largest Mining Sector: 576th Largest Gambling Industry: 590th Highest Crime Rates: 643rd Lowest Overall Tax Burden: 687th Most Avoided: 694th Highest Disposable Incomes: 737th Most Armed: 1,030th Most Politically Apathetic Citizens: 1,162nd Most Pro-Market: 1,329th Largest Retail Industry: 1,365th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,920th Largest Insurance Industry: 2,152nd Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 2,383rd Most Efficient Economies: 2,440th
World Factbook Entry


We are a Paleolibertarian military organisation led by Gunyria. Our goal is to liberate authoritarian regions, secure dead regions and fight against totalitarian invaders!

Regional Rules Military Strenght and liberated regions Flag Policy LinkRegional Map

Who is our enemy?

National Socialists
Authoritarians of any kind

What are we doing in our liberated regions?

We protect free speech
We protect freedom of opinion
We protect property rights


Embassies: Altaic Axis, Socialist Loveland, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, Hispanic Union, Christian Nations Union, Dixie, Traveling Wilburys, Genua, J o J, Conquered Lands of Elena Temnikova, Republic of Conservative Nations, League Of Constructed Languages, United Federation of Fascist States, The Empire Of United Socialist Powers, BillyGamesCool FanClub, and The New World of Funiverse.

Tags: Anti-Communist, Capitalist, Conservative, Defender, Democratic, Free Trade, General Assembly, Human-Only, Independent, Industrial, Invader, Issues Player, and 8 others.Libertarian, Map, Minuscule, National Sovereigntist, Recruiter Friendly, Regional Government, Role Player, and Serious.

Southern Army is home to a single nation.


Today's World Census Report

The Lowest Crime Rates in Southern Army

World Census agents attempted to lure citizens into committing various crimes in order to test the reluctance of citizens to break the law.

As a region, Southern Army is ranked 25,679th in the world for Lowest Crime Rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Armed Republic of GunyriaCapitalist Paradise“With wisdom we progress to the future!”

Regional Happenings


Southern Army Regional Message Board

Messages from regional members are co-ordinated here.

The Armed Republic of Gunyria

Dear citizens of Southern Army!

If you can, please join the World Assembly with your nation. We need soldiers for a mission

- Greetings from Gunyria

The Armed Republic of Gunyria

I am happy to announce that we managed to secure the Union Of Soviet Radical Republics!

The Minarchist Government of Sakanagara

you sent my other nation a telegram and I'm buying your movement lol

The Armed Republic of Gunyria

Welcome to our glorious region Sakanagara! I hope you will Enjoy your stay!

The Armed Republic of Gunyria

Hello Free state of freeland! I am glad to see you here :)

The Armed Republic of Gunyria

R.I.P Northern tobondenodllyna. You will be missed

via Republic of Conservative Nations

The Ancient Baptist Republic of New Waldensia

Feel free to join us for N-Day!


🚀☢️ Army of Freedom 🚀☢️🚀 N-Day⁵ Guide ☢️🚀

H E L P F U L   L I N K S :
N-Day How-To | LinkN-Day Wiki | AOF Medals | LinkAOF Discord | AOF RP | Your Nukes | Our Faction

  1. Join the LinkAOF Discord for N-Day⁵ orders and communication.
    This is how all orders will be disseminated. Utilizing the Discord will enable you to more fully enjoy and deploy during N-Day. The AOF Discord is always a fun place to be; the hectic and frantic nature of nuclear warfare has led to memorable moments for our members.

  2. Do not attack unless ordered, and only attack when and where ordered.
    Rogue nations can destroy a faction by attacking against or in contradiction to orders, drawing us into battle on undesired fronts. Don't be that guy. Strict adherance to orders is crucial to ensure a successful N-Day for the Army of Freedom.

  3. Shield production is the priority during N-Day.
    🛡️ Strategic specialists must focus on building shields exclusively.
    🛡️ Economic specialists should focus on building shields -- unless specifically ordered otherwise.
    ☢️ Military specialists must focus on building nukes exclusively.

  4. Recruit your friends and region-mates to the Army of Freedom!
    The more, the merrier! We would love to have a record amount of fighters in the AOF this year, and you can help make that a reality. In addition, we are seeking Non-Aggression Pacts with a variety of other factions, which will help to protect our flanks during N-Day; if you can assist with this as well, contact New Waldensia.

Read dispatch

The Tranquil Ship of The Cruise Ship

Seeing as you have the tag "Recruiter Friendly" I will try to recruit.
I am recruiting for Mirror World, which focuses on RP.
Mirror wold has easy rules, and easy map claiming. There is lots of space on the map, even with over 15 nations. The RP is mainly on discord, and there is always someone online.

Currently, in Mirror World's RP, there is a cold war developing between my nation there and another nation. You have a chance to support either side and tip the scale if it comes to war.
What story will you make with us?

via Republic of Conservative Nations

The Empire of West Phoenicia


Hi, I'm West Phoenicia, the newly elected President of the Republic of Conservative Nations.
Just paying a visit to introduce myself and am open to discussing greater diplomacy interactions. Also happy to discuss ambassador exchanges in the RMB/Discord for a closer bond, treaties and interregional rp and activities.

Shoot me a message or pop over to our discord or RMB for more info.

Thank you for your time and our established embassies.

via Republic of Conservative Nations

The Empire of West Phoenicia

Warm Greetings,

The RCN is hosting their 1st year anniversary on the 2nd of May.

From the 30th of April to the 2nd of May we shall be hosting a three day festival of fun, games and other events.

We cordially invite members of this region, as we share embassies to partake in this special event.

West Phoenicia:

President of the Republic of Conservative Nations.

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