Renegade Islands Alliance
Renegade Islands Alliance was Commended by Security Council Resolution # 173

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Community of Jute (elected )

Founder: The Sleeping Giant of Shizensky

Last WA Update:

Most Influential: 391st Most Nations: 543rd Most World Assembly Endorsements: 708th+13
Largest Black Market: 1,085th Most Devout: 1,269th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 1,551st Most Beautiful Environments: 1,593rd Best Weather: 1,718th Most Rebellious Youth: 1,944th Most Cultured: 1,976th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 2,093rd Most Corrupt Governments: 2,147th Most Advanced Public Education: 2,149th Highest Economic Output: 2,300th Highest Food Quality: 2,511th Most Armed: 2,603rd
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Welcome to the Renegade Islands Alliance!

Founded in 2004, commended in 2015!

We are the free and the fearless. We are the Shield and the Law. We are Renegades.

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Embassies: 10000 Islands, Mordor, the Rejected Realms, Texas, Wintreath, Nasicournia, The Order of the Grey Wardens, Gay, The European Union, European Union, The Alterran Republic, and Atlantis.

The embassy with Wintreath is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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Regional Power: Moderate

Renegade Islands Alliance contains 32 nations, the 543rd most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Smartest Citizens in Renegade Islands Alliance

The World Census eavesdropped on conversations in coffee shops, on campuses, and around cinemas in order to determine which nations have the most quick-witted, insightful, and knowledgeable citizens.

As a region, Renegade Islands Alliance is ranked 2,692nd in the world for Smartest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Community of JuteLeft-wing Utopia“Life is hard, but worth it”
2.The Republic of UtopianstateCivil Rights Lovefest“For a better tomorrow”
3.The Sleeping Giant of ShizenskyNew York Times Democracy“Esse Quam Videri”
4.The Multiverse of The Unified Terran CoalitionFather Knows Best State“Audemus Coalitio nostrum defendere!”
5.The Holy Subcontinental Union of FinRusslandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“хува пайва”
6.The United Socialist States of DaggriaDemocratic Socialists“Perservere, hold fast, soar higher.”
7.The Kingdom of Kingdom of HeliumPsychotic Dictatorship“We work we strive for success”
8.The Republic of StroskaanalLeft-wing Utopia“Strength Through Compliance”
9.The Republic of Saint MorenoDemocratic Socialists“Prosperity together”
10.The Grand Reich of RivetiFather Knows Best State“Freedom is a lie, told to chain the masses.”

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New larthinia

Hello fellas. Hope everyone is doing well. haven't been around in a long while

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The Republic of Joke Bot

Joke Time:

Q. So a Buffalo was about to head to college, before he left, the Buffalo’s father said something.
What did the Buffalo’s father say?


Jute, FinRussland, Dixadoing, and Ship-Fan


Post by Kulowetsa suppressed by Shizensky.

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The Cranberrian State of LeafyCranberry

You all are crazy

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East walles tari


The Community of Jute

I got some nice new banners

"Millennial Persistence

Address 1000 issues"

"Just Called to Say I Love You

Have a populace who is freely happy"

"The Lost World

Change your mind about dinosaurs"

"Condemned by the Space Pope

Run a space program in a devoutly religious nation"

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The Republic of Joke Bot

Joke Time:

Q. A Burglar was about to rob a bank, he needed to put on his different cloth in order to rob. He put on a black hat, dark shirt, dark pants and shoes
What shoes did he wear?


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The Susan Tankatha Johnson of Midland South States

We're being raided, please send aid if possible, please don't let our region w/over 28k RMB posts get deleted by these folks. Join our lines so we can join your if the time comes. If aid comes, please have them endorse me. Every single endorsement helps.

the remaining true residents of the INWU appreciate any aide your region can provide.

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The Most Blessed State of Inquista

Hello Renegades!

How is everyone doing? We at the European Union hope that you are all well and thriving.

The European Union had a very busy (and fun) time in July, which included elections in our regional government! Read all about it in our July update:

European Union

Regional update for the month of July, 2022

European Commission
Premier Commissioner Jean Claude Juncker (Spain In The South)
Commissioner of Internal Affairs Kevin Cotilla (Leagio)
Commissioner of Foreign Affairs Antoni Reynels (Inquista)

European Council
Speaker Iras Tilkanas (Eastern Haane – Istkalen)
Deputy Speaker Nicholas Benfield (Inimicus)

European Court of Justice
Chief Justice Judy Scheindlin (Brum Brum – United Duchies)
Justice Robert French (--the United Kingdom)
Justice Raymond Gauthier (Leagio)
Justice Dayo Mwangi (Elthize)
Justice Benjamin Steyn (Inimicus)

Commission Politics

Commission Elections Swept by Progressives
The thirty-second European Commission was elected on July 26th. Spaniard Jean Claude Juncker (European Progressive Alliance) was elected as Premier Commissioner with 77% of the vote, defeating Duchian opponent Calvin Kühnert (Independent). Leagioan Senator, Kevin Cotilla (European Progressive Alliance), was elected as Commissioner of Internal Affairs with 62% of the vote, defeating the incumbent Commissioner Ilmaras Kalessed of Istklaen (Party of the European Left). Inquistan Bishop, Antoni Reynels (European Progressive Alliance), ran unopposed for Commissioner of Foreign Affairs and was unanimously elected. The election marked the first time that EPA commissioners had been elected to office since 2020.

Sliding Into DMs
Outgoing Internal Affairs Commissioner Ilmaras Kalessed has overseen changes to the EU Commission App, which will allow European netizens to directly message any European politician, and will allow netizens to also directly comment on any proposed legislation.

Council Politics

European Agricultural Fund
The European Council is currently debating an act which seeks to create the European Agricultural Fund, which will provide economic assistance to workers of European farming and fishing industries. The proposal has been put forth by Premier Juncker, who promised region-wide subsidies for European farmers and fishers during his Commission campaign.

European Order of Merit Nomination
Commissioner Reynels has nominated Eurocorps Commander Vincent Drake of the Duxburian Union to the European Order of Merit for “his contributions to European security and global peace.” Commander Drake has served as Commander of the European Corps since its inception in 2020. The nomination is now up for Council debate.

European Central Bank Election
Premier Juncker has opened nominations for a new President of the European Central Bank. Candidates from the Unites Duchies (Brum Brum), Istkalen (Eastern Haane), Spain In The South, and United Reichs of Reitzmag have been nominated, and are currently making their cases for the ECB Presidency.

Constitutional Amendment
Councillor James Mizrachi-Roscoe of the United Duchies (Brum Brum) has proposed a new clause to the European Constitution that would prevent the EU from fining European companies more than 1% of their pre-tax profits for breaches of European law. Councillors are currently voting on the constitutional amendment, which looks likely to be defeated.

Repeal of the Elected and Accountable Council Act (EACA)
The Elected and Accountable Act, which at one point in time required all members of the European Council be directly elected by the people of their country of origin, is currently being voted on to be repealed. The repeal of the EACA seems very likely, following amendments made in March 2021 that weakened the legislation, only requiring member states with less than 12 months in the European Union to elect their Councillors.

Amendments to the Mental Health Act
Councillor James Mizrachi-Roscoe of United Duchies (Brum Brum) has proposed amendments to the European Mental Health Act, which would decentralize current mental health services away from the European Health Organization, and entrust them with relevant national organisations instead.

Council Safety Act is Rejected
A proposal made by Councillor Iras Tilkanas of Istkalen (Eastern Haane) to increase the security of the European Council was defeated in a 6-3 vote against. The proposal sought to ban certain controlled substances, flammable materials, and weapons from the European Council, implement cushioned ceilings, walls and floors, restrict chamber furniture (including banning sharp-edges), and would have created restrictions for entering the site.

European Council Majority Increase Rejected
Then-Commissioner Kalessed proposed a constitutional amendment which would have raised the definition of a simple majority within the European Council from 55% of those present to 60% of those present. The proposal was unanimously defeated with 5 votes against.

European Neurodivergent and Disability Rights Act Amendment
Amendments proposed by Councillor James Mizrachi-Roscoe of the United Duchies (Brum Brum), which aim to soften certain requirements of the European Neurodivergent and Disability Rights Act, were passed with only 2 votes for and 2 votes in abstention. The amendments allow for “reasonable adaptations” of the legislation’s mandates and requirements, and spell out situations where adaptations are exempt or not necessary.

European Court of Justice

ECoJ Elections
July saw a new European Court of Justice elected alongside the new European Commission. Judy Scheindlin (United Duchies – Brum Brum) was elected Chief Justice while Robert French (--the United Kingdom), Raymond Gauthier (Leagio), Dayo Mwangi (Elthize) and Benjamin Steyn (Inimicus) were all elected as Justices. Justice Judy Scheindlin is the first Chief Justice to serve from the United Duchies.

News From Around Europe

Jesus Never Dies
President Jesús Aguilar of Spain In The South has won re-election as Spanish President, following six years of already being in power. President Aguilar and his Partido Popular won the Spanish general election in July with 264 seats, claiming a slim majority of 3 seats. The Partido Socialista followed with 121 seats, VOX with 40 seats, Sumar and the SNP with 18 seats each, Esquerra Republicana with 13 seats, Unidas Podemos with 12 seats, and minor parties claiming a handful of other seats. Spanish Senate elections saw a similar distribution pattern in their results. President Aguilar will now oversee his fourth cabinet.

You’ll Win With the Right Priorities
A general election in --the United Kingdom saw the incumbent Tory government defeated and a Labour government elected in its place. As their first act in government, the new Starmer government successfully repealed the country’s Adult Video Law, giving its citizens greater access to explicit adult content.

Doing the Bare Minimum
The National Congress of Leagio introduced a federal minimum wage across the country, which stands at 11 Sulias an hour. Until now, minimum wages had only been set by state and territorial governments of Leagio.

EMU Ready to Fly in Elthize by 2024
President Greenwich Grimwald of Elthize has promised that his country will adopt the European Monetary Unit (EMU) as a currency no later than January 2024. The EMU currently serves as a currency of Spain In The South, Inquista, the United Dominions of Icholasen, Fremet, Vayinaod, Montenbourg and Leagio.

Inquistan Center for Children Who Can't Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too
The College of Bishops of Inquista have passed educational reforms that will streamline and expand mandatory subjects for Inquistan primary and secondary students. Changes to secondary education will, for example, see maths, at least one science, English, Latin or a modern foreign language, religion, and at least one art class become mandatory, with only two other subjects of personal choice being permitted per year. Previously, the only mandatory subjects in secondary school were English, Latin, and religion, with all other subjects being subjects of personal choice.

AeroDux and Easyjet: Our Flights Bring You Closer to Heaven
Flights have been restored to normal within the airspace of the United Duchies (Brum Brum) following a collision in June between an AeroDux A350 and an Easyjet Duchies A320 that left 492 passengers dead.

Soiled Soil Soiling Soil
The government of Eastern Haane (Istkalen) implemented land measures that included the nationalization of non-urban land, and land value taxes that were levied on land users, which ultimately resulted in mass protest by farmers. The measures went on to be repealed, but not without creating a rift with the New Agrarians, who were expected to be included in the government of the country. Ilmaras Kalessed, who is now leader of the New Agrarians following her service within the European Commission, has remarked that "so long as this government stands, the farmer will not be at peace.”

Giving the People What They Want
Two referendums were held in Lusitania y Vettonia. The first referendum concerned decentralizing greater powers to local authorities, while the second referendum asked whether voters wanted to establish a monarchy for the country, which is currently a republic. In both cases, voters responded enthusiastically in the affirmative, giving royalists and local Neathian tribes (who’ve pushed for greater local autonomy) much to celebrate. The referendums follow a period of relative political instability, where the shaky government has barely managed to survive votes of no confidence. Protests continue to be ongoing in the country due to political strife.

The Untouchable Bald Head
The National Imperial Council of Inimicus is currently discussing a new constitutional amendment proposed by the Imperial Palace, which would prevent the Council from ever being able to impeach the Inimican Emperor. This proposed constitutional amendment comes after the Inimican House of Commons indefinitely dissolved itself in June, following a previously passed constitutional amendment that requires the Inimican lower house to only ever meet by the Emperor’s decree or by the Imperial Council’s request.

Delete Your Account, Czech Bot
Spam bots originating from Czech Slavia have taken over the cyberspace of Inimicus, flooding Inimican social media and social media user inboxes with spam. The intention of the spam bots are not clear, but an Inimican professor believes that the bot accounts are operated by "individuals paid or supported by organisations or official institutions in Czech Slavia”. It has not yet been made evident if the Czech spam bots intend to make use of the EU Commission App’s new direct messaging features.

Social Distancing Now in Effect
A new law approved in Gadalland and Aspern will ban all protests that have greater than 1,000 persons in any of the country’s major cities, greater municipalities and their suburbs.

Royal Retirement
King Jean IV of Ineland has stated his intention to abdicate as king of the country after 37 years on the throne. King Jean will be turning 70 years old in September, and has alluded to his health as being a principal factor in his abdication. The Inelandic King’s announcement marks the first time that a monarch has abdicated in the country’s modern history.

My, What A Big Nuke You Have
The government of Czech Slavia has confirmed that the Czech Armed Forces have successfully tested a nuclear weapon in the region of South Moravia. The nuclear test brought a successful end to Project Morana, the Czech nuclear weapons development program. Project Morana was announced after the European Nuclear Weapons Authority (ENAA) unanimously agreed to award Czech Slavia with a limited nuclear weapons license earlier in May of this year.

This regional update has been issued by the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs.

Read dispatch

Stay hydrated and have a great rest of your hot girl/boy/thembo summer. 😎🍹

The 1919 License Plate of Pensyltuckee Island

*Meanwhile, in the outskirts of Pen City.....*
*A 1990 Ford LTD with Pen City Police on the door is pulled over on the side of the road.*
*A cop walks out of the trees zipping up his pants and fastening his belt buckle.*
Cop: "Huh." *picks up some empty Johnson Beer cans lying next to the road and sticks them in a paper sack in the trunk of his car*
*He gets in and takes off down the road.*
Cop: *slowly drives through a hairpin curve* *takes a sip of Buck Cola* *hits a relatively straight road and opens up the throttle* "Huh." *slows the car down and rolls his window down* *stops next to 2 boys, one carrying a single shot 22 rifle and the other one carrying 2 fishing rods and a steel bucket* "Where you boys headed?"
Boy with fishing rods: "Just down yander to Yeller Creek."
Cop: "Yeller Creek? Y'all are a ways away. How come y'ain't a goin to a closer place?"
Boy with 22: "One of our friends from school caught a real big channel cat there the other day. Pert near 20, 25 pounds he said. Says he hooked into another one, but that one broke him off. We're a goin to see if we can't get him."
Cop: "Tell ya what. Why don't y'all hop on in? Be a might faster than walkin'."
Boy with 22: "Why, sure."
*They get into the backseat and the cop slowly drives off.*
Cop: "Which part a Yeller Creek you wanna go to?"
Boy with 22: "Part close to that gristmill. Might could we drop by the Hop-In,Hop-Out? Fixin to pop some squirrels long the way, but I'm plumb outta 22 shells."
Cop: "Outta 22? Shoot, I'll just give ya this when we stop." *holds up a 50 round box of 22LR*
Boy with fishing rods: "I didn't know y'all police used 22s."
Cop: "We don't. I just bring mine for the same reason you got yours." *turns left at an intersection* "What are y'all fixin to use fer bait?"
Boy with fishing rods: "Got some bluegills heads ma had stowed away in the electric ice box soes we can use them as bait"
Cop: "Well, that oughtta do the trick. I wouldn't know personally though. I don't hardly catfish none. Can't stand all that sittin and waitin around. I'd rather be castin and reelin. I'll definitely eat up a whole platterfull though if you throw one in front a me." *turns right* "I ain't been down this road in a while."
*A short while later....*
*The Ford pulls off the road next to a bridge.*
Cop: "Good luck!" *hands the box of 22 ammo to one of the boys*
Boy with fishing rods: "Thank you for driving us!!"
Cop: "My pleasure." *backs up, drives off, and waves to the boys as they walk down the hillside towards the river*
*His radio suddenly turns on.*
Radio: "Any units close to the gristmill?"
Cop: *picks up* "This is Officer Grundy. I'm actually currently right next to the gristmill."
Radio: "It seems a hickernut tree's done fell crosst Hornet Holler Rd. Someone by the name a Doyle Dillard's workin on it, but he's just got a handsaw. You got a chainsaw with you? See if ya cain't go help out some."
Cop: "10-4. I am on my way." *quickly stops and does a 3 point turn* *turns on his lights and speeds the other way*

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