Plum Island

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Founder: The Emirate of Pentium 4 HT 651 3400MHz

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World Factbook Entry

Following her underdog win in the independent primaries for President of R/D, sweeze has selected her running mate... Frenchy! These two went head to head in the primaries, but the long time former raider found herself falling short to sweeze.

Now in 2021, sweeze and Frenchy are fighting for change we can believe in! Tonight they've kicked off their tour of the lands, visiting natives and places of all kinds. With the help of their trusty campaign manager The Buzzy Bee, these two are gearing up to spread Linktheir vision for the future of not just R/D, but all of NationStates!

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Embassies: Lily, The Grey Wolves GWS, Obama Moment, Cacophonous States of Unanimity, Kazakhuzbekistan, Thanksgiving, Brasilistan, New Pandora, Christmas, Pencil Sharpeners Puppet Storage, Magna Europa, The Alliance of Luck, Pandoran States, GWS The Grey Wolves, Union of the Stars, Hallyu Sanctuary, and 102 others.Ravenclaw Coalition, Sub Saharan Africa, Union of the North, The League of Based Nations, The Zubrovnian Circle, Racoonist Confederation, Death and Taxes, The lemon hub, Pangea Oceania, Gold Coasts, Bee movie, United Nations of Jerusalem, The Kingdom of Netherlands, The Valley Confederation, Missionaries of Jorge Bergoglio, H Y D R A, Emojiland, The Great and Mighty Region of Morshu, matheo, Organization of United Sovereign States, T Series, North East Pacific, The Crimson Concordant, Water bear Landmass Allies United, Golden Triangle, the union anarcho socialists, The Empire of Banana Sundae, 00000000000000000000000, Naimark, Axloriya Treaty Organisation, 84 point 25 Anomaly, The Three Kings, Wesleyan Gang, Ezo, Meow, Terrasia, SuperOrion, Oecumene, The Warrior Alliance, Divonya, Alliance of Gay Fools, Dogenzaka Hill, Anti Anime Action, FEDERATION OF AMERICA EUROPE AND SOUTH A, Black Puffleg, Allied States of New Contactia, Marxist Scholars Circle, League Of Local Inhabitants, Abayan Reigon, Prussian Eagle, War command, Poop Forces Federation Federation, Tie Dye, Pirate Paradise, Independence Hill, The Free Organization of Pacific States, Alliance of Authority, The Kingsteak Tavern, The Universal Federation, Yo Mama, The Snakes, The Independent Citadel of Ricks, N defenders, Region Inc, United Nuclear Nations, M A S H, Empire Overlords, World of 2011, The empire of free kings, Aduret, White Salvation of America, forest of smerv, The New Scandinavian Union of Islands, The United Free Nations, Scanidia, East Asia, Kyorgia puppet storage, Continental Hall, land of prosparity, The Floridians, United Nations of Prosperity, Fascist Drinking Game, Koprulu sector, Malphe, Legion of the Shadow Stag, puppet storage 2, The Glorious and Just Empire of Satan Jr, roman league, KOMRADE KLUB, Ancient Epic League of Epicness, Hissilan, Entia, Aurelis, New Imperial Sector, Free Ancapistan, Moereich, free land, The Phoenix Nest, Region JK, Democratic Union of Humanity, vincent drake, and Fascist allience.

Tags: Large.

Regional Power: Moderate

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