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Welcome, Selamat Datang, Maligayang Pagdating, 欢迎, ترحيب to Melayu Archipelago

Melayu Archipelago is a realistic, current-tech, nationbuilding and roleplaying region.

The region is home to the Multiversal Film Festival (MFF), Sepak Takraw International Council (STIC), Association of Melayu Archipelago Nations (AMAN), Confederation of Melayu Football Associations (CMFA), and various other organizations.

WA-Member nations, please endorse Libonesia as WA Delegate of the region.

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Current Events
We are moving to our successor state, Mandalanusa

CMFA Tournament Stats
CMFA MAC 10 Champions: Eraman
CMFACL Champions: Pesetih Titih (Pemecutan)

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Embassies: Anaia, Esportiva, Novapax, Island Of Union, Asian Archipelago, Teremara, Wishtonia, India, Emirates of Futurnia, Republic of Conservative Nations, ASEAN, Africa, The Western Isles, Sunalaya, One big Island, Nations of Pemecutan, and 5 others.Uni Islam Asia Tenggara, Cendana Islands, United Mapgame Nations, Tanah Melayu, and Mandalanusa.

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Melayu Archipelago contains 6 nations, the 3,010th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Scientifically Advanced in Melayu Archipelago

World Census researchers quantified national scientific advancement by quizzing random citizens about quantum chromodynamics, space-time curvature and stem cell rejuvenation therapies. Responses based on Star Trek were discarded.

As a region, Melayu Archipelago is ranked 5,825th in the world for Most Scientifically Advanced.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kingdom of SansanosIron Fist Consumerists“This country is your blood”
2.The Community of Multiversal Film FestivalInoffensive Centrist Democracy“You will enjoy our movies,either voluntarily/ by force”
3.The Dominion of East LocsirandMoralistic Democracy“We Will Endure”
4.The Community of Melayu ArchipelagoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Make Melayu Archipelago Great Again”
5.The Fortnite Battle Royale of Fortnite Battle RoyaleNew York Times Democracy“I hate this”
6.The Dictatorship of Arriva Wales 27Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“The meaning to life, the universe, and everything”

Regional Happenings


Melayu Archipelago Regional Message Board

Messages from regional members are co-ordinated here.

The Community of Melayu Archipelago


We have received several suggestions to be the new name for the region. What do you think should be the new name for the region to replace Melayu Archipelago? Nations on the Melayu Archipelago map or nations that have participated in any of the previous CMFA Melayu Archipelago Cup are eligible to vote (1 user can only vote once) on the proposal.

The four options for the vote are:
a) Mandalanusa (the circle of islands)
b) Madyanusa (the middle islands)
c) Mahameru (the great mountain)
d) re-open nominations

Cast your vote via the regional poll by Sunday, 5th June 2022 before 9:17 am GMT 8+ (1:17 am UTC)

The Community of Melayu Archipelago


The vote on the new name for the region has now ended. The results are:

a) Mandalanusa (5 votes)
b) Madyanusa (0 votes)
c) Mahameru (1 vote)
d) re-open nominations (0 votes)

Therefore, the new name for the region will be Mandalanusa. We will begin our migration to Mandalanusa at the end of the 91st World Cup which is on the 20th of June 2022.


The Federation of Sendhang

President Paulus Etamba was relieved after the result of the vote on the 3 proposals during the AMAN Leaders' Meeting was announced. It was exactly what the president wanted. He was a lot happier when he checked his mobile phone after the meeting as he received hundreds of congratulatory messages.

Back home in Sendhang where the proceeding of the AMAN Leaders' Meeting was aired live by several media outlets and followed by the people across the nation, the reaction was instant. Again, the reaction was mixed but it went exactly like how the president planned.

"We cannot agree to this," said the president during the meeting in a viral short video clip on social media.

The majority of Sendhangite were happy to see their president's firmness in rejecting the Bendahara of Eraman's proposal on an independence referendum for Putrasia during the meeting. The popularity of the president went up to the roof.

It was however a different story in Putrasia. A different clip was widely shared there, a clip of Tun Rendra Usin's speech during the meeting.

"The fate of the Putrasians shall be determined by the Putrasians," said the Bendahara of Eraman in the clip.

The Putrasians agreed with the Bendahara of Eraman. Suddenly, the guy that they hated so much not so long ago for proposing to change the name of the region became their hero in an instant. The call for a referendum in the poorest state in Sendhang grew stronger after that speech by Tun Rendra Usin.


The Kingdom of Eraman

"That went well," said Tun Rendra Usin, the Bendahara of Eraman.

It was the evening after the AMAN Leaders' Meeting. He was accompanied by President Paulus Etamba, the President of Sendhang in a cigar room at the underground level of the Daulapura Palace. Two glasses and a whiskey bottle were on the table in front of them. Both men had an imported cigar between their fingers. There was no one else in the room except the two.

"Yes, that was a huge relieved," replied President Paulus Etamba.

President Paulus Etamba was of course very happy with the outcome of the meeting. He got what he needed from the meeting. He managed to raise nationalism in his country. And most importantly, get the support of 3 of the 4 Sendhangite states, which should be enough to get him re-elected as the president again for another term. The problem in Putrasia can be settled on another day.

"A good start. But we still have a lot to do. This is just the beginning, just a small piece in the grand plan," said Tun Rendra Usin.

Yes, while the other delegations thought that they were at the end of the meeting, for Tun Rendra Usin and President Paulus Etamba, the meeting was only the beginning of a more elaborate plan. The two leaders who led their respective countries' nationalist parties are keen to play more geopolitics. The fact that Pemecutan's geopolitical influence in the region is growing does not sit well with them.

"One at a time. We finish the meeting tomorrow. Then we get an update from Acastanha," replied President Paulus Etamba.

And on the next day, they did just that. The meeting went well without drama or any further shocking announcements. The three hours meeting was all about choosing a new name for the region. Three names, Mandalanusa which means the circle of islands, Madyanusa which means the middle island, and Mahameru which means the great mountain were nominated by the delegations during the meeting. And in the end, after a vote, a new name was successfully chosen to be the new name for the region which is Mandalanusa.


The Federation of Acastanha

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The Neocolony of Berdeng Bundok

Sorry if this is a stupid question...

With the region renaming, are we actually moving region? Or staying here but it's called something else?

The United Kingdom of Pemecutan

Berdeng Bundok wrote:Sorry if this is a stupid question...

With the region renaming, are we actually moving region? Or staying here but it's called something else?

It's not a stupid question. And yes, we're planning to move to a new region. Please wait for further announcement.

The Community of Melayu Archipelago

Melayu Archipelago wrote:



As per the vote on the 5th June 2022, the new name for the region from now on will be Mandalanusa. Therefore, a new region named Mandalanusa has been created and is now open for everyone to join.

As for the Melayu Archipelago region, it will be locked, preserved, and kept for historical purposes.

Everyone is welcomed.

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