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The Democratic Kingdom of Koxor

Kaonashia wrote:no

Hagston wrote:Well then we may have a problem

Kaonashia wrote:No thanks no more problems already have enough 😩

Yes, let's not let Copula grow any bigger than its already bloated size.

The Assamblea Colonial of Kaonashia

Koxor wrote:Yes, let's not let Copula grow any bigger than its already bloated size.

Said the one with the majority seats... talk about bullying >_>

The Democratic Kingdom of Koxor

Kaonashia wrote:Said the one with the majority seats... talk about bullying >_>

I mean number of members.
Hey... Guardians... wanna make a coalition government?

The Unified Hettic States of Sidramye

Koxor wrote:I mean number of members.
Hey... Guardians... wanna make a coalition government?


The Assamblea Colonial of Kaonashia

Koxor wrote:I mean number of members.
Hey... Guardians... wanna make a coalition government?

Aren't we supposed to be the complete opposite of eachother...???

The Democratic Kingdom of Koxor

Kaonashia wrote:Aren't we supposed to be the complete opposite of eachother...???

Not so much anymore... Anyway, members coalition governments don't have to be that similar.

The Gold Peacelands of Hagston

Kaonashia wrote:No thanks no more problems already have enough 😩

But seriously, we have 3 almost identical factions. This change just makes that even more so

The Gold Peacelands of Hagston

Koxor wrote:I mean number of members.
Hey... Guardians... wanna make a coalition government?

Noo I was gonna ask that

The Assamblea Colonial of Kaonashia

Hagston wrote:Noo I was gonna ask that

Don't worry I trust you more, I do rather be with you then to be on the same side as Sidramye. You know how long I would go... I would rather choke because of you-know then ever in my life once be on the same political side, Sidramye is hereby declared the ultimate goal of The Guardians to eliminate from Laraniem. Yes, I accept your invitation for a coalition government, that way we could perhaps block Civibus and if neccesary I'll bring in friends.

The Confederacy of Badhar

Lasagna has ended. The region has split and will no longer continue to operate. But our history will live on thanks to this

History of Lasagna
A History of Greatness
By The Times Editor

History on: Lasagna
History by: United Nations organisation

Dear Reader,

The History of Lasagna was a story of excellence. We due have divided the Whole History into Various Chapters. It has entire Historic Data and we have tried to cover most of the part and give a insight of the region. Its based on various Sources which are mentioned at the End. The Entire history is factual with complete inner-Details of events. We have given factual dates for true events that Can be dated. This Dispatch will be updated according to various Historic Movements which might be Political, Economic, Physical. This History will Contain all the Historic Maps of Lasagna, all political parties, all delegates, all regional Admins, all election days.

This history is even Comprised of all scams that happened in Lasagna few are originally not named, but this dispatch has given them a relevant name. This History even Contains all operations of Lasagnaian Army and all the parliaments of our region. This History has all the Documents that have been signed till the date. This History is written so that all can understand the Glorious history of Lasagna.

Chapter 1: Foundation of Lasagna
On 10th March 2017 Opressed North Continent was Founded. He first moved to Cape of Good Hope from there he first founded The Central Atlantis there he was WAD from 28th October 2017 to 8th December 2017 a reign of 42 days. On 3rd June 2018 The Central Atlantis was closed as Opressed North Continent ceased to exist. On 14th August Opressed North Continent was re-founded in Balder. On Wednesday 9th January 2019 Lasagna was founded.

Chapter 2: RMB Recruiting and WAD

Lasagna wasn't a strong region at first. From 9th only a nation called as You 157 came to Lasagna and slowly Lasagna was made a puppet storage. Heiliges Remisches Reich, Teutonic Empire, Myregion, Democratika, International Leftist Union, Brannackia and such nations came and tried to merge Lasagna and recruit New Nations. Lasagna already had a recruiter friendly tag with all other tags. You 157 he insulted Lasagna by saying that he controlled all nations in Lasagna. No-one responded to that post. Lasagna had about 200 to 300 puppets that time. Our Founder Opressed North Continent also recruited many people from TNP it lead even [nation]Ile Morice[/nation] to join Lasagna.On 20 February 2019 Aloneist leichtenstien was elected as WA Delegate. On 19th March 2019 Aloneist leichtenstien ceased to exist and hence was removed as WAD.

Chapter 3: Lasagna gets activeness

On 15th April 2019 by a poll Lasagna removed the Recruiter Friendly tag. On 25th April 2019 Ile Morice was made the Minister of Internal Affairs and Acting World Assembly Delegate of Lasagna. Fri tallantopia also came to Lasagna and soon one side was heavy YOU nation population other side about 10 to 11 non puppet active nations. On 21st September 2019 elections for Defense Ministry happened Ile Morice and Soos ramirez ran for the position with a tie. So on 27th September re-elections happened and Ile Morice won by 2 votes. Slowly after the election season many New nations like Pina repuce, New androidia etc joined the region.

Chapter 4: First Presidential election

On 26th October 2019 Ile Morice resigned as Defense Minister and proposed to run for Presidential elections. He even mentioned that he had big plans for Lasagna. The Presidential elections were 2 weeks away. Ilstur of Dolla Holla appeased Ile Morice for Presidential elections and so did Newspaper man of Times Newspaper. Opressed North Continent even proposed a 'Council of Lasagna' which shall act as a parliament. So Lasagna had bright future and all was depend of the Presidential elections. Pina repuce was the candidate against Ile Morice. Even the Times had a interview in which Newspaper man defined Ile Morice as "Confident and ambitious". Th Exit Poll of Times also said that Ile Morice was going to get 92%-96% of vote share and Pina repuce would get 3%-7% of vote share. Ile Morice presented the his measure no 1 after he would win elections and it was Abolishing ministry for World Assembly Affairs. Hileurre was the incharge of the ministry that time. On 6th November 2019 the Presidential election voting began. On 9th November results were clear Ile Morice got 8 votes out of 10 and Pina repuce only got 2 votes. Ile Morice gave is victory message as follows "Many thanks to all of you who made me win this Presidential Election. Your support is still a Blessing for me and the welfare of Lasagna. I will appoint my Ministers myself once the Founder is Done handing me over with the Executive Rights procedures. I will then be effective and productive as a President of our Beloved Region. Make Lasagna Work." So now the eyes were on cabinet.

Chapter 5: Age of Emergence Part I -YOU Nations and Second Constitution and more

Now Lasagna was going to see a high level development. Firstly before Presidential elections came United Nations organisation from The North Pacific. Soon the cabinet was made as follows United Nations organisation was made the Home and Foreign Minister. Soos ramirez was made the Defense Minister.Uto plan was made the head of Security. Then about 26 hours later the Win United Nations organisation made his first address to Lasagna. In the address the YOU nation puppet issue was raised. Pina repuce was the leader in opposition so he started yelling at the president "Ile Morice, every nation has the freedom to stay in this region no matter how active or inactive they are, so i stand AGAINST the idea to remove those nations. They didn't broke the constitution, they didn't do anything wrong. They are just residing peacefully in Lasagna. I am sure you will understand this. They also NEVER got involved in any activity that affected Lasagna.I will stand together with this nations to make sure that none of them is discriminated." So a poll was made that should these nations be banned or not, but Pina repuce even stated that ejecting or banning YOU nations would damage the reputation of the region. Basically Lasagna had this constitution. So United Nations organisation removed the YOU nation Poll and brought his constitution in his opinion it was better one so which constitution you want was put forth in the election. UNO's Constitution won 7 votes while old constitution got 2
votes in the Poll.

On 15th November 2019 UNO presented the New Embassy Policy for Lasagna's Foreign Ministry. On 17th November 2019 UNO presented the Political system and the party system. Even Fri tallantopia was appointed as New and First Election Commissioner on 17th. As Home Minister United Nations organisation issued a warning to you nations that they should Leave Lasagna. You 1 said that he had rights and he would stay in Lasagna with his puppets. On 17th November 2019 NDF [National Democratic Front] was Founded.Uto plan brought this master plan "Together with the staff from the Lasagna Intelligence Agency(LIA) i will start to evaluate each region that has an embassy with Lasagna and give it a score. To be able to put this score, we will look at the founding dates, population, government and ideologies. This will help us to find out what is the possible level of threat posed by them. Regions that will receive a score equal to A+,A,A-,B+ are considered close allies of Lasagna. Regions that receive a score equal with B,B-,C+,C are considered neutral. Regions with a score of C-,D+,D,D- are considered to be possibly dangerous and regions with a score of E+,E,E-,F are considered hostile and big threats to the regional security. All of this data will be rechecked every few weeks. The scores will be available to the public on the Lasagna Intelligence Agency dispatch. Thank you for your trust!" Soon President Ile Morice ejected 7 YOU nations and the dispute for YOU nations got bigger. On 18th November 2019Inner AginanaUsordia established The Green Reform Party this party was against the ban of YOU nations.

Soon the NRC project was made by the Home Ministry. NRC meant National Recognition of Citizenship. Home Ministry password protected the region for a week. All registered on this LinkCitizenship Form and a LinkVisa Application was also made for Diplomats. After the NRC project Heistancerte was sent as a Ambassador to Union of democrats. He was the First Ambassador of Lasagna. Imperial imple coquet was the Second Ambassador of Lasagna to Northern Oceans. On 18th December 2019 Reign of terror merged with Lasagna. On 25th December 2019 The Grey Isles established Worker and Coalition Party [WCP]. Fri tallantopia said that the General elections would happen on 10th January 2020. Even Voiceandfree was appointed as Parliament Secretary. But that time there was no-parliament so more a like this position proved to be futile.

Chapter 6: Age of Emergence Part II - YOU Nations and DRSA controversy

On 4th January 2020 United Nations organisation declared that Lasagna was going to merge with Democratic Republic of Southern Africa. Inner AginanaUsordia, The Grey Isles and nearly all protested against the merge. WCP also protested. The Grey Isles even called for a 'Democratic Coup'. Inner AginanaUsordia called for a diplomatic solution that was all who wanted merge shall go to DRSA and who don't want merge shall stay in Lasagna. This call actually weakened the Government as people like Fri tallantopia and Soos ramirez left Lasagna for DRSA. UNO later said that the decision was not yet final as he was in talks with the Founder and soon the people's demand for a poll came. The cabinet made the decision for a poll.
As the majority wanted DRSA to come and merge the decision was kept still for sometime. On the other hand Sarmes founded a party called as 'The Bartizan'. While Pina repuce asked the LIA [Lasagna Intelligence Agency] to investigate this case. Later the President Ile Morice said the he even didn't knew about this merge and he would also make sure such merge won't happen. Later UNO again told that the decision of merge was taken by him and Founder which was overturned by people through the poll. The Founder didn't responded to any messages so either as UNO said he and Founder had decided or may be Founder didn't knew about it. This DRSA controversy was the first controversy in Lasagna's history.

After this DRSA controversy again came up the YOU nations issue this time it popped up even larger. Last time this issue was gradually ignored but this time it wasn't happening. It was expected that this time NDF would open its cards and it did happened. WCP was for the ban of YOU nations and GRP was opposing at re-start of this issue The Bartizan was in NDF's side but later it went to GRP's side. The debate was more likely same as NDF said we must remove YOU nations and GRP talked about the YOU nations's rights, But this time UNO brought his wild card in form of the Foreign Policy. Basically United Nations organisation that time was focusing on merging regions with Lasagna and he proclaimed that he had meetings with Democratic Republic of Southern Africa for merge and DRSA refused to come to Lasagna because of puppets in Lasagna and so UNO was asking to merge with DRSA [In this way DRSA controversy's result came straight] and the same was condition with Montrandecs Neighbours they had agreed but due to YOU nations cancelled the merge and UNO even proclaimed that YOU nations affected the region's Foreign Policy]. Soon this YOU nation debate started to heat up. Finally the President opened his cards as he said that it was 'Zero Contribution of YOU in this nursery vs becoming productive and powerful'. This debate became bigger and finally it came to a poll. UNO made a poll on the same 'Do you want YOU nations?'. From the opposition that'S GRP Inner AginanaUsordia tried to cool down the YOU nation issue as he had sent a document to UNO and Inner AginanaUsordia even said that UNO should respond in 12 hours to it or he will make it public [This was a clear try to captivate the government], but UNO also confronted the message by saying "If you want to make public then do whatever you want" [Confronting is a attitude which is good when opposition tries to captivate government]. By this message UNO slammed the opposition the delay could not happen. Now the poll resulted to a tie, but not a tie actually. The result which all readers see is 6 vs 6 on YOU nation issue but the true wild card came now. UNO gave a vote break and the Vote break said it clear that if we remove non-citizens we have 5:3 votes so YOU nations were banned and ejected ending one of the biggest debate in the region.The document sent is available in the Times Newspaper.

Chapter 7: Age of Emergence Part III - The Interim Government and the First General Election

On 20th January 2020 President Ile Morice introduced the Interim government. In it few positions remained same and new Ministers were appointed. The government had The Grey Isles as the Prime Minister who was leading the Interim government. United Nations organisation was asked to continue as the Home and Foreign Minister. Avonto was appointed as the Recruitment Minister and he did that job excellently with the Prime Minister. Barensa appointed as the Chief Whip and Speaker of Parliament. Sarmes and Inner AginanaUsordia were appointed as Leader of Opposition. It was looking like "NDF+WCP = Victory in General election" this could be a potential formula for general elections. Avonto made the Second welcome Telegram after the first from Opressed North Continent. Avonto even made a wiki page for Lasagna in NS wiki. Barensa and The Grey Isles together made the first Discord server of Lasagna. Soon the FM UNO declared that he would have meetings with Quan Hitters United, Montrandecs Neighbours's Founder and Vice-President, Union of Democrats's Founder and President. Soon the declaration came that Montrandecs Neighbours had agreed for the merge the deadline was 29th February 2020 and few nations came to Lasagna but the complete merge didn't happened.

On the other hand the Home Minister had called nominations for election Commissioner. Sri lanks flled the Form and his nomination was accepted. During the same time of nominations Barensa was talking against The Grey Isles and both were in the same party. The Grey Isles finally banned Barensa from WCP. Later The Grey Isles felt the punishment was a bit harsh and his ban was revoked. There was no nomination in the election Commissioner's elections leaving the nomination of Sri lanks so by default he was elected as election commissioner. Sri lanks had made clear that till elections no-one could campaign and for the same reason Inner AginanaUsordia and The Grey Isles were given a warning. On 15th February 2020 the nomination form was made for Prime Ministerial elections. Inner AginanaUsordia, United Nations organisation and The Grey Isles ran for the elections. The elections were from 3rd March to 5th March. On 17th February Avonto released campaign Manifesto for WCP. And soon came the big surprise everyone thought that "NDF+WCP = Victory in General election" but NDF showed its plans. NDF was not ready for Monarchy. WCP wanted monarchy. AS NDF showed its back to WCP The Grey Isles put forth a alliance formula with GRP. UNO mocked the formula because he said "The green Reformist party is Communist and WCP is monarchy so there will be unstable government"
Now reader you may be thinking like elections are over but no its pre-election politics. On 20th February 2020 UNO released Campaign Manifesto of NDF. And soon surprises came due to disagreements with WCP's members Barensa [ a member of WCP] left WCP and joined NDF. After this shift GRP got massive members more about 15 members. On 21st February 2020 Prometheus- came to Lasagna and opened his party called as "Futurists Ignited in Revolutionary Evolution [F.I.R.E]". Prometheus- also gave his nomination. On 21st itself F.I.R.E's Manifesto was made. TGI and Avonto had raised allegations that the election commissioner was bias and siding with NDF.

Now the elections were coming close and a shock came The Grey Isles decided to close his party that's WCP and both members of WCP that's Avonto and The Grey Isles moved to GRP. Prometheus- made a forum for Lasagna. On the LinkForum elections happened and results were declared Linkhere.. Out of 9 votes NDF got 5 votes and formed the government with F.I.R.E.

Chapter 8: Age of Emergence Part IV - First Cabinet, Government's provisions

Lasagna was now actually visible on NS. By visible I mean Lasagna has actually emerged as a democracy and the YOU nation thing, DRSA controversy had brought a next level politics.Prometheus- brought the region up with constitutions, Forums, etc and now Lasagna had came to existence, but still all felt the existence of few scams and inactivity. There were trust worthy people but Party politics taking Lasagna upwards.
On 23rd February Prometheus- found that the First Constitution of Lasagna was vague with expansion required. So Prometheus- started drafting a constitution. On the other side The Grey Isles with GRP was trying to remove the election commissioner Sri lanks by the accusation that Sri lanks was going against the constitution.

On 3rd March United Nations organisation banned 3 nations who were politically and physically inactive. They were Mai gava, Bepis tent and Sorakos. Now the question was why. Even before these 3 were banned a nation called as The ion union was banned. The GRP was itself divided on opinions. The Grey Isles supported ban ejection of The ion union but Inner AginanaUsordia opposed ejections. The ion union was a puppet of opposition or a spy and as a potential threat it was banned and ejected and The ion union was new so it was ok but the three nation ban ejection was widely opposed. Inner AginanaUsordia even claimed that this ban-ejections were to decrease the opposition. Later UNO presented the proofs. Much of the GRP accepted the Ban-ejection few demanded more proofs and Inner AginanaUsordia still believed that it was a conspiracy to decrease the opposition. The big thing came that Magnum Exitium the President of Democratic Republic of Southern Africa [DRSA] he posted in favor of opposition that these ban-ejections were drama and etc. Prime Minister UNO and President Ile Morice and the entire NDF believed that foreign pressure shall not be tolerated in Internal matters. Ile Morice even said that Lasagna would love to close embassy with DRSA and then Magnum Exitium too said the same but no embassy closure happened. The NDF government was Bringing good policies after the election win. The NDF and F.I.R.E government firstly Introduced the Newspaper of Lasagna. On 4th March the Times Newspaper that time's inter-regional Newspaper was regionalized and it came to Lasagna. Before elections NDF government proposed for the region's army and the response was yes for a army.

On 4th March the election Commissioner Sri lanks gave the seat division. On 5th March 2020 The times editor gave the link to Times LinkWebsite.On 12th March the First Elected Cabinet and Parliament was declared. Revia land of NDF was appointed the First Speaker of Parliament, United Nations organisation became the First Elected Prime Minister, Barensa became the First Minister of Justice, Prometheus- became the First Elected Home Minister, Badhar became Member of Parliament[M.P], Terakatia also became Member of Parliament[M.P] later in March The Grey Isles and Avonto were recruited to NDF and The Grey Isles was appointed as the First Labour Minister and the First Defense Minister, Avonto was appointed as the Third Foreign Minister. This was the strong government.

Inner AginanaUsordia was the First Leader of Opposition, Voiceandfree was M.P, Protectistan was too M.P, Pina repuce was M.P, Anorba was M.P, Zaderistan was M.P and they all represented GRP and Sarmes alone represented The Bartizan as M.P.

On 15th March Inner AginanaUsordia made the No-Confidence Motion against UNO. On 13th March 2020 the NDF and F.I.R.E government announced 'Lasagna's Diamond'. It was announced in a Press release which is available on Times LinkWebsite.

Chapter 9: Age of Emergence Part V - Operation unthinkable, Commission Scam, New Constitution

This Chapter is one of the darkest chapters of Lasagna's History. Lasagna saw corruption, internal military operation and a lot but the New Constitution is a bright side. By now Lasagna had emerged as a strong region, but internal corruption always kills and this time also happened the same. On 14th March 2020 this whole sequence of events happened. At 12:30 GMT The Grey Isles of opposition gave the spoiler in code language. He said:
"Operation unthinkable is succesful big goose and papa smurf has sunk.

New WA delegate Inner AginanaUsordia"

He had that time given the spoiler that Lasagna a coup is incoming. Nearly all ignored it. Within the next half an hour the next chapter was going to be wrote. For the time till update the opposition talked about the potential judge who could judge the trail against UNO. According to TGI's message the big goose and papa smurf were non other than Ile Morice and United Nations organisation. The operation unthinkable was a coup and that was the first ever coup in Lasagna. Barensa was the First Head of Prime Minister's office [PMO] and First elected Foreign Minister, but due to the coup many things were changed. Firstly the Border Control was removed from President, Prime Minister and all other Minister leaving Uto plan. Secondly Avonto another opposition member was made the Foreign Minister and TGI was appointed as Diplomacy officer. Inner AginanaUsordia was given 0 powers as leader of opposition, but he made himself leader of opposition in the cabinet. That time government was held captive for nearly 1 and half day. The opposition was even asking to give positions to all. Before Inner AginanaUsordia could remove the Border Control powers he was banned by the President Ile Morice. Inner AginanaUsordia came back to Lasagna as he unbanned himself and then asked all WA nations to endorse him. The opposition said "It was a democratic coup and it was executed to give opposition rights." Opressed North Continent soon took control of the situation and the entire cabinet's powers were suspended and the Founder himself with Prometheus- together carried out the investigation. Till the investigation was completed there was a word war in the region. In the mean time Avonto, The Grey Isles were recruited to NDF. On 17th March the investigation report was released which disturbed the government and so it also disturbed the opposition.

Firstly UNO has a puppet as election commissioner that is Sri lanks is UNO's puppet this was discovered and so it became to be known as Commission Scam and it even proved that opposition's claim that election commissioner is bias was true and so Sri lanks's citizenship and position was revoked. UNO was given the punishment that he shall not run for any office nor hold any office for next 2 months though he can continue was M.P. Inner AginanaUsordia was given a warning for that coup and according to NDF isn't sufficient for opposition. Even President Ile Morice was given a warning for slandering the opposition and spreading fake news about them.

Before the report was released Prometheus- completed his draft of the new constitution.

Chapter 10: Adoption of Constitution, New Constitution and government's provisions and Operation Red Fox
On 27th March 2020 Prometheus-'s Proposed Constitution was adopted. After the Adoption of this constitution the government brought many provisions. On 26th a day before Adoption of Constitution the government introduced the LinkProcedure of Parliament. On 28th March 2020 the government brought a New agency and this Agency was called as "Blackstar Agency". On 28th March the Defense Minister and Minister of Labour The Grey Isles presented the LinkConscription bill and this bill was abandoned on the same day by the parliament. On 17th February 2020 United nations organization presented his constitution this constitution was once brought on RMB for discussion and on Forum too but the discussion was slow and then soon the discussion ceased to exist. On 18th February 2020 Avonto presented the PrimeTime Quiz. Soon NDF made Badhar of their party the Deputy Foreign Minister. On 31st March NS had its WA General Secretary elections in which The Grey Isles ran from Lasagna he couldn't win the elections but he did his best in it.On 9th April the Times made its First LinkDocumentary on the Commission Scam. On 5th April President Ile Morice wrote a letter to the Juries to revoke UNO's Punishment, but the juries denied on 6th April 2020, On 7th April the Founder and the President met to discuss the same and as the region required more people UNO's punishment was partially lifted and he was appointed as the Chief Executive for Foreign Affairs by the President till 17th may and later he could hold any office, On 13th UNO on behalf of the government decided to start the Lasagna Development program. On 15th the Government suspended the program for some reason. On 8th April the government proposed a region's capital and so a poll was made and as result of nominations and poll the Founder Opressed North Continent's capital 'Petrusciian' was inducted as capital on 16th April. On 5th April 2020 Lasagna's Military did its first inter-regional Military operation.On 5th April Lasagna's Armed forces did their first inter-regional operation. The Founder of RedFoxCoalition wanted to merge with Lasagna, but that region's few nations didn't wanted to merge so under the leadership of the Minister of Defense The Grey Isles the Lasagna's Military raided RedFoxCoalition. The Barony of New Canaan served as the only Army man with the Minister of Defense and the raid was successful as well the region's Founder and the Foreign Minister Avonto signed the treaty for merge.

Chapter 11: Diplomatic enhancement of Lasagna
On 18th April United Nations organisation submitted his file for his own case in Supreme Court for the trial against UNO. While on the other hand Avonto the Foreign Minister led Lasagna in AOR [Assembly of Regions] with the deputy Foreign Minister United Nations organisation. Also it came to know that Merge Treaty: Lasagna - New Alnobia was going to happen, but later New Alnobia declined and resented that they would prefer to remain Independent. On 21st April 2020 The Grey Isles changed the deadline for RedFoxCoaltion to merge and the new date was 24th April 2020. On 13th April LIONS [Lasagna Initiative fOr world assembly/Non world assembly NationS was ordered to be created. On 23rd April 2020 the Lasagan Armed Forces participated in its second inter-regional Military Operation. It was operation misfeldtown and Lasagna's armed forces defended misfeldtown and were working on 100% success rate. On 20th April 2020 The Red Fox Party was Founded. On 24th April 2020 formed the Heart of the Comet Party. On 26th April 2020 Lasagna and region name signed the Open Border Agreement. On 28th April 2020 United Nations organisation declared about Operation Metal. Many were confused what it was. Also it came to notice on RMB that United Nations organisation wired telegram to Matthuvan union of Old Zealand. Matthuvan union ran The Commonwealth Party in Old Zealand. On RMB of Lasagna Matthuvan union said that United Nations organisation wanted to help Matthuvan union's party come to power. The Barony of New Canaan also felt that it was corruption. Avonto raised questions against UNO. The Barony of New Canaan felt that United Nations organisation could be even working against the region via operation metal. On 28th April 2020 from NDF Marjack was appointed as the Speaker of the parliament. The re-questioning on operation metal again started. On 1st May it was declared that Big Time Rush would merge into Lasagna and open their own party. On 25th April 2020 Prometheus- made LinkLaw of Parliament Ascension it was kept on hold though. While in supreme court United Nations organisation requested the trial to be moved to parliament as in accordance to Article 3 parliament and its section 6 Vote of no confidence procedures, clause one "Any member of Parliament, the Head of Defense, any appointed Ministers, or other government positions can be removed from office by a 65% majority vote by Parliament." This request of UNO was granted and trial was moved to court. It was revealed that Operation Metal was to merge as many as regions possible. On 29th April Big Time Rush party was formed. On 1st May Old Zealand Founder the Founder of Old Zealand and the founder of Greens Party in Old Zealand endorsed the GRP and gave this message:
Old Zealand Founder wrote:Hello.

I officially endorse the Green Reform Party, as well we're both Green parties. I would also like to endorse the FIRE party, but only if they form a coalition with the GRP.

This message of Old Zealand Founder was leading Lasagna's politics in a different direction and it a global fact anything is possible in politics. On 4th May 2020 The Nauru Coalition of Violence merged into Lasagna under Operation Metal. On 4th May 2020 Avonto of NDF brought the Prime Time season 2. On 5th May Old Zealand Founder pleaded to Lasagna to intervene in their issue. It was:

Old Zealand Founder wrote:i banned someone's puppet because they were using it to bully someone, now they're denying it and threatening to leave the region

what should i do

The Grey Isles wrote:Can you show proof.

Who is it?

Old Zealand Founder wrote:Matthuvan Union. The one I banned was Bosnia and also Herzegovina

The Grey Isles wrote:No

Court case

Old Zealand Founder wrote:we dont have a court

we have laws but no legal system

The Grey Isles wrote:We can deal with it. Use our court. We can have a interegional trial

Ile Morice wrote:Right! We shall deploy our Court; Judge and Juries
Minister Of Justice Barensa, This concerns your Ministry, once you give green light, The Court shall proceed.

The President,
Ile Morice

It was a type of victory for Lasagna's judicial system. The details of Operation Metal weren't made public that time so a protest started on RMB led by Ladinacem Andia. That time with The Monarchy alliance and Old Zealand Lasagna under United Nations organisation formed Council of Regions.

Chapter 12: Age of Insurgency Part I - Operation House of Cards

On 6th May 2020 Avonto declared that The Barony of New Canaan shall become the new deputy foreign Minister. And on the same day came the mega declaration Prometheus- the then Home Minister declared that UNO was being charged with high treason, indeed a surprise to all, but in this address came the photo on your right side. After this message many reactions came like within a breath. The Grey Isles asked Avonto to share it with Monarchy Alliance, Old Zealand, lisseum. Many felt Operation Metal was a part of UNO's plan to gain power. United england n wales the then President of Old Zealand addressed the situation by saying that his government supported Ile Morice as President. Ktchenia, The Barony of New Canaan, Staten mainland gave quick reactions condemning it. This claim also was resulting Inter-regionally as frame work of Council of Regions was halted and the diplomatic future of region remained in uncertainty. Holy Roman Empires2 the Founder of The Monarchy alliance also supported Ile Morice and would recognize his government. Mauriblue also condemned the coup try. While another big news came as Lasagna's army was successful in defending Warzone Africa. While United Nations organisation's reply was interesting he was still saying he was innocent and well no-one believed him. United Nations organisation showed his sent telegram list, but few felt he may have left those telegrams. The started a debate between Avonto and United Nations organisation and during the debate came a more new proofs. That time Ladinacem Andia tried to show that it was real proof. And UNO doubted Ladinacem Andia as UNO felt Ladinacem Andia owned Cartoons and .United Nations organisation also requested the MODS, but the Mods denied to show any proof on side of UNO. On 7th May 2020 Vicitania was made the President secretary. A trial was made on the same as UNO's trial: High treason and his first trial was cancelled. While it got revealed that United Nations organisation made Sri lanks election commissioner because no-one was ready to become election commissioner. United Nations organisation suggested that he would give his password to President and the President would check United Nations organisation. Hours later it was revealed by President that UNO was innocent. But during the debate UNO even appeased Hitler and Nazis which back fired so much that he lost the position of deputy Foreign Minister and he was removed from the party and the High treason trial was removed, but the No-Confidence motion trial was passed by the Parliament making UNO leave the office. On 8th May 2020 Heart of the comet party merged into Green Reform Party and hence GRP was renamed as HE LASAGNA NEW REFORM PARTY [LNRP]. On 7th May 2020 Red Fox Party merged into Big Time Rush Party. UNO also apologized to all for his Hitler Comments. Cartoons and Pie also formed Lasagan's first non-government organisation called as "Brotherhood of Lasagna". Cartoons and Pie also said that the government couldn't punish him as there was no such law which could punish him. This proved that UNO's first LinkAmendment was correct. On 4th May UNO had made LinkLasagna Intelligence Reform Bill, 2020 it was also disapproved by the cabinet which he was in. UNO had also made LinkThe Commission of Inquiry Bill, 2020. UNO made it public that Prometheus- wasn't accepting any of his Bills in the cabinet. This showed that there was a cold war within the cabinet. Tripon named nation also sent a telegram to Avonto and UNO about Ladinacem Andia, many felt it was UNO, but as UNO had left Politics the question was who did it. Ladinacem Andia felt it was the Brotherhood who did it, but it was soon denied by the Brotherhood. If it would have been done by brotherhood they would have declared it in public. So it remained a mystery of the owner of Tripon. By mystery one more thing was covered that the owner of YOU nations was none other than Heistancerte the Lasagna's ambassador to Union of Democrats, many were surprised, but he was forgiven. Avonto as Foreign Minister made the Lasagna's new ambassador Program and also made a new embassy policy. Barensa made for Justice ministry. On 11th May 2020 Barensa gave the verdict of UNO's case "UNO is no longer allowed to hold any minister position. He can request a repeal this decision. Because he seems to be unable to learn from nly punishment he will be on probation for 2 months. His probation officer will be choosen by me.

Many will say that he deserves a harsher punishment because of his opinions on nazis and Hitlet. In the eyes of the court this is his opinion and he was discussing it with others in public. This is not illegal and he did not act on his opinions."

On 13th May 2020 United Nations organisation made a writ Linkappeal petition and submitted it. On 15th April the writ petition was accepted. On 16th April 2020 United Nations organisation took lead in LIONS project.

Chapter 13: Age of Insurgency Part II - The Investigation
Barensa opened the courts for UNO's trail this time the trail was for UNO's writ petition and so voting began. On the other hand in the region the question arose who should be election commission for July elections. Many suggested Marjack while few suggested UNO. On 16th May Prometheus- made election cycle dispatch. The UNO vs Ladinacem Andia debate had also come to an end. As one would see UNO had many cold wars. On 18th May UNO's this message nearly told the brotherhood truth:

"Recently I was doing a research on the brotherhood and thanks to few people I have came to some conclusions in the research. I was trying to find the owner of the Brotherhood and certainly I have came to a conclusion. I checked Cartoons and Pie's last active time, then all other member's active time and I have seen few similarities. Firstly this is the today's active time of Cartoons and Pie. Its a fact that I have observed that Prometheus- and Cartoons and Pie's login time have 6 to 7 hour difference and when Prometheus- logins some hours later Cartoons and Pie logins. And recently Prometheus- hadn't login for day or so in the same manner Cartoons and Pie hadn't login for day or so..

Then just see this:

Now these are just suspicious. I have even got something more explosive. From my friend I had borrowed a nation called as NMC Projector And I recently talked some what to Cartoons and Pie and I have something explosive:

Now I need explanation from Marjack and Prometheus- I want to know your main nation. I also want to have explanation from Crisp p chicken and Mauriblue. As far as I am concerned one of them is culprit."

People's faith in Prometheus- had nearly made him innocent. Marjack statements also showed that he was innocent and hence the rest 2 didn't responded. UNO also raised a appropriate question that only the cabinet knew about Commission of Inquiry Bill so UNO doubted the cabinet, UNO ad TGI did their best to find the culprit, but couldn't achieve the aim. Prometheus- said that Cartoons and Pie founded the Bill on google docs, which isn't possible without the link, and the chaos increased and soon UNO asked Prometheus- his main nation. On the other hand the alert was kept high as THEBEST01 joined the region from The Black Hawks and many felt THEBEST01 should be banned, but the GRP banner led by Inner AginanaUsordia asked the government to show which crime THEBEST01 had done and hence THEBEST01 was saved. On other hand The ion union introduced Ion legal services. Prometheus- stated that his puppet was Zeus- , so Autocracy of India asked Prometheus- to login to Zeus- and Prometheus- refused to login and many supported Prometheus- making it hard to verify the so truth. While UNO was made the head for Lasagna's branch of Ion legal services. Then for some quite a week real life discussions happened and on Forum NDF nominated The Grey Isles and after the passage of Bill on dissolution of Lasagna Intelligence Agency, LIA was dissolved and later a motion was adopted and Cartoons and Pie was banned. The region had changed at a different level. LIONS was launched, but the progress of region was a bit shunned.

Chapter 14: Age of Insurgency Part III - The Diplomatic Dispute
On 27th May 2020, Avonto told about the structure of AOR in which he specified about the council seat.
Avonto wrote:If we get a membership in the Assembly of Regions they will give us one council seat, which will be given to a Lasagna politician. To decide this we will have an election if we become members.

Just to let everyone know.

The parties in Lasagna is recommended to select a member to take this seat if we get the membership.

Avonto later specified each detail.

Avonto wrote:Here’s what they said:

In the House, the 17 seats are given to the parties based on the percentage of the vote they get in the general elections of the entire AoR. To be a member, you have to be apart of a party, and a citizen of a member region.
In the Council, each region gets 1 seat, and the regions hold individual elections every 3 months
In a system they want

The entire NDF nominated Avonto for the seat.
Later there were small conflicts between Matthuvan union and Badhar, but it was solved mutually. On 2nd June the NDF started voting for their PM candidate on other hand it was arrival of David harris he joined the forums, WA and all was good, he wanted to form his own party up to this extend it was good, but he ruined himself as he demanded an immediate seat in parliament, obviously his claim was rejected and with rage he left the region. On 3rd June the LIONS's first volume was made.

The times editor wrote:The Latest Census of the Region on behalf of LIONS from a non labour Ministry Employ United Nations organisation

While TGI was elected as the candidate from NDF, but he decided to step down and remove his candidacy so Avonto became the PM candidate from NDF. On 7th June The Grey Isles made the Master Dispatch of Lasagna.

The actual diplomatic conflict began here:

The Grey Isles wrote:So this guy is angry at me for suggesting that they become a protecterate or union with us. He thought I was being disrespectful and his region felt offended by my offer (Which really was an example). So he wrote me an angry telegram. I never responded. Then now he wrote me
"Our region will CRUSH yours! Your disrespectful region had better watch out!"

I answered


Our army is better than theirs. Mostly because we got an army and they not. We got friend regions with armies and they dont. We have a founder and they dont. We are members of powerful alliances they arent. So they can bring it on, because we would crush them.

The region was Ravana.

Can No Rey wrote:They're pretty mad at us, we gotta do this soon bc they want to start an army

United Nations organisation wrote:They have a active Founder as Farlandiay, we should just keep and eye on him, once he ceases or inactive for weeks then we strike on the WFE with title in red color and bold as Never Challenge our sovereignty

The Grey Isles wrote:I was planning that we could instead we could do that before the founder ceases. Just to show that that we can invade if we want to. Just go in and change it and then leave

Can No Rey wrote:Nopengie really thinks he's something, he's like I know who all of their officers are! That is useful information even though most of them do not deal with the military! He also said, crap they know about our poll! like the poll was a big secret.

Can No Rey wrote:ravana wants to raid us, as a general in the LAF and commander of the regional guard i ask all WA members to endorse Ile Morice.

Can No Rey wrote:Also Farlandian is a ravana puppet.

The Grey Isles wrote:Theres no need to ban him. Ravana wanrs people to think they are able to do anything. They cant invade us because we got a founder and we have a bigger army.

these all messages were ruining the relations and the worst came with ravana insulting Lasagna on their RMB. On the other side The Zeriur Ascendancy was appointed as the councillor from Lasagna in AOR. On 7th itself the President of Old Zealand United england n wales showed his support for Lasagna.

United england n wales wrote:Old Zealand will be treating ravana a hostile region, because of unwarrented aggression and threatening behavior towards this region.

If you need any assistance let us know, we will also will back our allies.
I will be letting the Secretary of Defence The ship god know about this.

President UENW.

Inner AginanaUsordia wrote:As a member of the Lasagna community, I would like to take a moment to recognize that not all regions are the same. If one region, perhaps ravana, were to make insulting comments to a member of the community, why did everybody have to get so offended? Yes, both sides made rude comments. So what? Make logical and intelligent arguments for why they are wrong, rather than inflame the situation with accusatory remarks. Especially now, Inner AginanaUsordia supports treating others with respect no matter what.

Farlandian wrote:An Announcement From Ravana

Hey Everyone, I am the founder of Ravana Farlandiay.

We've looking into these growing tensions intensely, and at its root it seems to be a deep miscommunication spurred on by citizens of our regions who claimed to represent the entire government. Nopengie, a member of parliament in our region was in communication with The Grey Isles. The Grey Isles reached out to him talking about a regional merger, which was interoperate as a demand to have Ravana be subjegated. It's important that cooler heads prevail here, and I recommend in the future that our regions don't speculate as much. I see that you've generally taken the opinion of a single member of our region, blown it out of proportion, and expanded it to reflect the region as a whole, when that is far from the case.

Someone in Lasagna sent a puppet into Ravana to instigate further conflict, for reasons that are beyond my knowledge. There have been numerous threats made in both directions, however the threats made by ravana were simply made by citizens. The threats made by Lasagna came directly from the minister of defense. We have no intentions to 'attack' Lasagna, in fact I know very little about lasagna.

All of that said, I hope that we can open real diplomatic channels between more mature nations that are willing to pursue diplomacy. If Lasagna is unwilling to move forward diplomatically, then unfortunately the situation will likely further deteriorate.

I would appreciate if government officials contact me at Farlandiay

The conflict with ravana was reaching its limits, both sides started sending spies in regions, discord servers and started to out play each others plans, each spy was caught and ejected as well as banned. The situation of non-stability was reaching its limits,

Marjack wrote:Greetings my Fellow Lasagnians,

Due to the loyalty of fellow NDF members and Fire, a plot by UNO to destroy the NDF and possibly coup the Lasagna government has been exposed.

While we do not believe his plot requires legal action or consequences, it is clear that UNO is not to be trusted by anyone or any party.

UNO has already been removed from the NDF, but now will be declared a persona non grata in the NDF, and will never be allowed to rejoin. We encourage other parties to adopt a similar policy to protect themselves from Uno's corruption and plots.

The NDF is strong and united, we will always work to better our homeland Lasagna and fight against the corruption that people like UNO try to spread.

This message could just tell the fact, UNO was forming a party which would have NDF rebels including F.I.R.E and also CLP. Also UNO's petition which was to change the punishment under law was considered repeal proposal by Barensa and after voting UNO's punishment was continued. The para-military of LPM [Lasagna Para-Military] successfully conducted its first operation also called as operation Eastern in which the paramilitary and military liberated the region of States of the East. Later under the banner of operation Eastern the region The Wooloo Pact was liberated from Lily. On 12th June UNO exposed Barensa that Barensa ran an secret organisation of 'the legion' which planned to send spies and make Lasagna different.

The Grey Isles wrote:Several high ranking officials recieved a telegram in which an organisation known as the legion threatened to attack us if we resisted their agents coming to lasagna. It now turns out Barensa was the one because he felt bored. Now Barensa is mad and goes around in old zelaand spreading rumours

this revealed the legion was just 'time pass' and to add up the party drama which would have happened was firstly stopped due to Prometheus- as he just pretended to be a part of NIC[ National Integration Coalition] while he gave all evidence to Ile Morice and cabinet to eliminate UNO. This added one more chapter to the UNO-Prometheus conflict. UNO on other hand revealed that this party drama was to make a sting operation against Prometheus- and to reveal that he was a member of legion, but the legion thing was joke so this is just another joke.

While the LAF [Lasagnan Armed Forces] liberated LASAGNA PART TWO from The Black Hawks.

Farlandian wrote:Official Parliament Report on the Lasagna Affair from Ravana

The Prime Minister and the Parliamentarians of Ravana have concluded our investigation into the recent affair and have compiled this report to satisfy the need for a transparent government. This report explains what happened and what we have done to avoid similar affairs in the future. We strongly censure the Lasaganian government for their irresponsible behavior but we are happy to see that change is coming there too. The former Lasagnian Minister of Defense is currently on trial in that region.

The Lasagna Affair began when the Lasagnian Minister of Defense attempted to negotiate a regional merger with one of our MPs violating both his own regions proper channels and ignoring our own proper channels. The discussion broke down and both regions were led to believe the other was preparing a military response.

The responsibility rests primarily and squarely on the Lasagnian minister of defense who was misleading and provocative and ignored clearly obvious routes for both official communication and de-escalation.

We responded to threats of force with equal threats of force. The Ravanian government reacted to the information it had on hand and its individual members regularly sought out more information to better educate ourselves. We did not officially declare war even though we had every right and bone in our bodies telling us to. We were exceedingly restrained in all but rhetoric.

The Affair unfolded over the course of several days beginning with saber rattling between a Ravanian MP and a Lasagnian puppet who came solely to provoke tensions. At the cry of war the Ravanian government began two seperate and simultaneous efforts to form a military and a ministry of foreign affairs to better deal with international relations. Individual members of the Ravanian government including the Pontifex Maximus and then Ambassador Marevis sought out the proper officials in the Lasagnian government to conduct diplomacy. Thanks to their efforts the conflict was defused.

We have made significant changes to our government structure to avoid problems like this one in the future. We have developed a Ministry Of Foreign Affairs and staffed it with capable diplomats who can show the world the happy face of Ravana. We have also formed a military structure that can respond to any serious future threats. The military also opens up a new and interesting activity for patriotic

This message just ruined the cool down in the Lasagna-Ravana relations. And the arguments from Lasagnian side worsen everything. On 15th June 2020 the Lasagnian army tried to make an operation to capture ravana and soon on TGI's order before the update time the LAF came back. In the mean time TGI went to ravana during the operation time and was ban-ejected. The more arguments began on ravana's rmb as well as lasagna's rmb. On 15th the CLP of Ladinacem Andia declared that it was 100% supporting the NDF government and also asked people join the army.

Can No Rey wrote:The discord user MusicAlone is the nation Marevis (Ravana). proceed with caution if contacted by this individual.
He tried to get on our discord and i recognised that his NS flag and profile pic are the same.

This again spy thing was deteriorating the relations.

Can No Rey wrote:BRRR BRRRR
Important Message Alert
ravana is readying troops and preparing for war. I again need all military members and Ile Morice to report on the army discord. The Grey Isles@United Nations Organisation The Zeriur AscendancyAvontoBarensaKtchenia/Kitcheni.

Now it was becoming a war situation. This dispatch from ravana worsen the things. then a nation called as Anavar came to Lasagna. Soon a breaking news came ravana had captured LASAGNA PART TWO. Ladinacem Andia was appointed as the regional prosecutor. The government asked to maintain silence on Lasagnian RMB. Also to add up the CLP stated that the party had declared war on ravana. On 18th UNO and Prometheus- declared that both had decided to end the cold war between them for the sake of regional development. On 18th itself UNO made the NIC server and the server in which NIC would make alliance with LRP was made public for historic purposes and for the development of region, the links are:
On 18th LRP under Inner AginanaUsordia condemned the efforts for war from both sides. on other side on 19th with AOR forces and its member region's forces Lasagna with LAF declared a massive attack on ravana in order to get back LASAGNA PART TWO and also in order to start the peace talks. According to foreign office of ravana, 20 nations entered LASAGNA PART TWO and all were ban-ejected.

Anavar wrote:Update from the Foreign Office of Ravana

Seconds Ago over 20 soldiers led by The Grey Isles attempted to lay seige to LASAGNA PART TWO in an effort to reclaim the region. All of them were massacred and sent to the watery depths of The rejected realms. The forces of Ravana obliterated the invasion effort in the first official battle of this war.

As the army of Lasagna has now suffered an official defeat, we ask that we can resume negotiations and bring an end to this conflict. We intend to return LPT, if peace can be negotiated.

Anavar gave this message which he copied from ravana's rmb, but the original figures are of 21. In total that time the damage for lasagna and allies was of 32 nations while only 6 for ravana. Also to add up to this on 17th June 2020, President Ile Morice password locked Lasagna for safety. The all 21 nations moved from respective regions to Launch pad from where they attacked and after their failure all either moved to their nations or went back to the launchpad from the rejected realms. The password protection also reduced the region's population from 80s to 50s. The ravana's government made the Dinnertime Peace Treaty under which both sides would end hostility, ravana would give lasagna back LASAGNA PART TWO and both regions would apologize, the governments at start of war shall be the recognized governments and the last clause stated "Lasagna will concede defeat in the Dinnertime War." Ravana's founder, king, prime minister signed it and it awaited the signature of Lasagna's President, the decision was in the President's hand also the General election in July were close and still Lasagna hadn't decided the election commissioner, but to make it equal Lasagna founded a region called as Ravana Part Two and claimed it as a occupied territory so the question on what is next.

Chapter 15: After war period
It took a few weeks for the war to completely die down. Small skirmishes went on for a while but eventually in mid August both sides agreed to end all operations in each other territory. All troops of both sides pulled out. And after the war Ravana didnt see Cartoons and pie as anything other than an obstacle for peace. So he was sacked and banned.

After the war came the period of which Lasagna tried to recover. After the war came the debate about the paramilitaries. The military militias wanted more freedom but were met with more regulations. Since Lasagna was no longer at war the region was now able to hold elections. The election was held by Prometheus-. Not long after the peace had been signed Can No Rey wanted to go to war by raiding a region controlled by what he called a fascist region. But The Grey Isles and many others didnt want to go to war so soon. The questions split the region but the whole affair ended with no attack on a fascist region.

On the 5th of september Can No Rey accused Ladinacem Andia of being a member of The brotherhood.
After The Zeriur Ascendancy and many other big names in the region left the region lost activity. The Grey Isles sent an offer to merge with Lasagnas close region The wooloo pact.

Read dispatch

The Confederacy of Badhar

I have been The Grey Isles but must now take me leave. I continue in The wooloo pact, The south pacific and Redfoxpact with my puppets and will send this one to Underworld. The nations of Lasagna will still exist in these regions and you can find us in these regions and with some puppets still in Lasagna

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Why do you hate Sidramye so much? Also you just made a bad decision...

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The Democratic Kingdom of Koxor

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Shall we trade? Have all five volumes of the official Koxori dictionary.

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===Koxor News Flash===
(Damn, I haven't done one of these in a while have I?
Zemeti Olaj has revealed that the reason he could not personally attend the LaraFest party or the North Point peace conferences was due to the death of his mother, Ekhama Medhel. Being the daughter of a Member of the Imperial House, Ekhama has been one of Olaj's most important and closest political advisors. She died one week ago at her late husband's home in Hamezurakhel, aged 95. As both the family's period of mourning and the funeral have ended, Zemeti Olaj can return to his official duties.

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