Japanese Black Metal Scene

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Amazing Japanese Black Metal of -Magane-

Last WA Update:

Most Authoritarian: 128th Most Conservative: 279th Most Ignorant Citizens: 412th+4
Most Extreme: 415th Most Income Equality: 823rd Most Nations: 1,055th Most Pacifist: 1,668th
World Factbook Entry

This is a nation mainly for Japanese Black Metal bands, there will be some bands from other metal genres too.
Anyone is allowed in, the Delegate position has been downgraded some to prevent raiders from causing too much harm. If someone gets delegate legitimately, I will put its powers back to normal.
I will accept all embassie request, because embassies are fun :D

Embassies: Hells Headbangers, Gypsy Lands, Japan, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Hollow Point, Codex Ylvus, Fredonia, The Great Universe, SEC Fanatics, Traveling Wilburys, The Vincence Empire, World of 2011, Comet Ping Pong Pizza, Dangine Polls, and Fungoosiania.

Construction of embassies with The Embassy has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Medium and Password.

Japanese Black Metal Scene contains 16 nations, the 1,055th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Black Market in Japanese Black Metal Scene

World Census agents tracked "off the books" deals and handshake agreements in order to study the size of nations' informal economies.

As a region, Japanese Black Metal Scene is ranked 13,899th in the world for Largest Black Market.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Oppressed Peoples of Sabbat-SatanaswordPsychotic Dictatorship“Charisma”
2.The Oppressed Peoples of HurusomaPsychotic Dictatorship“Sombre Iconoclasm”
3.The Oppressed Peoples of Sabbat-The DwellingPsychotic Dictatorship“Weird, the only song in this album isnt named after it”
4.The Oppressed Peoples of -TyrantPsychotic Dictatorship“The original drummer is criminally under rated”
5.The Oppressed Peoples of Magane3Psychotic Dictatorship“さぶらひ”
6.The Amazing Japanese Black Metal of -Magane-Psychotic Dictatorship“凶津風”
7.The Queendom of Vivian SlaughterPsychotic Dictatorship“Why do guys like me?”
8.The Oppressed Peoples of Magane4Psychotic Dictatorship“凶津風”
9.The Oppressed Peoples of Magane-Mortes SaltantesPsychotic Dictatorship“BUY OR DIE!”
10.The Oppressed Peoples of Mortes Saltantes2Psychotic Dictatorship“Mourning for Time”

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The Most Serene Republic of Neo Splatoonia

よろしくお願いします!! これは僕の最初factbookのエントリです。宜しく!

Great Turf Wars

There were already Turf Wars dating back to 2,000 years before the current setting, perhaps either as a competitive sport or a method to settle conflicts. The first recorded Turf War occurred during a period in Inkling history with many similarities to Ancient Egypt, roughly 2,000 years before the events of Splatoon began. However, as these Turf Wars of nineteen centuries later involved the Inklings and Octarians (instead of just teams of four Inklings), it has expanded into a bigger campaign, great enough to become a historical event.

Before the Great Turf Wars, the Inklings and Octarians had "amicable relations", until the rising sea levels caused them to lash out against each other in a power struggle over the remaining land.

As time progressed, the Octarians separated themselves from the other species of the Mollusc Era. They became dissatisfied with the amount of available dry land and waged war on the Inklings, the other dominant species at the time, to gain total control of the turf.

The Octarians constructed a variety of large machines known as the Great Octoweapons and began attacking Inkling cities.

The first battles of the Great War ended in victory for the Octarian forces. The diligent Octarians easily dominated the Inklings, who were unable to wake up early enough in the morning to defend themselves.(The Inklings have long led a hedonistic style of life).

Heralded by loud explosions, the Great Octoweapons quickly stormed the Inklings' central stronghold. Victory for the Octarians seemed all but certain, but due to a plug being carelessly pulled from its socket, their hopes were dashed. Lady Luck shone down on the Inklings, and the Inklings' victory over the Octarians was most likely due to their superior number of limbs. The Inklings secured a victory in the war and forced the Octarians to retreat to underground lairs such as Octo Valley, which were constructed from the ruins of the subterranean cities built by the remnants of humanity.

The Inkling faction had a fighting force known as the Squidbeak Splatoon led by Cap'n Cuttlefish, which fought against the Octarians during the war..

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