WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Commonwealth of Tungusic Republic

Last WA Update:

Largest Cheese Export Sector: 93rd Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 265th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 268th+29
Most Armed: 300th Most Politically Apathetic Citizens: 330th Largest Furniture Restoration Industry: 440th Largest Black Market: 561st Most Devout: 570th Largest Soda Pop Sector: 624th Highest Poor Incomes: 688th Most Corrupt Governments: 705th Highest Average Incomes: 911th Most Subsidized Industry: 988th Largest Basket Weaving Sector: 995th Most Developed: 1,145th Most Inclusive: 1,150th Most Efficient Economies: 1,155th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,378th Largest Information Technology Sector: 1,393rd Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 1,563rd Most Scientifically Advanced: 1,603rd Most Beautiful Environments: 1,605th Largest Retail Industry: 1,614th Largest Governments: 1,742nd Largest Welfare Programs: 1,742nd Most Advanced Public Education: 1,792nd Largest Trout Fishing Sector: 1,904th Most Popular Tourist Destinations: 1,958th Most Advanced Public Transport: 2,021st Best Weather: 2,060th Longest Average Lifespans: 2,147th Largest Publishing Industry: 2,590th
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Welcome to Gru Nationstates’ safest/most trusting and only despicable me based region with beautiful beaches and c🟢l🟣rf🔻l h🔴🔸ses

Gru is a region and a person

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No recruitment
No invasion
No dissmissing nations from office
No felony
No entering restricted areas
No letting banned nations come back
No fourth wall breaks
No stabbing people with pencils
No playing guitar at 3 am
Always agree to construct embassies
No unwanted posts
No rick rolling
No breaking the RMB rules
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Embassies: Fredonia, Pontbridge Islands, Nauru, South China Sea, East Timor, Qatar, Changuu, Hsiao Han, Botswana, Asia, phoenix partners, Florida, Maldives, United States of America, Separatist Alliance, Organization of United Sovereign States, and 46 others.The Geopolitics Roleplay Region, Seri Begawan, Barbados, Ethiopia, Rwanda, East Asia, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, The Region Of Gargery, The Wooloo Pact, Tuvalu, Noon Puppet Dump, 404 Not Found, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, SolarFlare, Scandinavia, Weffle, Battleship, Chicken overlords, The Vast, Northern Argaen Trade Organization, Nouakchott, Reality, Kitai, Kyiv, Fiji, Burundi, Frisland, Timor Leste, Monaco, Tanzania, Empire Overlords, Anti Anime Action, Council of Constructed Languages, Gas Station, Old Zealand, Math fans, Just relax, Mongolia, Malaysia, Kylaris, New International, Oneid, BCHS, The Mid Atlantic Quarantine, Amalgamated Federation, and The Great Universe.

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Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

As a region, Gru is ranked 18,490th in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

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1.The Commonwealth of Tungusic RepublicDemocratic Socialists“”

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The Commonwealth of Tungusic Republic

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A partir da data 16-12-2017, a região Portugal possui novos critérios para estabelecer e manter embaixadas com outras regiões.
Quatro critérios foram definidos pelo Embaixador Regional (Ministro dos Negócios Estrangeiros, a partir da date 14-06-2018) e pelo Delegado WA da altura; e tais critérios serão seguidos ao pormenor.

Para que uma região possa estabelecer uma Embaixada com Portugal terá:

    Art. 1º- De ter um Delegado WA;

    Art. 2º- De ter pelo menos 20 nações;

    Art. 3º- De ter pelo menos 4 nações membros da WA;

    Art. 4º- De não ter uma ideologia definida / não se estabelecerão embaixadas com regiões ideológicas.

    Art. 5º- Exceções referentes aos critérios acima referidos serão feitas quando o Delegado WA e o Embaixador Regional (Ministro dos Negócios Estrangeiros) considerarem necessário.

Esperamos manter boas relações internacionais com todas as regiões que cumpram os nossos padrões, tais regiões terão um amigo em nós desde que nós tenhamos igualmente um amigo nelas.

As of the date 16-12-2017, the region Portugal has established new rules when it comes to establishing and maintaining embassies.
Four criteria have been defined by the Regional Ambassador (Minister of Foreign Affairs, as of the date 14-06-2018) and the WA Delegate at that time; and they shall be thoroughly followed.

In order to establish and maintain an Embassy with Portugal, a region must:

    Art. 1º- Have a WA delegate;

    Art. 2º- Have at least 20 nations;

    Art. 3º- Have at least 4 WA nation members;

    Art. 4º- Not have a defined ideology / embassies will not be established with ideological regions.

    Art. 5º- Exceptions regarding the criteria above referred will be made when the WA Delegate and the Regional Ambassador (Minister of Foreign Affairs) see fit.

We hope to maintain good international relations with every region that meets our criteria and those nations have a friend in us as long as we have a friend in them.

Depuis 16-12-2017, la région Portugal a nouveau critères pour garder et établir ambassades avec autres régions.
Quatre critères on été définis par l'Ambassadeur régional (Ministre des Affaires Étrangères, depuis la date du 14-06-2018) et le Délégué WA à ce moment-là; et ces critères seront strictement suivis.

Pous établir une ambassade avec Portugal, une région doit:

    Art. 1º- Avoir un Délégué WA;

    Art. 2º- Avoir au moin 20 nations;

    Art. 3º- Avoir au moin 4 nations membres de la WA;

    Art. 4º- N'avoir pas une idéologie définie / des ambassades ne seront pas établies avec les régions idéologiques.

    Art. 5º-Des exceptions concernant les critères ci-dessus référés seront faites lorsque le Délégué WA et l'Ambassadeur Régional (Ministre des Affaires Étrangères) jugeront bon.

Nous espérons maintenir de bonnes relations internationales avec tous les régions qui répondent à nos critères et ces nations ont un ami en nous aussi longtemps que nous avons un ami en eux.

Vanaf de datum 16-12-2017 heeft de regio Portugal nieuwe regels opgesteld voor het opzetten en onderhouden van ambassades.
Vier criteria zijn gedefinieerd door de Regionale Ambassadeur (Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken per de datum 14-06-2018) en de WA-afgevaardigde in die tijd; en ze zullen grondig worden opgevolgd.

Om een ambassade met Portugal op te zetten en te onderhouden, moet een regio:

    Art. 1º- Heb een WA-afgevaardigde;

    Art. 2º- Heb minstens 20 landen;

    Art. 3º- Hebben ten minste 4 WA nation leden;

    Art. 4º- Geen ideologie / ambassades kunnen worden opgesteld met ideologische regio's.

    Art. 5º- Uitzonderingen met betrekking tot bovengenoemde criteria worden gemaakt wanneer de WA-afgevaardigde en de Regionale Ambassadeur (Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken) dit nodig achten.

We hopen goede internationale betrekkingen te onderhouden met elke regio die aan onze criteria voldoet en die landen hebben een vriend in ons zolang we een vriend in zich hebben.

A partire dalla data 16-12-2017, la regione Portugal ha stabilito nuove regole quando si tratta di istituire e mantenere le ambasciate.
Quattro criteri sono stati definiti dall'Ambasciatore regionale (Ministro degli Affari Esteri, dal 14-06-2018) e dal Delegato WA in quel momento; e saranno seguiti a fondo.

Per stabilire e mantenere un'Ambasciata con il Portugal, una regione deve:

    Art. 1º- Avere un delegato WA;

    Art. 2º- Avere almeno 20 nazioni;

    Art. 3º- Avere almeno 4 nazione membri della WA;

    Art. 4º- Non avere un'ideologia definita / le ambasciate non saranno stabilite con le regioni ideologiche.

    Art. 5º- Le eccezioni relative ai criteri sopra indicati saranno prese quando il Delegato WA e l'Ambasciatore Regionale (Ministro degli Affari Esteri) ritengono opportuno.

Speriamo di mantenere buone relazioni internazionali con ogni regione che soddisfi i nostri criteri e quelle nazioni hanno un amico in noi finché abbiamo un amico in loro.

A partir del 16-12-2017, la región Portugal ha establecido nuevas reglas cuando se trata de establecer y mantener embajadas.
Cuatro criterios han sido definidos por el Embajador Regional (Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores, a partir del 14-06-2018) y el Delegado de WA en ese momento; y ellos serán seguidos a fondo.

Para establecer y mantener una Embajada con Portugal, una región debe:

    Art. 1º- Tener un delegado de WA;

    Art. 2º- Tener al menos 20 naciones;

    Art. 3º- Tener al menos 4 naciones miembro de la WA;

    Art. 4º- No tener una ideología definida / embajadas no se establecerán con regiones ideológicas.

    Art. 5º- Se harán excepciones con respecto a los criterios antes mencionados cuando el Delegado de WA y el Embajador Regional (Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores) lo consideren oportuno.

Esperamos mantener buenas relaciones internacionales con cada región que cumpla con nuestros criterios y esas naciones tienen un amigo en nosotros siempre que tengamos un amigo en ellas.

Fra og med 16-12-2017, har regionen Portugal etablert nye regler når det gjelder etablering og opprettholdelse av ambassader.
Fire kriterier er definert av den regionale ambassadøren (utenriksminister, fra og med 14-06-2018) og WA-delegat på den tiden og de skal følges grundig.

For å etablere og vedlikeholde en ambassade med Portugal må en region:

    Art. 1º- Har en WA-delegat;

    Art. 2º - Har minst 20 nasjoner;

    Art. 3º- Har minst 4 nasjoner medlem av WA;

    Art. 4º - Ikke har en definert ideologi / ambassader vil ikke bli etablert med ideologiske regioner.

    Art. 5º- Unntak angående kriteriene ovenfor referert vil bli gjort når WA-delegat og regionale ambassadør (utenriksminister) ser hensiktsmessig.

Vi håper å opprettholde gode internasjonale relasjoner med alle regioner som oppfyller kriteriene våre, og de nasjonene har en venn i oss så lenge vi har en venn i dem.

Από την εποχή 16-12-2017, η περιοχή Portugal θέσπισε νέους κανόνες όσον αφορά την ίδρυση και διατήρηση πρεσβειών.
Τέσσερα κριτήρια έχουν καθοριστεί από τον Περιφερειακό Πρέσβη (Υπουργό Εξωτερικών, από την ημερομηνία 14-06-2018) και τον Αντιπρόσωπο της WA εκείνη την εποχή. και θα ακολουθηθούν προσεκτικά.

Προκειμένου να δημιουργηθεί και να διατηρηθεί μια πρεσβεία με την Portugal, μια περιοχή πρέπει:

    άρθρο. 1º- Έχετε έναν εκπρόσωπο WA.

    άρθρο. 2º- Έχουν τουλάχιστον 20 έθνη.

    άρθρο. 3º - Έχουν τουλάχιστον 4 έθνη μέλη του WA.

    άρθρο. 4º- Δεν έχουν καθορισμένη ιδεολογία / πρεσβείες δεν θα καθιερωθούν με ιδεολογικές περιοχές.

    άρθρο. Οι εξαιρέσεις σχετικά με τα προαναφερθέντα κριτήρια θα γίνουν κατά την κρίση του Αντιπροσώπου της WA και του Περιφερειακού Πρέσβη (Υπουργού Εξωτερικών).

Ελπίζουμε να διατηρήσουμε καλές διεθνείς σχέσεις με κάθε περιοχή που ανταποκρίνεται στα κριτήρια μας και εκείνα τα έθνη έχουν έναν φίλο σε εμάς όσο έχουμε έναν φίλο τους.

.נכון לתאריך 16-12-2017, האזור פורטוגל קבע כללים חדשים בכל הנוגע להקמת ושמירה על שגרירויות.
ארבעה קריטריונים הוגדרו על ידי השגריר האזורי (שר החוץ, נכון לתאריך 14-06-2018) וה"דלגייט" בעת הזו, והם ייאכפו בצורה מלאה.

על מנת להקים ולהחזיק שגרירות בפורטוגל, אזור חייב:

    סעיף 1: להיות בעל "דלגייט".

    סעיף 2: לכלול לפחות 20 מדינות

    סעיף 3: לכלול לכל הפחות 4 מדינות החברות באסיפה העולמית (WA)

    סעיף 4: להיות חסר אידיאולוגיה. לא יוקמו שגרירויות עם איזורים אידיאולוגיים

    סעיף 5: חריגים לקריטריונים דלעיל ייעשו כאשר ה"דלגייט" והשגריר האזורי (שר החוץ) ימצאו לנכון.

אנו מקווים לשמור על יחסים בין-לאומיים טובים עם כל אזור שעומד בקריטריונים שלנו, והאומות האלה ימצאו בנו חבר כל עוד אנו נמצא חבר בהם.

По состоянию на дату 16-12-2017, регион Portugal установил новые правила, когда речь заходит о создании и обслуживании посольств.
Четвертый критерий был определен Региональным послом (министром иностранных дел, на дату 14-06-2018) и делегатом ВА в то время; и они должны быть тщательно соблюдены.

Чтобы создать и поддерживать посольство Portugal, регион должен:

    статья. 1º - иметь делегата WA;

    статья. 2º - иметь как минимум 20 народов;

    статья. 3º - иметь не менее 4 стран-членов ВА;

    статья. 4º - Не будет определена определенная идеология / посольства с идеологическими регионами.

    статья. 5º. Исключения относительно вышеуказанных критериев будут сделаны, когда делегат ВА и Посол региона (министр иностранных дел) посчитают нужным.

Мы надеемся поддерживать хорошие международные отношения со всеми регионами, которые соответствуют нашим критериям, и у этих стран есть друг в нас, пока у нас есть друг.


A partir de 01/05/2020, Portugal adota critérios que preveem e organizam o encerramento de embaixadas, de forma a determinar uma metodologia específica de análise e escrutíneo relativamente ao encerramento de embaixadas entre Portugal e as restantes regiões, e a completar a sua política de embaixadas, como indicado pelos seguintes:
    1º- serão encerradas as embaixadas com regiões que deixem de cumprir os critérios para o estabelecimento de embaixadas e que não consigam voltar a cumprir esses critérios durante um período de observação de 15 dias;

    2º- serão encerradas as embaixadas com regiões cujos dirigentes não colaboram e/ou não mostrem respeito pela região Portugal, tendo esta decisão que ser aprovada pelo Ministro dos Negócios Estrangeiros e pelo Delegado WA;

    3º- serão encerradas as embaixadas com regiões cujos membros pratiquem Spam no RMB da região Portugal;

    4º- serão encerradas as embaixadas com regiões que suprimam posts de membros da região Portugal nos seus RMB sem uma razão plausível, a ser averiguada pelo Ministro dos Negócios Estrangeiros e pelo Delegado WA;

    5º- serão encerradas as embaixadas com regiões cujos membros e/ou dirigentes ataquem a imagem de Portugal sem uma razão plausível, a ser averiguada pelo Ministro dos Negócios Estrangeiros e pelo Delegado WA;

    6º- serão encerradas as embaixadas com as regiões que, tendo um embaixador de Portugal, o expulsem sem uma razão plausível, a ser averiguada pelo Ministro dos Negócios Estrangeiros e pelo Delegado WA;

    7º- serão encerradas as embaixadas com regiões suspeitas de promover atividade de raiding em Portugal;

    8º- excecões serão feitas quando o Delegado WA e o Ministro dos Negócios Estrangeiros considerarem necessário;

As of the date 01/05/2020, Portugal adopts criteria that predict and organize the closure of embassies, in order to determine a specific analysis and scrutiny methodology regarding the closure of said embassies between Portugal and the other regions, and to complete its foreign policy, as indicated by the following:
    1º - embassies with regions that fail to meet the criteria for the establishment of embassies and that fail to meet those criteria again during a 15-day observation period will be closed;

    2º- embassies with regions whose leaders do not collaborate and/or do not show respect for the region Portugal will be closed, this decision having to be approved by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the WA Delegate;

    3º - embassies with regions whose members practice Spam in the RMB of the region Portugal will be closed;

    4º - the embassies with regions that suppress posts from members of the region Portugal in their RMB without plausible reason, to be investigated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and by the WA Delegate, will be closed;

    5º - embassies with regions whose members and/or officers attack the image of Portugal without plausible reason, to be investigated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and by the WA Delegate, will be closed;

    6º - embassies with regions that, having an ambassador from Portugal, expel him without a plausible reason, to be investigated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the WA Delegate, will be closed;

    7º- embassied with regions suspect of promoting raiding in activity in Portugal, will be closed;

    8º- exceptions will be made when the WA Delegate and the Minister of Foreign Affairs see fit.

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The Commonwealth of Tungusic Republic


Tiong hoa
Izu islands
Zogradia & Hariko
Tungusic Republic

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The Commonwealth of Tungusic Republic
The Commonwealth of Tungusic Republic

Bawu is a flute from east asia, to learn more about it click this link
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Jupon-Mingou would like to see this

The Commonwealth of Tungusic Republic

Algebra and Geometry wrote:Hi guys can someone please take my favorite subject poll in my region.

Bawu is a flute from east asia, to learn more about it click this link
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via Math fans

The Commonwealth of Algebra and Geometry


The Commonwealth of Tungusic Republic

Algebra and Geometry wrote:hey

Krakabloa is a nation that is 56.9 km(35.4 mi) south of japan. In their language their name is クラカ巴烏
it was first inhabited by the jomon people from neighbouring Japan and then there were other migrants, and the migrants were from what is now southern china came to what is now krakabloa in 777 bc, 70 bc-1111 ad the three kingdoms period happened, in 1111 the krakabloan empire wAs established, 1885-1900 the krakabloan pioneers became the first to inhabit the Linkdaito islands (Hariko and Zogradia), gento(城舖) means municipality sha(狮) means lion so lion municipality is what they named the archipelago that makes up hariko and zogradia and I have a dispatch about those islands, 1915 is when japan annexed krakabloa, 1939-1945 world war 2 was going on and when the 2nd world war ended krakabloa gained independence but the empire continued ,in 2009 the empire of krakabloa ended and the country became a republic and changed it’s name to Linkizu islands
The population is 98% krakabloan and 2% japanese. The krakabloan life expectancy in 2021 is 83.22 years but in 1950 it was 28.88 years.
Flag: map:
Capital: hachijo
Population: 24,645 people
Language krakabloan
Ethnic groups: krakabloan
Motto: Fánroung khe shinchoku or 繁荣和進捗(prosperity and progress)


To learn about culture watch Linkthis video
The people are called krakabloans and they look like this

They have musical instruments like Linkthree lute, Linktwo string vertical fiddle, bamboo flute, Linkhammered dulcimer and LinkEast Asian Zither instrument
Their architecture is similar to other East Asian architectures

Their language is krakabloan
你祥好-ni jáng hö-hello
島唄-shima uta-island
繁荣和進捗-Fanröng Khé shinchoku-prosperity and progress
二細繩垂直提琴-nijishengtsuichockutichin-two string vertical fiddle
There are 5 airports in the country
Linkkrakakbloan lifespan


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Please read this dispatch

The Commonwealth of Tungusic Republic

Where is Jupon-Mingou?

The Commonwealth of Tungusic Republic

Jupon-Mingou wrote:Jarkhon Island, formerly called "Ihangji" (Honju: 伊迈) when under imperial Surean occupation, is an island located 60 miles off the southwest coast of Surea's Honpura island. Jarkhon is located in the Sea of Japan between Surea and South Korea. The island was originally under Tungusic influence, but was annexed in 1852 during the Jisiyangmin Period. After the fall of imperial Surea Jarkhon was returned to the Tungusic Republic.

Celestial Wave wrote:Hello!

Bawu is a flute from east asia, to learn more about it click this link
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The Commonwealth of Tungusic Republic

Principal of the Thing is, hence his name, the principal of the Schoolhouse or Super Schoolhouse. He is one of the most prominent, and most bothersome characters that the Player will encounter.

Height: N/A
Nationality: tungusopalmvanian

Principal of the Thing is a dithered realistic photo of a lanky adult man with his right hand out pointing upwards. His eyebrows are raised and his mouth is open as if he was shouting. He wears a dark gray sweater-shirt with lighter stripes, pale blue jeans, and brownish-red socks (originally white) without shoes. His legs are slightly glitched/erased, along with part of his left arm.

According to mystman12, Principal of the Thing is, in fact, wearing a yellow bow-tie,[1] but it is extremely hard to see because he uses very few colors to dither the Principal's image, as the Principal's skin color is very similar to the color of his bow-tie. It is located on his neck and can more clearly be seen in his merchandise items.

He made rules saying-
No running
No bullying
No kinging
No Rick rolling the school
No entering school faculty only rooms in the halls
No escaping detention
No hard questions

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