GroBdeutschland Reich

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The neo-greater nazi reich

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Territory of the the International Anti Nazi/Fascist Community

Invaded: 19/08/2020

This Nazi/Fash Bash has been brought to you by:

This region has been targeted due to its affiliation with Fascist Hate

"Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now, it's here. Or should we say, ANTIFA is".

We are ANTIFA and we are everywhere!

⚠️ A successful quarantine zone was setup to remove the disease known as Nazism and Fascism. ⚠️

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    Anti-Fascism, or, Why We Fight

    MetaReference by The international working class . 12,128 reads.

Embassies: The MT Army, Antifa, and The Red Fleet.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Communist, Democratic, Feminist, Founderless, Invader, LGBT, Minuscule, and Password.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Colony of GBDR33Civil Rights Lovefest“The MT Army will save NationStates from hate”
2.The Commonwealth of Gaeslan 676Iron Fist Socialists“A puppet of Diljan Rikardsson”

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Post by Crazy gaming empire suppressed by The ooflands.

The Republic of GucciMan XXIX

Crazy gaming empire wrote:so I have to live under your guys government

Bassicly also you are going to have to change your flag to

The ooflands


Post by Crazy gaming empire suppressed by The ooflands.

The Perfect Nation of Team Lennox

132nd Air Wing wrote:I haven't said a single thing about it, anywhere. It was just an embassy region, not an ally. I don't give a hoot, so don't tag me for nonsense like this again, please. Thanks.

Look who is talking. The regions J o Jian Military Network such as Spy Anti Moderator Alliance and The Anti Raiders Alliance were not at all allies with The Wooloo Pact in fact they were just embassies of our region so...

The ooflands

The Dictatorship of Honeydewistania

Ok, this is epic 😎

The ooflands

The Republic of GucciMan XXIX

Guys I am here on the behalf of The Anti Fascism Alliances and we originally spotted the founder to CTE. in the WFE can you please give credit to The Anti Fascism Alliances since we to are helping in this raid

The Republic of GucciMan XXIX

Can the delegate give me a job to

Post self-deleted by Korskuta.

The Queendom of Mme Matutine

“Your Fascist-affiliated region has been put into quarantine by Antifa, voluntary protectors of democracy, equality, liberty, freedom and delivers of justice.

We are politically diverse Anti-Fascist force, united in resistance to hate, tyranny, intolerance and oppression promoted by the forces of fascism.

Justifications for this raid are found below:

Fascist Embassies such as:
-Black Brigades
-The New Iron Order
-Die Schwarze Sonne
-Nazi Europa
-The Union of The Greater Axis Powers
-J o J
-United Fascist Workers Association
-The Greater Nazi Empire
-The Autocratic Union of Empires
-The Centralized Union of States

Fascist RMB posts and nation names.

Question and answer time:

“But what about my freedom of speech?”

We are glad you asked, Nazi/Fascist ideology, at its very core, promotes hatred and violence. That is why exactly in the interest of free speech and democracy, it needs to be fought. In this regard it is like illegal pornography, a form of expression that at its core represents a crime and therefore is reasonably not protected by democracy.

“How do I avoid getting scrubbed by Antifa into the future?”

Do not join or create Nazi/Fascist themed regions, or regions that share embassies with or promote the line of thought.

“So what happens to this region now?”

A quarantine zone will remain in place until all native nations leave of their own volition or ride the heel of our Anti-Nazi/Fascist boots all the way down to The Rejected Realms.

Mme Matutine

The Clawed Fat Tuna Eating of Mathuvan Union

You didn’t even include the thing about the ‘ß’ being incorrect.
That was the whole reason for my existence…

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