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Greater Middle East contains 141 nations, the 145th most in the world.


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As a region, Greater Middle East is ranked 10,686th in the world for Largest Gambling Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Arab Republic of Abu ArabiaPsychotic Dictatorship“أعظم أمة هي الأمة العربية”
2.The Republic of GagauzistanFree-Market Paradise“Yaşasın Gagauzistan!”
3.The Republic of Eastern-KareliaRight-wing Utopia“Vapaa, Vankka ja Vakaa”
4.The Federation of The Horison IslandsMoralistic Democracy“Unis dans la Paix et la Fierté”
5.The Confederacy of Baltian DuchiesRight-wing Utopia“In Treue Fest”
6.The Federal Republic of The State of PersiaNew York Times Democracy“Persia Above All”
7.The Federal Republic of DeutschmoneyNew York Times Democracy“Unity and Justice and Freedom”
8.The Emirate of U A EInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”
9.The Republic of SahuriyaFree-Market Paradise“For the people and by the people”
10.The Autonomous Territories of Sandzak-MitrovicaFree-Market Paradise“Mi Smo Muslimani”
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The Yemeni Republic of Islahh

Sana'a, Turkish Embassy

Yemen TV

BREAKING: Riots at the Turkish Embassy!

Yemen TV camera crew in the protest

Host Ameera: "We are seeing a massive demonstration here in Sana'a right next to the Turkish embassy, presumably following the controversial and vindictive statement by Turkey, Naming the Houthi as no more than a terrorist organization!"

Protestors are seen in the backgrounds hurling stones at the embassy as the guards go inside and lock the gate

Host Ameera: "It looks like they are locking down the Embassy, let's interview one of the protestors."

One of the protestors covering their face with a Shemagh approach the microphone

Host Ameera: "Do you have anything to say to the Turkish government?"

Protestor: "We stood up to Kings, Emirs and the western oil tycoons! We will not be insulted by a so called 'nation' which is living in the shadow of it's former self. We demand an apology from the Turkish leadership and we request our Prime Minister to cut all ties with Turkey!"

The camera pans to a crowd in a circle, burning the ottoman flag

Host Ameera: "Thank you. We will keep you updated after this short break."

Crowd Chanting: "This sick man will fall again!"

Local Police begin pacifying the crowd

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In response to protestor demands and the insulting nature of Turkey's comment, The Ministry hereby will commence the following;

1. Expel all existing Turkish nationals/diplomats from the Embassy

2. Bulldoze the Turkish Embassy

3. The Ottoman State Will Become Unrecognized by The Yemeni Republic

~ Office of Foreign Affairs, Minister Jameel Hawishi.

The Imperial State of Afsharid Persia

Week of 7 August, 2022

A Member of the Persian Media Bureau: In Service of the Iranian Nation

Vol. CLXX Issue 2

‎۱۴۰۱ هفته ۱۶ مرداد

عضو دفتر رسانه های فارسی: در خدمت ملت ایران

۲ جلد ‎۱۷۰ نسخه

Prime Minister Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wearing traditional Yemeni clothes in Sanaa / Mehr


SANAA– Just one day after the Majlis of Afsharid Persia had voted unanimously to recognize the new Houthi Government in Islahh, Prime Minister Mahmoud Ahmadinejad becomes the first world leader to visit Sanaa following its liberation by the Houthis.

The Prime Minister arrived in Sanaa this morning accompanied by an entourage of Persian diplomats as well as military advisors and businessmen. The Persian delegation was greeted warmly by the Houthis, arriving to a ceremonious reception at the Sanaa International Airport attended personally by Abdul Malik al-Houthi. The delegation was then driven to the Yemeni presidential palace where Ahmadinejad gave a speech while dressed in traditional Yemeni clothing.

"I want to take this moment to congratulate the Yemeni people on the liberation of their country from an undeserving dictatorship. This is the type of liberation that I hope will spread throughout the Middle East! A liberation led by the people, without Western interference or invasions. Yemen is a shining light of hope for Middle Easterners living under oppressive Western backed governments."

The Prime Minister went on to praise the success of the Houthi rebellion and draw comparisons to Shia religious figures such as Imam Hussein:

"The Yemeni Shia have once again proved the strength of their will. The Shias - the followers of the way of Imam Hussein (ع) - will never, and I repeat, never bow down to oppression!"

The Prime Minister's words were met with loud support from the crowd of Yemenis that had gathered outside the royal palace before his speech, before he continued to pledge Persia's support for the Yemeni cause:

"For as long as I am Prime Minister of Afsharid Persia, Yemen will never have any shortage of funds, arms, or ammunition in its path to becoming a free nation. We recognize the Houthi government as the legimate government of Yemen and pledge to provide our full support to this valiant nation." said the Prime Minister.

Many political analysts have stated that the Houthi victory in Yemen is yet another indication of Persia's growing influence in the region, having close relations and considerable influence in a number of neighboring nations, including Sahuria and Arab-Jamahiriya.

The Houthi government of Yemen has yet to be fully internationally recognized.

H.I.M. Ardeshir Shah participates in mourning ceremonies during Ashura

Ardeshir Shah Afshar and his entourage mourn the martyrdom of Imam Hussein. / Al-Jazeera

TEHRAN – His Imperial Majesty, the King of Kings of Iran, Ardeshir Shah Afshar participated in mourning ceremonies during the day of Ashura accompanied by his personal entourage.

Millions of Muslims across the world are observing Ashura, which commemorates the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (ع), the third Shia Imam and the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ).

Ashura, the 10th day of the lunar month of Muharram, falls on Monday in Iran this year.

Dressed in black, Shia Muslims hold mourning rituals to remember Imam Hussein (ع), who was martyred along with his 72 companions in the Battle of Karbala, in southern Arab-Jamahiriya, in 680 AD after fighting courageously for justice against thousands of soldiers of the Umayyad caliph, Yazid I.

Iranians hold mourning processions across the country and listen to elegies in commemoration of Ashura, while benefactors distribute food, known as nazri.

The Shahanshah had previously pledged that he would personally ensure that every single mosque in the Afshard Kingdom would be able to provide nazri to all those in need during the holy month.

Ashura is the culmination of 10-day mourning ceremonies that are observed during the holy month of Muharram.

The Muharram ceremonies symbolize the eternal and unwavering stance of truth against falsehood and humanity’s struggle against injustice, tyranny, and oppression, the cause which Imam Hussein (ع) was martyred for.

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The Sublime Sultanate of The Ottoman State

August 8th, 1438 (Rumi)

The Empire's Voice Since 1831

Long Live Sultan Süleyman III

‎August 8th, 2022 (Gregorian)

۱۸۳۱ دن برى اي̇مپاراتورلوغون سسي

سولتان سوليمان ۳ چوك ياشا

Özkan Efendi at swearing in ceremony in Halep / Osmanli Agence


HALEP– In an announcement that took many be surprise, the Sultan Süleyman III announced that Özkan Efendi would be replacing Mehmet Can Paşa as the new Beylerbeyi of the Halep Vilayet.

Many shocked as Özkan's father İbrahim would not hold any administrative post following his marriage to an American woman from New York. With Özkan himself having lived in the United States while he attended Harvard, where he would meet his eventual wife, who is also an American woman from Illinois.

Prior to 2003 Özkan lived in the United States, moving back to the Ottoman Empire following his fathers passing that year. Since then, he has lived largely on Mukene, though also has spent a considerable amount of time in Edirne and Bursa.

Many have also drawn attention to the fact that Özkan is rumored that he uses the Latinized alphabet for Turkish in his day to day life, and is only fully fluent in Turkish, French, and English.

As Özkan Efendi was sworn in as the new Beylerbeyi of the Halep Vilayet, he said:

'Let me be clear, the Halep Vilayet will not be a place that will allow for Paşa's to sit idly by instead of serving the people.

This is a place where night meets morning, where the only concern of our Paşa's, of myself as Beyleybeyi will be to work tirelessly to serve our Vilayet.

Since 294 (878) Halep has been thrived, and will continue to thrive under our new government.

Together, we will all work to advance our Vilayet beyond the realities that currently seem possible.

May Allah guide us on this journey, and may he lead us to the prosperity we deserve here in Halep.


Newest OOGG Model Interior / 50,000 LT

Sultan Süleyman III announces massive investment into digital education

Student from Edirne / Presse de Stamboul

İSTANBUL – With the announcement by Sultan Süleyman III that a multi billion USD plan had been approved to revolutionize the nations educational, and digital availability to the youth, the first phase has already been rolled out.

As the initial phase of the program will be only available in Turkish, French, and English, with the later phases set to introduce services in Greek, Bulgarian, Arabic, Armenian, Kurdish, and Ladino.

It is expected that the new plan will allow for educational opportunities to every citizen in the nation regardless of where they are.

The digital education network is also set to become available internationally for citizens by the end of the month, allowing for Ottoman Citizens living abroad to continue Ottoman education along with the education of their host countries.

With the Sultan saying 'this way we can ensure that our youth are not only able to compete with those abroad, but also preserve the values we teach at home while living abroad'.

Along with the digital service itself, the expansion of eBooks and eLibrary services, as well as guaranteeing a personal computer for every student are set to be completed before the start of the school year.

As the Ottoman Empire currently enjoys one best terabit rates in the world thanks cooperation with Japan, as well as other partners in advancing technological infrastructure, which many believe will successfully be able to support this plan by the Sultan.

Aynen Kanka! (Yeah Bro!) - new episodes every Sunday, only on TV9

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The Democratic Republic of Falastinyya


.al-Quds, Monday,
.8th of August 2022, 2:35 PM

29 °C


Main Page / Sports & Youth
Published: 08 August, 2:52 PM - Jerusalem time


Palestinian Football Association announces major reform and formation of the Palestinian Super League

For the first time since 2005, Palestine will have a unified league (Image: Sadaa)


al-Quds - Heba Adnan

In June of 2022, the Palestinian National Team made history by qualifying for their third straight AFC Asian Cup, after defeating Yemen, Mongolia and the Philippines without conceding a goal. Such dominating performances have been a rarity before, with the country dealing with all manners of instability. However with a stabilized situation, the Palestinian FA has now had the ability to officially announce a development plan.

Obviously the most important of these plans is the announcement of the creation of the new PALTEL Palestinian SuperLeague ™️ which will serve as the unified Palestinian league, replacing the split Gazan and West Bank leagues with one that includes team from both. For the choices, the top 10 of each league were chosen based on their 2021/2022 results. The teams are the following:

  • al-Khaleel

  • Shabab Rafah

  • Jabal al-Mukaber

  • Ittihad Shojaeyya

  • Hilal al-Quds

  • Ittihad Kan Younis

  • Shabab al-Samu

  • Khadamat Rafah

  • Merkaz

  • Al-Ahli Bait Hanoun

  • Islami Kalkelea

  • Gaza Sporting Club

  • Shabab al-Dhahiriya

  • Shabab Khan Younis

  • Thaqafi Tulkarem

  • al-Sadaka Club

  • al-Birah

  • Shabab Jabalia

  • al-Amari

  • Hilal Gaza

The bottom 2 of the 10 in each league will play a play-off against the promoted teams from the second division later this month to decide the final line-up of teams.

Palestinian football has had a long and storied history. Under the British mandate, Palestine had one of the very first organized football scenes in the Middle East, so much so that by the 1920s there was an organized senior and youth leagues. Rumor has it that Palestinian star Jabra Al-Zarqa was even offered to play for Arsenal F.C in 1945.

However as with many things in Palestine, the Israeli-Arab conflict put a stop to that development. It was not until 1998 that the Palestinian FA was finally recognized by FIFA, which makes it quite impressive the progress that Palestinian football has made since

Of course this development was still hampered by everything from footballer arrests to the split between Gaza and the West Bank, in fact it is quite a miracle that as of the last few years, Palestine has actually been overachieving by qualifying to the Asian Cup as well as reaching higher ranks than some of it's neighbours.

However it isn't only the men's game that has seen reform and a pledge for investment, the women's league has as well. The Palestinian FA announced plans to double the women's league to 12 teams, as well as include Gazan teams. It also pledged to invest at least US$ 50mn in developing the women's game

Both the men and women's game will be sponsored by Paltel, the country's state owned telecom company, in a combined deal worth US$ 100m. While broadcasting will be free on satellite tv

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Tuesday 29°C | 19°C
Wensday 28°C | 19°C
Thursday 29°C | 19°C

Most Read this Week

Fatah gains a majority in parliament, however split between two factions with neither gaining a a majority.

Thousands rejoice as Dahlan wins Presidency

Gazan construction sector expected to boom as cement and equipment flow in to Gaza amid blockade lift

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The Federation of Australia of The Australis Republic

            We didn't start the fire (but we sure helped put it out)
            Australia to support Central America in fighting the Matanzas fuel tank fires
            August 9th

On Friday, a bolt of lightening struck a crude oil warehouse in Matanzas on the island of Cuba. Today, the fourth of eight supertanks of crude oil exploded, with the fire showing no signs of stopping.

Under the recent PERD (Pacific Emergency Response Directorate) initiative with the TPA, Australia and other members of the alliance have become more dedicated and organised in helping member states with emergency response. This will be the second time PERD has come into action since it's foundation last month, but the first time Australia will be fully involved.

The Australian contingent will consist of 17 firefighters (2 RFS Isuzu Category 1 Tanker (Wingello, Potato Point), 1 FENZ Mitshubishi Fuso Canter Foam Tender (Onehunga)) and a Coulson B727 airtanker bomber. The Federal Australian Air Force will also help in carrying equiptment over to Matanzas with 1 C-130J Super Hercules and 1 Airbus A330 MRTT.

The aircraft will depart from Sydney to Auckland, where they will pick up FENZ's foam tender, then to Suva to refuel, then on to San Francisco, then finally to Matanzas, where it will arrive two days from now.

Central American Alliance

The Sublime Sultanate of The Ottoman State

Takvîm-i Vekâyi

Highlight from townhall with Sultan Süleyman III in Selanik

    Ecem Sarıbaş: ‘And our next question is from Selanik, Selin Kanoğlu and has just graduated from İstanbul University.

    Selin Kanoğlu: ‘My Sultan, for the across the world we have seen nations that invaded and colonized the world apologize for the sins they committed. Is it not time that we accept the sins that our forefathers committed in the construction of this empire just as the rest of the world is doing? Did our ancestors not invade these lands like how the French invaded Africa?’

    Sultan Süleyman III: ‘We did not. We did not invade anywhere my child. We conquered the hearts of the people where we stepped foot on, we did not. We did not oppress nor did we exploit those who became part of the sublime realm. We did not crush the people of the lands that became part of the sublime realm, unlike those whose sins abroad are untold, we did not outlaw the religions or languages of the people that joined our sublime realm. As has always been the case, when they were committing these sins, it was the people fleeing to our sublime realm for refugee. We brought peace, we brought stability, we brought justice, we brought coexistence. When our great ancestor Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror reached the walls of İstanbul, the people cried out that they wished to become part of the realm that remain a slave to the Latin order. Unlike the First Roman Empire and Second Roman Empire before us, we preserved and protect the diversity of our sublime realm. Today Serbian, Albanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Greek, Armenian, Kurdish, Arabic, and Ladino, are they still spoken, yes of course. We ruled over these lands for nearly a millennia, if we had wished would we have not erased these languages, making them forget their faiths. Destroying the churches and synagogues, and by sword would have erased all non Muslims from our realm, making them forget of an era before. We never did, we never would. My child, that is the difference between the invasion of the people and conqueror of the hearts of the people. If my words are not enough, our history reminds us of this, their history reminds us of this. Travel the world and our sublime realm, then truly my child you will see the truth, and the big lie that the foreign powers are seeking to play as they have always done to try and divide our sublime realm.’

The Islamic Republic of Nazahah Arabiya

Ministry of Religion|وزارة الدين

Lessons from the Commemoration of the Martyrdom of Imam Husayn (radi allahu anhu)

Bismillah, ar-Rahman, ir-Raheem, as-salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. The day of Ashura is the most important day of one of the most important months in the Islamic calendar (Muharram), and though this has become more of a Shia-dominant commemoration, it is important for ALL Muslims, Sunni, Shia, and of various backgrounds and ideologies as well.

Our country is dominantly Sunni, but the core of Islam regardless of sect is worshipping Allah alone, believing that Muhammad (salallahu alayhi wa salaam) was His final Messenger and Prophet, 5 prayers a day at set times, paying alms-tax (zakat) and intending to make the Hajj pilgrimage at least once before death. All Muslims believe in Allah, His Books (Torah, original Gospels, original Psalms, and the Quran), His messengers (Prophets), His angels, the Day of Judgement, and Divine Will. Any Sunni who can put aside their sectarianism must absolutely see the Battle of Karbala and the martyrdom of Husayn (radi allahu anhu, may Allah be pleased with him) and those fighting against the unjust and corrupt Umayyah Caliph Yazid as an example of the oppression of Husayn and his supporters by Yazid and his followers.

We Sunnis should not simply say "oh, that's just a Shia thing, we shouldn't care about that", because not only was this one of the most unjust and horrible things to happen to the Ummah, but also an example of what lust for the power and glory of this world over the Hereafter can do to even so-called Caliphs like Yazid.

Muharram in general is a month of reflection on the current oppressions and aggressive wars of the world, and a time where ALL Muslims, regardless of sect or ideology, must commit themselves to always standing with the oppressed and against the oppressors. Oppression of Shia Muslims by Sunnis anywhere is a horrendous deviation from the core of Islam, and the same is true of oppression of Sunni by Shia. The oppression of non-Muslims by Muslims is evil and harmful to one's soul and should not be tolerated, as well.

Sectarian violence is one of the biggest problems facing the Ummah today, without a single doubt, and impedes any real possibility of uniting the Ummah on the basis of the 5 Pillars and 6 Articles of faith mentioned above. In many sahih ahadith (Highest-grade sayings and wisdom of the Prophet (saws) as well as in many places in the Quran itself, the evil of a Muslim oppressing, injuring, or killing another Muslim is emphasized greatly. Sadly, while Islam is a perfect creed from Allah, Muslims are merely imperfect humans, and humanity has a tendency to split into differing sects and groups based on personal opinions, egotism, narrow-mindedness, ideology, culture, and politics. In shaa Allah all Muslims can learn from our history and move towards diversity of opinions but unity of faith, and put Allah above worldly concerns of politics and sectarian bickering.

Maryam at-Taifa/مريم الطائفة
Minister of Religion of Nazahah Arabiya

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The Republic of Central American Alliance


    8 August 2022

      key points to the situation in Matanzas

    | La Habana — | The fire at the Matanzas supertanker base, Cuba's largest fuel depot, has reached its third day as emergency services struggle to contain the raging fire.The incident has left at least one dead, 14 missing and more than 120 injured while destroying 3 of 8 "super tanks" in the course of three days. The eight tanks that the facility has have a capacity of 50,000 cubic meters each (the equivalent of 15 Olympic swimming pools), although it is not clear at the moment the amount of fuel that the burned tanks have. But why has it been so difficult to contain this fire? Here at CentroVision we offer you some clues about the disaster

    What happened?
    The fire started on Friday night when lightning struck a super storage tank near the Supertanker Base Matanzas according to the official version. The strong wind made the extinction work difficult and carried the flames to a second deposit that exploded at 07:00 local time (11:00 GMT) on Saturday. After a new explosion on Sunday, generated by the collapse of the second tank, the fuel reached a third tank that also caught fire and collapsed on Monday afternoon. Although the official press assures that the warehouses had lightning rods, it is unknown if they were effective or if the place had more modern protection systems against electric shocks, the necessary equipment for emergency situations or for fire control.

    Why hasn't it been controlled?
    The province of Cuba does not have the necessary technology and resources to put out fires of this type, adding to this is the infrastructure of the facility that is "old or extremely deficient". In addition, despite the magnitude of the fire, only four helicopters have been deployed, out of all those stationed in the province, to control the fire with "sea water", according to the official site. This is mainly due to the lack of operational Air Force aircraft with the necessary capabilities. The Ministry of Defense indicated that although they have more helicopters with the necessary capabilities, most are stationed in the provinces of the isthmus, and therefore cannot reach the area due to logistical issues.Despite this, the MINDEF reported that it has sent 2 additional helicopters aboard the Makassar-class ship "RCA Antillas", which is expected to arrive on Tuesday after setting sail from Honduras on Sunday morning.

    Damage and casualties
    Authorities have not yet offered a preliminary assessment of the damage, but the Matanzas Supertanker Base is one of the main fuel storage and transfer facilities on the island. The place where the fire broke out is also an industrial site near the Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric plant, one of the largest operations in Cuba, which shut down on Monday as a result. But it is important to note that the thermoelectric plant has not been directly impacted, meaning the decision to suspend operation is due to the safety and contamination of the facility.

    Regarding casualties, official media identified the only deceased reported so far as Juan Carlos Santana Garrido, 62, who worked in the special fire protection command of a refinery in Cienfuegos province. Another 16 people appeared missing, apparently firefighters who arrived at the scene in the first hours of the fire, according to the official press. The authorities did not identify the missing and announced that the recovery of the bodies will not begin until the fire is extinguished. The Ministry of Health, for its part, reported that of the twenty people who remained hospitalized, five are in critical condition and two are dead. Around 5,000 inhabitants of the surrounding area have been evacuated and the authorities asked the residents of Matanzas to close doors and windows to avoid the potential inhalation of toxic gases.

The People's Republic of Zhonghua Minzu Gongheguo

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination, or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or real-life events is unintentional and/or coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics, nor does it reflect the author's stance on any issues. Certain elements within this work may be considered offensive, objectionable, graphic, or otherwise obscene to certain individuals. In any case, reader discretion is advised.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Islahh

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms that the Government will provide Yemen with up to $80 million RMB in emergency humanitarian and developmental aid to help the country restabilize and rebuild following its internal conflict, with the first shipment of aid to be transported to the country next week by charter flight.

The Ministry will work closely with the Yemeni interim government to ensure that aid reaches those affected in time and helps local people overcome their current difficulties. The $80 million RMB aid package includes a $40 million RMB one-off grant to help fund governmental institutions, with the remainder coming in the form of physical aid such as medicines, packaged foods, bedding, and so on. We have faith that, with the concerted efforts of all stakeholders, the Yemeni people will overcome their difficulties, rebuild their communities, and return to their normal lives.

The People's Republic of Gwanggaeto

KBS 뉴스
2022년 8월 10일

Hualong One Nuclear Reactor Deal

In the efforts to decrease the use of non-renewables in the Korean energy sector, Korea has signed a deal with the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) on the construction and use of the Hualong One nuclear reactors in 2 units of the nuclear power plant in Wonsan of the People's Republic. The plant in Wonsan currently has two operating APR-1000 reactors with a generating capacity of over 3000 MWs, or enough to power at least 1,800,000 homes.

With this new deal for 2 Hualong One Reactors, in partnership between CNNC of Zhonghua Minzu Gongheguo and the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), will increase the Wonsan's plant capacity by 2200 MW. The Hualong One is a Chinese Generation III pressurized water nuclear reactor and its derived export version is called HPR1000, which will be employed in Korea. The use of reactors from China will reduce maintenance cost in sourcing parts from the People's Republic's closest neighbor.


TSPR Naval Transfer Deal

Today, the Korean People's Navy agreed to transfer 2 ships of the 1,220-ton Pohang Class Corvettes to the Phra Hanuman Navy as they retire from service. Built throughout the 1980s, they served well as patrol vessels across Korean waters, from Dokdo to Jeju island. The 2 vessels to be decommissioned and transferred are the KPN Daecheon and Sokcho built in 1989 and 1990 respectively. Alongside the ships, Korea will provide TSPR, as a Pattaya Pact member, the necessary resources and ammunition to upkeep the use of these vessels. Korea also expressed willingness to change to armaments in accordance to the TSPR's defence needs.

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