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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 96th Largest Black Market: 281st Most Devout: 626th+29
Most Nations: 676th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 698th Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 721st Most Corrupt Governments: 724th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 742nd Most Valuable International Artwork: 823rd Lowest Crime Rates: 891st Highest Poor Incomes: 903rd Most Advanced Defense Forces: 905th Largest Information Technology Sector: 1,030th Most Cultured: 1,040th Healthiest Citizens: 1,161st Most Influential: 1,213th Most Beautiful Environments: 1,277th Highest Average Incomes: 1,327th Most Scientifically Advanced: 1,343rd Best Weather: 1,401st Highest Economic Output: 1,433rd Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,555th Most Advanced Public Education: 1,562nd Largest Governments: 1,575th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 1,624th Most Subsidized Industry: 1,684th Smartest Citizens: 1,724th Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,885th Most Authoritarian: 2,156th Most Armed: 2,370th Most Developed: 2,385th Most Popular Tourist Destinations: 2,463rd
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We are a dedicated Fascist social community comprising of the awakened and aware men and women of the Earth who all share with them in their hearts and minds a bright unified vision of a moral New Order destined to replace the sociopolitical decadence and decay of the 21st century and to burn away the consumerist-globalist darkness enveloping the world around us.

Politically we are above and beyond the political spectrum, as we wish to unify the sociopolitical bodies of the nation under the care and guidance of the Fascist Corporate-Ethical State


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Regional Power: Moderate

Fifth Empire contains 27 nations, the 676th most in the world.


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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Unified Mesozoic Conclave of The Fascist Technocracy of North AmerikaFather Knows Best State“Peace Through Tyranny!”
2.The Imperium of ChalybeaCorrupt Dictatorship“Power enables, Duty defines, Integrity binds”
3.The Fascist Kingdom of FerdPsychotic Dictatorship“Might Makes Right”
4.The Federation of MaladestaLeft-wing Utopia“They Will Sell Us The Ropes We'll Use To Hang Them ”
5.The Republic of CasalinhenseAuthoritarian Democracy“Tudo pelo Casalinhense”
6.The Free Fascist State of Greater-AppalachiaFather Knows Best State“Wild and Free!”
7.The Celestial Empire of Fascist UnitasiaPsychotic Dictatorship“No sacrifice, no victory!”
8.The Matriarchy of Fascist FrisiaMother Knows Best State“Eala Frya Fresena!”
9.The Armed Republic of GoosewayPsychotic Dictatorship“Faith in the State”
10.The Dictatorship of MesomaniaCorporate Police State“Victoria o Muerte”

Regional Poll • OFFICIAL INQUIRY OF THE HIGHCOM #1 2021; On the Possible Fusion and Integration of the New Iron Order into the Fifth Empire.

The Nordic Fenno-Fascist Empire of Atsuria wrote:How would you feel if The New Iron Order, a long-time AXIS-partner of the Fifth Empire, successor to the Iron Confederacy (also a close AXIS-partner), a committed and dedicated Fascist region and Christian by conviction, close to our ideals and principles, all in all our good friend; was to merge and integrate into the Fifth Empire and our structure? (Membership, leadership, military-personnel etc.)

Voting opened 4 days ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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The Republica Nacional Fascista of Brazika

P0RTVGAL wrote:This is so dumb
Dude we literally have no choice on the high tax rate; the game tends to equate any active decision to a tax rate increase. We'll get the same moralist issues over and over again, pick the same "correct" answer (from our POV) and then eat another % of tax rate that goes straight to our A$$. Do you know how OLD some of these nations are? Do you know that the only way to slash the tax burden in this game is to pick a certain option of a certain issue that collapses nearly every single industry and economic measurement by 20-30%, nullifying years of accumulated progress?
Your problem isn't with Fascism, it's with fkken nationstates.

Raising a question out of what our IG nations have for certain stats as if it equates to the complexity and veracity of Fascist ideas (or any worldview) is some sort of abstract type of superficial I'm too dismayed to come up with a good metaphors for.

And while you, the general crowd, continue to argue in solely materialistic terms and measurements, you are never gonna make it (NGMI)- good luck out there.

Yes, bro. I remember when I choose this option, I wanted die, aaaaaaaaa. But today I'm okay with my 98% tax rate with all population employed, good economy, cannabis for everyone, green trees, hmmmm sweet. Please let me follow with my dreams nation, boy 😭✌🏼

The Federation of Maladesta



Post by Maladesta suppressed by Cruciland.

The Federation of Maladesta

Can I join server

The United States of Free Nationalist America

Leftist troll?

The Federation of Maladesta

I want to have an intellectual discussion *pepe*

The Federation of Maladesta

Naw just wanna talk with some fascies

The Nordic Fenno-Fascist Empire of Atsuria

With all due respect Imperial Hydra, I am afraid you have made a mountain out of a molehill. Please do not take what our in-game stats say as automatically descriptive of some kind of truth of what, and who we are, on account of said statistics.

Imperial Hydra wrote:If I may ask, how does one allign facism with a state owned economy? I do not understand how so many of the WA nations have tax rates of 98%. It makes no sense to me as to how citizens consume and support the economy if they have nothing to spend. I get state controlled economies, but the latter seems leaning torwards socialism. I guess I'm just primitive, but am utterly confused.

Acatea-Adimea wrote:Maybe a different kind of brand of fascism? There's a lot of variation in socialism too and I know not all fascism is entirely the same. But you will have to wait for someone better than me to provide a definite answer.

P0RTVGAL wrote: Raising a question out of what our IG nations have for certain stats as if it equates to the complexity and veracity of Fascist ideas (or any worldview) is some sort of abstract type of superficial I'm too dismayed to come up with a good metaphors for.

What comes to our "nations" here the simple answer is that is not meant to be. First, what you need to understand about NationStates itself is that it can be really flunky and weird more often than not, and finding the "correct" answers to issues is difficult with a lot of seemingly random and illogical consequences from picking choices that you thought would result in what you wanted, only for everything to go absolutely the opposite. I hate the fact that I have such a high tax-rate, it is absolutely absurd, but it is hard for me to start reversing that without killing off all my other very good stats in the progress. I guess that high-tax rate is the result of me, personally, over a long period of time (I have been around nonstop since 2014) choosing options that promote and benefit a welfare state and social security, but then again, as anyone playing this game for a while will know, NationStates loves to raise your tax-level almost no matter what you do! In the logic of NationStates and its issues, TAX is a pre-requisite and key for any change. And before you ask, about seeking welfare-policies, this is NOT inherently non-Fascist. All major Fascist regimes had welfare plans and systems, social security. It was IN FACT the Fascists, who pioneered these models after having eliminated the Democratic machine. There was no family allowances in Italy BEFORE the Fascists came to power, they created them in the early 30's, for example. The National Socialists had the "Strength through joy" program / organization, providing affordable leisure activies; concerts, plays, libraries, day trips and holidays. The National Socialists felt it very important to support the mental health of nation-workers and prevent burnout and breakdown. If that's not welfare then I don't know what is. The cumbrian state wrote an article concerning Fascist welfare, maybe you want to check it?

P0RTVGAL nailed it when he said your problem was not with fascism but with NationStates (this game) itself. At one point, I had an issue that asked me to cut down on excessive and unnecessary bureaucracy, I agreed, I chose the option to that claimed it was going to proceed carefully with the matter (as it should be); I was horrified to see all my stats absolutely plummet. I almost hit my fist in the wall. It took me more than 6months to recover most of my stats to what they had been before that fateful decision.

Also after that I have been kind of fed up with playing issues and I don't do that very often anymore. So unless I start to put more energy into them my stats are not going to change. But that does not make me (or anyone else here with the same problem) personally, any less of a Fascist. Anyone should be able to see that by just looking at everything I have written and the effort place in them.

Acatea-Adimea, you are correct that not all fascism is all the same. However, it is usually the economic question, that unites more than it divides. The Separations and distinctions are not related to basic economic principles; every element of the fascist tradition has affirmed the need to synthesize capitalist and socialist models. EVEN regimes that were not fully fascist, most accurately "fascist-inspired", such as Salazar's New State, sourced from original Fascism the most in exactly economics AND style, rituals and aesthetics. The New State was very corporatist in close imitation to Fascist Italy, this is what it considered as the most important or "worthy and valuable" aspect of Mussolini's ideas, and had the salutes and parades and uniforms and symbols etc. but it was not revolutionary, it was not a Party-system per se (The National Union was very marginal in relevancy), it was not seeking a popular mass-movement or mobilization and it lacked the glorification of righteous violence. Unlike Fascism which sought to "politicize" the citizen, The New State of Salazar sought to de-politicize the citizen, the complete. opposite.

Imperial Hydra wrote: Hello, everyone. Thank you for providing refuge for me and other brothers with the fall of COFN. I regret to say this, but I feel as though I cannot allow my nation to stay here because of this region's anti-capitalist ideals. I may not be as advanced in philosophy and am still very much confused, but history has taught me and many others that socialist ideals do not work well in reality. Maybe in this platform, but tax rates of 98% are not realistic, especially for those of you that have state-owned economies.

Answer this question to me, brothers. What countries in real life have ever had a tax rate in the 90 percentile for citizens' income and actually prosper? That's right- none. Citizens have to be able to consume to support the economy. If they have no money to spend, a nation will not have an effective economy. Please realize that I quite enjoyed the hospitality, I just do not think socialism in disguise is effective, nor is it true fascism. Do not become that which you are against. Thank you.

So, aside from the totally irrelevant fact of what our stats may or may not be in this instance, maybe you haven't grasped it yet, so I will say it, Fascism is not socialist neither is it capitalist, purely. Fascism as a revolutionary idea, offers an entirely new and different solution, the 3rd position. which seeks the unification and synthesis of the left and right; balancing the pros of each to the cons of each. Many Fascists, original fascists, were (before being Fascist) socialists or even anarchists, national syndicalists etc. on the left side. But Fascists also attracted entrepreneurs and businessmen, capitalists and those from the right-side, in its forming years and during its path to power. The National struggle supersedes and transcends such juxtapositions. The Marxist will say to you that Fascism is "Capitalism in decay" but the Fascists can answer to that in truth "Fascism is capitalism refined, it is capitalism given morals and values and high-purpose". Socialism, is good because its has strong values of community-spirit, of helping those whom fate has dealt a bad hand. But socialism, taken on its own, is not very good at producing what it aims to do;it is not economically very viable. Capitalism on the other hand, promotes ample motivation for work and entrepreneurship, is flexible and adaptable to sudden changes in the economic field, and very efficient. The weakness of capitalism is that it due to individualist focus and datum it easily leads to that where many uncontent are seeping with hatred at the few who have it all; and this explodes, as it did before, in violence and social upheaval. What Capitalism needs is a realization of its role and purpose in the future building of the nation. Where in our modern law it states that "The Purpose of a company is to produce profit", in the Fascist economic system it would more rightfully say "The Purpose of a company is to procure the tools and resources for the national project". Private business, private wealth etc. is not eliminated rather harmonized within the framework of the State and its mission. Capitalism, as it stands NOW, is a destructive machine that rampages through the world leaving decay and pollution in its wake, destroying what it comes in touch with, capitalism with Fascism is a machine that is used to plow the fields to sow the seeds of the new harvest.

P0RTVGAL wrote:...who's defending 90+% tax rates..?

The Fascist Economy filters capitalism through a moral, spiritual, Traditionalist lenses; Anyone can start a biz, you own your own property, you amass wealth, whatever; It cracks down on monopolies of basic necessities and on destructive endeavours like pornography and product marketing that erodes national consciousness.

Imperial Hydra, I suggest you read the articles I have written on fascist economics and the 3rd position, or the very least the General Guide to Fascism.
I end this with the words of the DUCE himself:

"It was therefore not sufficient to create—as some have said superficially—an anti-altar to the altar of socialism. It was necessary to imagine a wholly new political conception, adequate to the living reality of the twentieth century, overcoming at the same time the ideological worship of liberalism [the right], the limited horizons of various spent and exhausted democracies, and finally the violently Utopian spirit of Bolshevism. [the left]"

-My Autobiography, New York, C. Scribner's Sons, 1928. Reprinted in Benito Mussolini, My Rise And Fall, Volumes 1-2 Da Capo Press, 1998 (p. 68-9)

Rathalas wrote:Yes, P0RTVGAL summed it up pretty well. 90+% tax rates only really show up in our nations as we grow government in this game. I don't think anyone supports those in practice. The only thing I would like to add is that the Fascist state does provide a fair degree of welfare to the less fortunate, as it does see all citizens as members of the same family. From my understanding, our anti-capitalist tag is more anti-laissez-faire capitalism or anti-consumerism, but is pro-regulated capitalism with the monopolies either under the control of the state or broken up. Please don't try to degrade our variant of fascism as "socialism in disguise."

That is one aspect for sure yes, correct, but our tags would be best looked as a big picture. The Reason the Anti-Capitalist tag is in place, is because we ALSO have the "Anti-Communist tag". This is meant to convey, to cement and to symbolize the nature of the Fifth Empire as Fascist and 3rd positionist. that we stand above and beyond these divisions. This is what it says on the tin " Politically we are above and beyond the political spectrum, as we wish to unify the sociopolitical bodies of the nation under the care and guidance of the Fascist Corporate-Ethical State". We should not be identified as "Capitalists" or "Socialists", but as Fascists first and foremost. And Fascism, in its substance and essence, synergizes the Capitalist efficiency with Socialist morality. I guess one can call it "State Capitalism" or "Regulated Capitalism" but there exists no such tags within NS itself, and because we have the "Fascist" tag it is IMPORTANT to also use the Anti-Capitalist tag in conjunction with the Anti-Communist, or else, people might mistake us for something we are not, because the term "Corporatism" itself is often totally misunderstood and people might think we are authoritarians who promote control of society by big businesses; i.e plutocracy when this is simply not true.

Our Anti-Capitalism is in reflection of the type of Capitalism that is not subsumed within the Fascist economics; we are anti laissez-faire and anti-consumerism. We are not anti-capitalist in the sense that we want total state control (A la "Communism" or Soviet Socialism); as said by Mussolini, "State intervention in economic production arises only when private initiative is lacking or insufficient, or when the political interests of the State are involved. This intervention may take the form of control, assistance or direct management."

-Quoted from “The Labor Charter: The Corporate State and its Organization”, promulgated by Mussolini's Grand Council of Fascism, Article 9, (April 21, 1927) Copy found in Mediterranean Fascism 1919-1945, Charles F. Delzell, The MacMillan Press, (1971) p. 122. Also in Benito Mussolini’s “Doctrine of Fascism”, published as “Fascism: Doctrine and Institutions” (1935), Rome: Ardita Publishers, p.135-136.

Our anti-capitalism is in the sense that - as much we acknowledge the strengths- we ALSO realize the flaws and shortcomings of Capitalism, and cannot see it as a solution purely on its own. Neither socialism. We must take the best of both worlds and promote class-harmony and collaboration across all social strata(s) of society for the nurturing of unity and dedicated mission in which the camaraderie of the citizen-soldier rests deeply within the symbolic meaning of the Fasces and the banner; not on grounds of who owns a factory and who doesn't.*Ok6HRTzgqp35_aDy50-BQg.jpeg

I would say that Capitalism, on its own, is inherently anti-fascist because it is naturally drawn to individualism and materialism. Capitalism is more suited for a conservative; separating the "conservative" from the Fascist traditionalist.

Post self-deleted by Atsuria.

The Nordic Fenno-Fascist Empire of Atsuria

Rathalas wrote:He's already gone to Genua and quoted you saying "this is why he does not like some people". I don't think it's of any use to continue arguing this. I just hope this won't hurt the FSA.

The People we work with in the FSA are smart and rational. I am sure it won't.

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