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Ten thousand years have passed since the ancient world which reached to the stars passed into nothing but memory. Now the world rises up again, powered by Fantastical Science and Talisman, and littered with nations and species which compete with one another to stake their claim in this world restored from unknown collapse.

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A Victorian-Fantasy region, based upon a shattered world.

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Ersetum contains 28 nations, the 666th most in the world.


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As a region, Ersetum is ranked 11,847th in the world for Highest Disposable Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Free Land of The Luminian SphereCapitalizt“The Light of the North!”
2.The Kingdom of Greater HaltoriaRight-wing Utopia“Hail To The Victor's Crown!”
3.The Most Serene Republic of CaenaiaNew York Times Democracy“Freedom Through Commerce”
4.The Democratic States of KarthmarieInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Our Faith Endures”
5.The Oligarchical Federation of KuyaniCivil Rights Lovefest“Blessed be the children of the sun.”
6.The Kingdom of FedelFather Knows Best State“Progress through order. Order through obedience.”
7.The United Empire of Marsio and the Islands of IrsiniaFather Knows Best State“For God, King, People, Country and Environment”
8.The Borderlands of KuralukLeft-Leaning College State“The bigger dog eats.”
9.The Queendom of SeraphinastanCivil Rights Lovefest“Party”
10.The Holy Empire of ScotyrisRight-wing Utopia“Knowledge pleases the Omidomina”

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The United Empire of Marsio and the Islands of Irsinia

Naval exercise
The cold waters of the Guxian and Atargatis ocean made a perfect environment for militray operations. The Imperial Navy, which consists of 41 light warships, 33 medium warships, 10 submarines and hundreds of fighters, bombers, armored automobiles and 1 armed train that line the coast of Marsio, regularly conducts naval exercises and operations. But this time, under the threat of the insurgent terrorist organization, the Republican Forces of Marsio and Irsinia, the exercises prove to be very efficient and wise to do. The new Grand Admiral, Tomestoriano Ramodavez, promised that under his fresh leadership, the Imperial Navy will be stronger than ever to combat internal and external threats to the unity of the Empire.

"A good Navy is not a provocation to war. It is the surest guaranty of peace," the Grand Admiral spoke in the opening ceremony of the exercises. "Our empire is surrounded by water. It is essential to our security to have a great and mighty navy that will surely scare off its anyone who dares to engage us. A nation that is surrounded by water is lead by fools if they ignore the reality that their navy is almost non-existent. Glady, we are not that kind of nation." He added.

The naval exercises started with the different formations lead by the flagship His Majesty's Maharlikan Ship King Sulaeio. Firing tests are also conducted by the newest additions to the fleet, the submarines. In the next days of the exercises, Many ships scrambled and flexed their ships in the Atargatis ocean close to the Amaan islands. With friendship guaranteed, ships from both nations can freely sail to their respective waters.

The final day of the exercise is when almost all of the ships except those who are currently in missions to protect the seas, visits the coastal city of Sabadeio, in Irsinia. The Emperor and the Empress are present in the event. The ships formed into senior ships at the front while smaller ships are in the back. Cheers to the soldiers roared through the bay. As the ships past though the large grandstand, They salute the Imperial couple by firing 10 shots. But the loudest cheer was when the 10 submarines simultaneously appeared in the surface of the water. It is their first public appearance since its construction. At the end, the flagship HMMS King SUlaeio once again appeared in the center of the bay. Fireworks started firing up in the air as cheers and all together shouted "Long Live the Empire! Long Live the Emperor!"

Who would never be so proud of the Nation's military achievements. The event concluded with the Emperor's speech.

"My noble and loyal people, we are gathered here to witness our Imperial Navy's strength and determination. They have sacrificed their lives to protect the integrity of our Union. And I urge you to do the same. As our nation face many problems externally, but I vow to you that I will do my best to preserve our interest. But as proven today, I am not alone in preserving our interest. I am joined by these wonderful strong men and women from different classes as months ago, the Imperial Consultative Assembly approved the legislation allowing the Alipan class people to join the ranks of the Military. So we must give them respect and honor that they truly deserve. Long Live the Empire!"

The Free Land of The Luminian Sphere

No Questions

The day after the flyover by the unidentified rotary, the expedition was quiet. They were on edge; some were curious, but the north had great capacity for harshness, and even seemingly innocuous events often meant great danger. Nevertheless, wherever this craft was headed, it couldn't be far, and if there was a chance of righting their walker's leg, their leader had decided to take it. Staggering onwards, the expedition had pushed through a full day north through mercifully flat terrain, the worst casualty being pride at occasional falls which were embarrassingly common on the ice fields.

Throughout the day, one of the great stone nunatuks began to emerge from the horizon and draw closer. It was fairly large, and flat topped, a mesa protruding from the otherwise flat ice sheet. As darkness descended on another day northwards, and as the expedition drew closer to the mesa, they began to see it. Light, or more accurately a series of lights, atop the flat stone. What had been mistaken as rock formations at the peak were in fact buildings.

That this was an artificial and inhabited structure could be assumed. That it was the destination of the rotary was confirmed when a red light rose off of the nunatuk and began to meander eastwards until it left view. Mondragon, impatient, made the call that they would not camp, instead pressing on to this station which looked to be another four hours walk at their pace.

As they approached the stone foundation of the location, they could better see the illuminated collection of structures. Separated by space at one end, a large building with a tall roof looked to be a hangar of some kind. The tallest structure, a tower nearby, might be for observation of the surroundings, or of incoming rotaries. A broad, fat building with an abundance of chimneys was assumed to be some manner of dorm. There were several smaller structures that were harder to make assumptions about. What really mystified the expeditionaries about this station, other than its very existence, was twofold; firstly, the large central building, windowless, and with a domed roof topped with a thin grey spire protruding upwards from the center. Secondly, the abundance of weaponry - the station seemed to bristle in machine guns and even what looked to be artillery pieces, facing in all directions against the ice below.

As they got close up to the stone, they lost perspective of the station above, but were able to approach a small structure at its base. Curiously surrounded by a handful of collapsed buildings and loose construction materials, a single building still stood, made of wood, sat on the ice and leaning against the nunatuk. Its roof was partially open, and from the hole two metal bars ran up the side of the stone, presumably to the top. On the building was a large plaque, which had an unrecognizable seal, and the text:


As the expedition inspected their surroundings, a large metal box slowly descended from the top, attached to the metal bars.

Post self-deleted by Alussia.

The People's Republic of Vere dives

Expansion post
office of former governor Chen Sanguis in the eastern gate. Chen looked in dread at the letter that had been delivered to his office by one of his guards. as he started opening the letter he remembered the news that he had received two months ago. Ferro, the last bastion of the empire had fallen to the lexists, it had been over 15 years since the old emperor and his family were captured and executed; only one baby escaped the betrayal of the lightbringers and the betrayal of the armies around the imperial territories. two months ago the rebels had finished what they started over a decade ago the total defeat of the imperials. Now that Chen reflected his choice to keep Sanguis outside of the conflict must have seemed like a betrayal of his duty to the empire but he had deemed that Sanguis avoiding the conflict was in her interest. The trade that usually flowed to Adamantem or Ferro had moved to Sanguis making his province rich beyond his wildest dreams in his youth. it was a mistake, i should have moved to help Ferro contain the revolt and crush the Lexists before they grew too powerful. Chen took the letter and started reading:
major Lexist troop movement confirmed, the Republican Guard and the Golden army's 3rd core have been sighted moving east. estimated Praetorian deployment estimate around 150 suits. Accipiter nocte presence unconfirmed but attrition rate within ranger core has risen to 85% in the region. unconfirmed reports suggest that the Chosen have left the mountain fort and started to move southeast, it is possible that a simultaneous attack on Sanguis and on the kingdom of Tiset. The ranger core suggested an immediate deployment of the main force to the mountains and for an alliance to be formed with the breakaway kingdom of Tiset.
Chen looked away from the letter and then looked back to make sure that it was real. “no not now, i have almost completed the new weapon why did they half to attack now of all times”. “My king?” said one of his guards opening the door to make sure that Chen was fine. “I'm fine, go and find my brother.” Chen said. Bai Sanguis was the little brother of King Chen Sanguis; he had supported his brother in the centralization of power in the east within Sanguis, making it more powerful than it had ever been within the old empire. Bai had only been ten years old when the empire fell so most he could remember about it was the tedious school and the days spent worshiping in the shrine to the golden warrior. According to the legends he had been the last ancient having descended from the court in heaven to lead the people of Dives to insula Magna and then teaching them how to use the light of heaven to reach the emperor's above. He had even once seen the fabled armor of the golden warrior. a 5 meters tall armor filled with unknown metals and full of talismans. He wondered if the armor that had been located in Ferro still existed.

The Third Dynastic Kingdom of Neo-Irkalla

A secret report within the Kalmaran Sphere—Tablets to Halkhepa for covert delivery to Egir-Ka-a-kigal

Say to Halkhepa, Kig-gi-gal of Kalmar-ki, Targumanu of the Kalmarans, Lady of Kalmara, Karst Mistress of the east, Interpreter of the Karstlands and chosen of the goddess Taknakartu: Thus Nin-Katti, ally of Egir-Ka-a-kigal. For me all goes well, and for you may I wish too that all goes well within the karstlands. May you and your people know prosperity in their new place within the kingdom. May you find success in elevation of status, and be rewarded when the great reunification of all the lands of Ereshkigal and Taknakartu is complete. For you, without talons, know instead good health upon your furred tail and great horns; may your luminous glow granted by the goddess Taknakartu never dim.

I deliver to you, Halkhepa, a message meant for our shared mistress. As you are the one she trusts most in the east, where her new command center resides, I entrust this to you. Egir-Ka-a-kigal has already informed me of your inclusion in the underground networks and conversations which are ongoing across the land; as the royal lines are desperate in seeking out the not long-missing crown prince, Gilgamesh. A point has now been reached where even the nobility is beginning to inquire as to what has happened to the prince, who was once such a public figure: and no answers have been given to them thus yet. The Ningal has personally entrusted our Egir, as you know, with finding out what happened where she feels out Lugal is distracted by affairs of state to direct all his resources to finding our Dumu-lugal. Egir-Ka-a-kigal dispatched me as a loyal Ensi to investigate the matter, just as she covertly is during her expansionary work for the great Lugal-Urmahbar. I come before you now with the fruits of my work. Share this tablet with none other than her, and be mindful of the clay envelope which it comes with, to ensure the messenger has not become curious and opened it.

With a mercenary detachment, I led my soldiers into the ceramic desert and did what I could to follow the fabled route that the Dumu-lugal and his lover took. During this journey, thanks to innovations we have access too which Gilgamesh did not during the beginning of his mission, the grounds were covered quickly. Over the course of a month we spoke to many wandering Gallu within the ceramic desert who confirmed the route of a large traveling convoy from a foreign land. We followed the outposts put in place by the prince, still given supply orders, but made sure to appear as free traders and not as a sponsored expedition. From there we collected what information we could, and set out into the depths of the desert. After some time, we came across a monolith within the sands: a sort of black spire surrounded by many ancient ruins. This is a discussion for another time, as there is much to know of this structure. But what is more pressing is what was found at the base of the structure. Much of the area was clear of debris; but upon deeper investigation it was found that there were remnants of some sort of conflict at the base of the structure. We found and collected destroyed components of older chariot models; but there were too little parts to constitute even a single chariot. Furthermore, trackers among the mercenary bands found evidence of tampering at the sight. Signs that things had been dragged away, collected, and removed entirely from the location. By miracle alone, we arrived before the winds could erase all signs of this.

Let it be known to Egir-Ka-a-kigal: I now suspect there is more going on than what can be seen. An an incident occurred here at this strange site, and for all purposes I must assume that it involved the demise of the delivery of the prince to someplace else. It is entirely possible that our Dumu-lugal was ambushed here, lost his battle, and was taken by his assailants to someplace else. We did not find any evidence of the spire itself, or if it is hollow, thus all we have to work with is exterior examination. I have chosen to hold to the goods of which we collected from the site, so that I may examine them more closely for details. Should my lady demand it of me, I will personally deliver all of what we found to the eastern regions, so that isolated installations in the Kalmaran lands may examine what we have uncovered. One final note, as brought up by one of the trackers of my party, was the lack of any sign of tracks leading to the spire, but the presence of tracks at the spire. He believed that, as the sands could not cover all trails from their sight yet, that it meant that some sort of aerial apparatus must have been employed to secretly do away with whatever was at the spire prior to our arrival. It is entirely possible too that we had arrived between such missions to clear up any evidence: and as such, we have knowledge we are not meant to have. I know not what this means, but aerial technology is a new innovation for our land which can trace itself to the lands of Mitanni.

May this tablet reach Egir-Ka-a-kigal with haste and security under the care of Halkhepa, and may the gods curse whoever might impede on this mission. I have sent no greeting gift as to not arouse attention. May we discover what secrets are unfolding around us soon, and I shall indeed myself continue my investigations for our lady. Worry not, Egir-Ka-a-kigal, for we shall find your brother most assuredly. I make prayer to Ereshkigal that he is safe, in good health, and that the hands which hold him are most tender.

The Empire of Sintene

Meeting the Dwellers of Hel's Pit:

Sintene high command had received word of strange activity from the outposts around the ‘Hel Pit’ which was a massive Precursor site that was built like a dark monastery, with pillars of world weary metals, too strong to be broken by the armaments of modern ingenuity. The outposts reported a small group coming from the pit and more disturbingly, that the Gate had opened, and the things pouring out from inside seemed sentient and curious of the world outside the pit. It was decided by the War Council that two full legions would be moved and a number of airships moved as well as artillery batteries and the Praetorians. This huge concentration of force was because the Emperor had decided to act as the diplomat to these unknown entities, and as they are such an unknown if violence must come to pass, the Empire would not be caught unprepared if a conflict became the only option.

The legions marched through the steppes with great efficiency, using the airships to move their supplies such as food and building materials as there were very few of either in the endless sea of yellowish grass and walking upon the remnants of old Sintene highways in the area to make travel easier. The hundred odd walkers moved ahead of the convoy, setting beacons for good camp sites and quietly scouting the area around the pit, finding hundreds of strange creatures finishing work on primitive structures like small palisades and tent camps while clearing areas, likely for more permanent structures. Much iconography was visible but all of it incomprehensible, likely a foreign language or ancestral runes of the creatures. About a month after the march began the convoy arrived around ten thousand meters away from the foreign camp, and the soldiers began digging trenches and artillery platforms under the cover of darkness, and an airship dropped off a small pavilion with chairs at the request of the Emperor. By the time day broke the soldiers had switched shifts and the second wave of construction began, with airships now floating lazily above the fortifications, and a single Pack from the earlier scouting parties was sent with a map of the area that had a circle around the pavilion, directly in front of the massive fortification line, which was battle ready, and constantly expanding from the effort of the soldiers. Behind the infantry howitzers were trained on the small fortifications the unknown creatures had designed. A massive block of concrete and steel was dropped in front of the pavilion, blocking it from view and possible fire. The Emperor and a few of his Preateorians awaited in the Pavilion, all wearing masks and armed to the teeth except the Emperor who wore his normal suit and a half face mask, drinking tea patiently and reviewing a few papers. Now it was time for the unknown entities to make their move, and as backup another five medium airships moved, carrying more supplies and a Wing of Valkyries.

Cynerand, ever worrying, spoke back and forth with his lord, arguing about the safety of having the Emperor meet an unknown entity in person, but Deidrich just shrug the question off and pointed to the line of soldiers behind him.

“Not a man in that trench or under this pavilion would let a hair on my head be so much as damaged. I have faith in those men, who bear scars for the Empire, those men who have followed me to this gods forsaken steppe for nearly a month of constant walking. I also have faith in diplomacy and that these foreigners seem to have sentience considering they use language and structures, and as such it is my duty to meet with them to see what we could learn from the other.”

The Empire of Balticans

Mercenary Split

Since the beginning of the Baltican civil war, the various army branches of the Baltican military split off, either joining up with the newly founded nations or forming Mercenary gangs known as Soldens. These mercenary groups were rampant in the first month of the war but died down due to the various factions having strengthened their control over their respective regions. However two infamous groups remained, The Forest Brothers and The Indivers.

The Forest Brothers

The forest brothers, originating in the large Tanvian forests of the east, were disgruntled soldiers who guarded the newly annexed Kolias holdings. A meger fleet of 7 ships stranded on the other side of the Balticans with little to no support or supplies. When they heard of the civil war, they proceed to pillage every port in the Gulf of Baltia before taking their loot to the north, gathering what men would come with them they sailed back to Tanvia and proceeded to make their way to the forest of Bilvia, proclaiming themselves The Forest Brothers.

When the forest brothers finally began their operations, they mostly raided the cities of Baltia and Tanvia City gaining a huge profit. They finally began facing opposition in early spring when the Tanvians organised their old rifle corp which began clashing with the Forest Brothers. Despite this they managed to control a large portion of the surrounding countryside, and they soon began aiding the Sevals underground trade, smuggling slaves and especially drugs to not only the Tanvians but the northern states, using their small navy to transport items across the strait. Eventually they generated enough money to out right bribe various authorities and the large rifle corp, starved and undersupplied soon started fleeing to this new bandit clan. At first it only comprised 5,000 men, but soon grew to a force of 30,000.

The TFB although mostly centralised around the forests, established 2 main outposts, which grew to minor cities this being Yill and Brud. Being settled on the prosperous Seval black market trade, these cities grew similarly to the mountain city of Deril, experiencing mass financial success and attracting Balticans from all walks of life. This is when the TFB branched out and began hiring its mass soldiers into a mercenary army. They were quickly bought up by the Tanvians who used them to raid the Varahian tank corps as they were marching into Tanvian land. The resulting attack provided the TFB with 15 tanks which they were able to steal from the retreating Varahians. Fragments of the naval forces travelled around and up through the various rivers into Lake Loitsu. They then proceed to raid various ports and cities and when the great Dam was blown they proceed to sail up river where they again pillaged and looted. However the fleet was then encircled by Urian artillery and ships and they had to ditch their noble fleet as they fled to the Drug fields in the Southern Steppes.

Following this defeat they became a pure mercenary fleet, with 30,000 men and 100 light tanks they remain a formidable foe although they lack any real army experience, as they mainly specialise in gorilla tactics.

The Holy Empire of Scotyris

Beseigers at the Gates - Reply to Sintene and Expansion Post

On the horizon, behemoth machines dotted the skies in the distance as massive foreign activity erupted in the distance. Although the distance was uncalculated, the Scotarri were worrisome by the massive, unidentified sources of the movement and the giant machines floating. Members Omnicarian Exploratores couldn’t identify any similar or recognizable iconography on the vessels. A message was relayed to the Odevelo Pertinius, the organization that presides over the Pertinax gateway.
The message was frantic and vague with what the men above were seeing. This caused great concern with the Pertinius leadership and the Church officials who were visiting. With haste, the Ordevelo Pertinius mobilized a detachment of 5,000 men, two hundred of which were equipped with Kataphron exoskeleton armor. Leading the detachment was Magos-Omniseer Munus and an attache of Church officials.

Upon ascending to the surface, civilians from the top were relocated back onto the Pertinax gateway and descended back down to Scotyris. The detachment of men formed a semi-circle defensive line around the gateway and began to make a small trench line that stood hardly around waist height.

The Omniseers began to pray in silence within the now vacant tents and buildings in a desperate attempt to receive an answer from the Lady as to what were the floating, alien machines and what was their purpose. To no avail, the Magos-Omniseer Munus convened with the church officials after dispatching a small reconnaissance group of Omnicarians.

“Whatever those things are, they seem to be currently waiting and possibly observing us see what we are doing. If they are a sign of the Omnidomin, I fear that it is for our destruction.” The group of priests began a disgruntled mumble. Munus continued: “The objects that are floating do bare no known symbols of the Omnidomina. The movement on the ground’s source is currently unknown, but it is either something monstrously large, or more likely a group of animals or beasts amassing, but in either case, we are at an unfavorable disposition.”

Silence crept over the room and Munus could sense that the priests were waiting for more information, which he didn’t have. To relieve their anxiety, he tried reassuring them saying: “I am sure once word reaches the Magos-Sacerdos, he will have an appropriate and fruitful plan. I assure you as of now, the gateway will not be harmed and that if those things are here for our destruction they will perish like the beasts on the western frontier.” For a moment vague smiles and sighs were released, but Munus could still see they were disturbed.

Leaving them in their cowardly state, Munus left the tent and proceeded towards the frontline. After minutes of waiting, the reconnaissance party returned. After taking a quick breath and gulping down water, they reported they spotted Scottari-like things fortifying and digging extensive, deep trenches. Larger caliber guns, presumably for firing long ranges, were also set up and innumerable amounts of men stood guard.

After moments of contemplating, Munus summoned an attache of twenty men, all of which were equipped with the Kataphron Exo-Skeleton and two Omniseers and a Priest to accompany him towards the foreign lines. Before dispatching, Munus ordered his second to send for more men and to relay their current findings. Departing on foot, using Exo-Skeletons the delegation soon approached the foreign lines awaiting their death or the beginning of something never conceived.

The Imperial Confederacy of Amaabj

Pele was Furious, Her Grandson and Champion, having a Secret wife, and that Wife just happened to be the Granddaughter of her rival Tangora and she was Tangora's Champion. Pele rose out of her Volcano Home and Threw a Fireball at the Home of Maui and Moana, Who just Dodged the Fireball in time, a narrow miss that Caught the Hut that Maui made, and All His Possessions gone in a Burst of Flame from his Grandmothers hand. Maui Pulled out his Fish Hook and Promised to Hold off Pele as Moana sprinted off to the sea to plead with her grandmother and Protect the Child. (a note from Kassaoi: Two Different versions of this part of the story exists, I will include both of them in this Book, this version of the story is more often told in Raori and Northern Maui while the other version is told More in the Main Islands and Southern Maui. I learned this version of the story first however My wife told me the latter version.) Moana sprinted off to the Kingdom of the sea, diving into the waters of the Big ocean (Probably the Atargatis) and swimming straight to the bottom. her son, clutched to her Chest, was a Descendant of tangora and therefore Capable of Underwater Breathing. As she approached the ocean floor she went to her Grandmother and Pleaded with many tears for Forgiveness. Moana's Pleading Caught the attention of the Amaa, who until this point had been working on the Moon to give extra light in the darkness. the Amaa Came down to Moana and Asked her to recall the story. However Halfway through the story, Unnoticed by either Moana or The Amaa, Tangora Had Vanished.

Back on the Surface Maui had been Fighting His Grandmother although it wasn't a Fair Fight, Maui Dodged several Blasts until a Fireball hit his Fish Hook, a Massive blast That Cleared Nearby Trees and Caused Massive waves to pound the opposite side of the globe, the fish hook had been Obliterated. Suddenly, out of the Deep Blue Sea Came Tangora, who Shouted in a Booming voice, "YOU DARE ATTACK MY GRANDDAUGHTER AND HER HUSBAND" Pele Roared and Launched Herself at Tangora Who Began to retreat back into the ocean, But Pele Followed, the Fighting Created the Many islands (Raori) which make up our home, Pele However had a Secret Weapon she had, and She began to fire it up, And tangora Began to Prepare her defense Against the weapon, however the Amaa Burst through the Surface and Put a Protective Shield around 7 lands of Humanity (Koya, Balticans, Sintene, Marsio and Irsina, Amaabj, Luminia, and Vere Dives) after the blast these Lands Became the Birthplace of New Humanity and the future was given to their Descendants. the Son of the Recently Deceased Maui and Moana became the First Supreme Leader Amaa, a Mere Baby at the time. the Hopes of the whole world Rested on his Shoulders and the Shoulders of his Descendants, He is the Mediator Between The Children of Pele and tangora as Much as The great Amaa is the Mediator Between their Mothers.

The Dominion of Baidjon

Expansion Post
Practice for The Possible

With the recent finishing of the construction of military schools, a new doctrine has been put forth of constant readiness. As such, various new measures are being taken for any possible conflict. The plans are drafted by the army, navy, and air force staffs so as to have a true combined arms doctrine. Naturally, the first plans are drafted around the closest neighbors, with more plans drafted to include further away nations, eventually reaching the furthest away possible. As well as the plans, the navy, air force, and army will be kept at constant readiness and will hold monthly local drills within their units and regiments and the like, with occasional pairings up for join practice operations to increase cohesion. This is also paired with constant improvement drills, allowing for the air force, navy, and army to be ready for any threat that comes to Baidjon.

Along side the readiness of the military, more diplomatic ties are desired, and as such are in the works of being established, so as to have the nation not be solely prepped for war with no action towards peace, or be entirely focused on peace and nothing towards war. Messages are sent to The Luminian Sphere, Marsio and the Islands of Irsinia, and Amaabj. The letters are written as follows.

To The Luminian Sphere,

Good tidings be upon ye, for we, the Dominion of Baidjon, do wish to hold audience with your leader, or a representative of them. It is desired to either send a representative or to have his royal highness the Pazhdim travel to Luminia. Should a delegation be sent to us, prior information for your visit will be sent. Should you wish to have us travel there, you are expected to provide any information needed prior to the visit. A response is happily awaited.

From a hopeful future friend,
The Dominion of Baidjon

To Marsio and the Islands of Irsinia,

Hello. We, the Dominion of Baidjon wish to hold audience with your leader or a representative. It is recommended that either a representative is sent to us. You will be sent information for your arrival should you choose to accept.

The Dominion of Baidjon

To Amaabj,

Hello. We, the Dominion of Baidjon do declare an audience should be held between a representative of the Dominion and your lands. Should you accept our request, demands for the arrival will be sent in preparation, though it is not considered likely that all necessary actions will be followed. We await a reply.

The Dominion of Baidjon.

A New Kind of House

Within the more western Bölkis, as per the arrival of more foreign texts and massive nation wide industrial efforts, many publishing houses have been founded alongside other paper and lumber based businesses and enterprises. Previously small scale publishing houses needed to do hand printing with wooden presses, making one copy at a time per machine, allowing for one house to make roughly ten books a day. Now, however, in this industrial age, the houses can produce about 10 books a minute, provided there are ten machines and they are all in working order. The average books per week has gone from about 70 to easily over 100,800 books a week, thus massively increasing literacy rates from the pre-industrial age, with the current amount being around 95% literate.

The Great Fleet

With the expansion of Baidjon, the amount of resources expand as well. As such, one must take notice to the growing navy, with more plans being drafted. Alongside these plans, cohesion exercises are held in each flotilla for communication, accuracy, range finding, and darkness operations. The exercises go swimmingly, as these sailors have been trained for such things previously. As well, now many ships are able to navigate in complete darkness, with efficacy going down only a small amount.

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