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Elparia contains 21 nations, the 841st most in the world.


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As a region, Elparia is ranked 8,215th in the world for Highest Disposable Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Roman Empire of MinachiaNew York Times Democracy“insert less cliche motto here”
2.The Grand Duchy of VaadekoenieConservative Democracy“Servamus Servientes”
3.The Grand Federal Republic of EntariaNew York Times Democracy“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
4.The Most Serene Republic of SantomareCapitalist Paradise“Evviva la Serenissima”
5.The Holy Empire of VangrerjanzakAnarchy“Motto...”
6.The United States of Imperialist TrekaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox”
7.The Federation of Zi0nCapitalist Paradise“Service Guarantees Citizenship”
8.The Empire of HoellefjordFather Knows Best State“Fatherland, Strength, Unity”
9.The Republic of Outer Khe ThreInoffensive Centrist Democracy“By The People For The People”
10.The Kingdom of AesidiaDemocratic Socialists“Lead by our history, leading our future”

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The Grand Federal Republic of Entaria

Entaria issues warning to the unlawful rogue state of Kemet
The Military Governor of the Autonomous Demilitarized Entarian Territory of Kemet (ADTK) has issued a statement, declaring that Entaria will resume hostilities should they attempt an assault on Wadiya. They have already stopped following the treaty, and have remilitarized their island holdings around Selaria, and Entaria has begun stationing it's navy around the area.
Entaria has requested permission from Treka to utilize New Walpole as a docking and refueling station for its Naval units in the surrounding waters

The United Socialist States of Konzask

Konzask Adopts the Beuro

With Konzask and Quangsuh economists working closely together to optimize the smooth integration of the Beuro as a joint continental currency without recklessly adopting it immediately. With a fixed conversion rate relatively the same to the Lev being set for the Beuro, the Beuro is initially starting as a "dual" currency. As the Beuro is slowly adopted during this dual currency phase most items on a domestic level are too have prices in both Levs, and the Beuro, same with all forms of billing, taxes, account statements etc. However the biggest exceptions to this are financial notes supplied by the state, as well as coinage. Konzask business's, trade and tourist bureaus as well as government institutions are also set for the complete and total adoption of the Beuro for future transactions. Transactions made with foreign bodies are also to made only with the Beuro. The "dual currency" period, as well as the few bodies exempt from using the Beuro are to adopt it in 2023, with coins as well being fully replaced by 2023. The KCP stated it will take an estimated 2 years to smoothly integrate the Beuro without causing any noticeable economic harm.

Konzask Trekan Relations

With shared distastes for Kemet, as well as Konzask being a democratic nation, the recent salerian tensions has gotten the KCP to question the current and future of Konzaski-Trekan Relations. Konzask and Trekas relationship has notably been completely unremarkable, with there being an air of seemingly nothingness, at least on Konzask's end. As such the KCP has stated it's intentions to over time improve relations with Treka, stating their willingness for future cooperation, trade as well as diplomatic ties, even going as far as to even offer Trekan President Adebayo a tour of Safingrad. If accepted, they'd be the first non Berinsky world leader to step foot in Safingrad since 1942.

Although the DSK and SPK have shown agreement with this move, the LK has denounced the KCP for this action. This move as well has seen much controversy among Konzask citizens, many happy with the move, and excited at the prospect of Konzask asserting itself further on the global stage, while equally on the other side, many are angered by this move, some calling it a "Betrayal to Konzaskan Principles" and a "Stab in the Back of the Revolution". The Media itself has been rather receptive of the offer. The furthest anti Trekan sentiment from Konzaskan citizens have gone is peaceful protests in smaller towns and cities, while the KCP have stood firm on their offers. It's expected that the protests will fade away in the coming days, with the KCP reassuring no matter the outcome of their efforts Konzask's Marxist Chervenkovist ideals will remain unchanged.

The Grand Duchy of Vaadekoenie

Vaadekoenië grants Hollefjord access to airspace and Vrijhaven naval base

In a move that may potentially entangle Vaadekoenië in the ongoing Wadiyan crisis, Vaadekoense and Hollefjordish officials met in Daaharije today to conclude the last of several negotiations pertaining to military cooperation between the two nations. Vaadekoenië signed a bilateral agreement that will grant Hollefjordish ships and aircraft logistical support, including refuelling, at Vaadekoenië’s Vrijhaven naval base and the Daaharije‐Wijnholdt airbase.

The Empire of Hoellefjord

Höllefjord accepts both offers

The Hollefjordish Government has accepted both offers from Treka and Vaadkoenië for allowing military access. The negotiations have been completed after a diplomatic mission in Daaharije to further the ties with Vaadkoenië which include military cooperation and the bilateral agreement. The opinion of Treka within the Hollefjordish military has increased significantly with the access granted to use New Walpole and to use Trekan aircraft carriers if needed.

The French Casino-State Monarchy of New Trimainia

Smoke and flames
The morning was broken by the smell of embers and smoke for many of those who live in a calm Maginot Village. According to a survivor, a convoy of trucks rolled into the village with strange symbols on them before unloading men with rifles and flamethrowers.

Out of the 2,500 estimated people, four survived with three in critical condition.

The Trimainian Military has locked the scene down and is continuing their efforts, but nothing else has yet become known of the situation.

The Most Serene Republic of Santomare

Stabilization (continued)

Almost a month after the country descended into chaos in the wake of revelations of extreme government corruption, life in Santomare has begun returning to some sense of normalcy. Curfews and military rule have been brought back, and travel in and out of the country has been reinstated, although with heavy vetting to ensure no criminals are allowed to escape, and martial law remains for general law enforcement as the regular courts are still overflowing with corruption cases. In terms of politics, the Government today announced that a general election will be held within the next two weeks. Prime Minister Robustelli has already been hard at work on the campaign trail, as she has worked to form the Movimento per la Integrità Nazionale, or Movement for National Integrity, a big-tent coalition of parties (as well as party-breakaways created in the wake of the corruption revelations) from across the political spectrum united to, quote, “Restore the integrity and the confidence of the people in the Serene Republic.”

Furthermore, the Rump Council has come to a decision, with Vice-Doge Palladino’s guidance, over how aristocratic seats in the council will be redistributed: each seat vacated by a member of one of the great houses will be filled by another, younger member of the same house who has been investigated and proven to have no connections with the Mafia and to have never engaged in corrupt activity. If no such individual exists, then the seat will be randomly given to one of the smaller great houses to be filled by one of their own members, and the original house will be brought under a general audit which may result in the family being reduced to commoner status. Not all of the vacant seats will be able to be filled by the time the election has occurred and the Council is set to elect the next doge, but this will occur nonetheless.

With a new Great Council and a new Doge, Santomare will soon be able to step out brighter than she ever was before.

The United Socialist States of Konzask

Naval Expansion put on Pause

After much debate within the KCP, as well as between the SPK, DSK as well as LK, it was mutually agreed to put a pause on naval expansion plans for now. The reasoning for wanting this has so far varied between party to party, however some of the most notable consistent points given by each party have been involved is that Konzask is not expected to go to war soon, meaning the naval budget currently should be focused on upgrading, rather then expansion. However another note worthy reason stated by the KCP is that this 10 year plan, as well as the next is purely dedicated to domestic economic growth and stability, making the expansion plans as of now a waste of resources.

As such the funds put into the Crimson Navies expansion have been pulled, and put into the vast infrastructure projects within Konzask, as well as the BU as a whole. This extra funding however doesn't just come from the Naval Budget, but a reworking of Konzask's budget to fit the goals of this 10 year plan, as well as the next, with a much heavier emphasis being put on the public sector. As such on top of the construction of new schools, hospitals, factories, office parks and more, the current ones have begun receiving increased funding. The increased funding is claimed to be a small part of future plans, with the KCP stating that "Konzask's primary goal is, and always has been improving the life for it's people, and assuring the rights of it's citizens and workers regardless of race, sexuality, beliefs and identity. We've brought Konzask to a backwater monarchist land of farmers to a modern industrial major power on the world stage as well as almost snuffed out unemployment entirely, and we will not stop there".

Reaffirming the KCP's primary goal being on economic growth, many in Konzask has advocated for a return to isolationism, while others argue that would hurt Konzask's growth more then hasten it. The KCP state that they have multiple moves planned and ready for execution in time, and that in the next year or so, the effects of the moves made by this 10 year plan as of now will be felt, as by then, schools, highways and rail lines for bullet trains and mono rails are expected to be completed and fully constructed, while later in the plan the new skyscrapers and office parks as well as factories will aid even further. Weather the plans for the KCP aid in this or not is yet to be seen, and has been met with mild skepticism as well as hopeful optimism by the media. The KCP ended their statement by calling Konzask a land of opportunity and peace on Berinsky, as well as calling Konzask an unfinished master piece, and it's up to the KCP and Proletariat hand in hand to complete it.

The Kingdom of Aesidia

CSAT Military Infrastructure Update:

Over the past 4 months, alongside the procurement of CSAT equipment and the consolidation of CSAT logistics both on paper and in the physical world, several CSAT member nations under a broader funded initiative have been constructing and deploying helicopter bases, dugouts, and supply depots throughout Selaria on behalf of the peacekeeping corps.

Assisted by a growing list of jointly operating Aesidian-Zionian companies, manufacturers, and contractors, portable base and weapon modules have been provided and shipped throughout to streamline and accelerate the swift process of building a basic web of military infrastructure on behalf of CSAT.

So far, the sparse yet interconnected logistical web connects dozens of newly procured modular supply depots and helicopter installations specifically across the coasts and on land borders of various member nations. So far, these are concentrated within Obungunda, Ubengundu, and Zion.

As a sister project to various other infrastructure plans envisioned by the collective of CSAT consortium members, the erected military infrastructure doubly assists in civilian logistics during peacetime and ensures the free-flow of equipment, raw materials, workers, and peacekeeping forces to protect the shipment of said resources through various hazardous red-zones on the continent, connecting member nations on a consistent and safe web of infrastructure for the first time.

Beyond this past-summary, the next phase of this project is already underway, maintaining the cheap modular procurement already utilized previously, this time to create permanent installations and even patrolled land-routes between key focal points on the continent, and set up a dedicated public service organization as a wing of the peacekeeping corps to assist in public projects of both military and civilian purpose, all pertaining to infrastructure. Said planned organization has been provided funding in advance for setting up basic recruitment facilities in major population centers of consenting member nations so that a vast pool of workers can be utilized and provided a comparatively, yet proportionally generous wage, which can then be used by said workers as remittance to their home country.

Additionally, multiple consortium members face pending requests regarding their consent of this initiative, including but not limited to:




The Kingdom of Aesidia

Re-initialization of Obungundan Peacekeeping

After months of formal withdrawal from the continent, Aesidia and Zion are recommitting to initial efforts of combating warlordism within the Selarian nation. Aesidia pledges to maintain it's defensive role, allowing home-grown Obungundan forces and military police to take center stage, under the assistance, funding, and advice of their Aesidian counterparts on matters of professional military support, safety, training, and construction.

Additionally, alongside preexisting efforts by CSAT to erect military infrastructure, Obungunda has been provided the very same funding and hands-on assistance to set up it's own sovereign installations and logistics to engage in independent missions of their very own.

Meanwhile, in the background, Zion has been provided the opportunity to train a segment of existing Obungundan volunteer forces for peer-to-peer asymmetrical warfare, utilizing their own experience from decades of infighting at home for a clear, defined approach to counter-insurgency that deviates from conventional approaches to counter-insurgency.

This all falls under a campaign of intrigue orchestrated by CSAT, Obungunda, Aesidia, and Zion to plant faux, disciplined warlords into Obungunda, often making up of consenting and charismatic high-ranking military officials in CSAT and Obungunda, harshly vetted for their loyalty and commitment under the newly consolidated national identity of Obungunda, and the humanitarian ambitions of CSAT.

As a reiterance, Zion oversees the majority of this campaign, modelling faux warlords after the meaning of citizenship as known in Zion, adapted for the conditions and cultural sensitivities of Obungunda. The purpose of this initiative is to not only procure grassroots grown forces akin to how warlords consolidate and mobilize their own forces, but this time not under honorless pretenses, instead being discreetly equipped to provide the ungoverned masses the understanding of the morality and value of leadership, comradery, honor and nationhood.

The United Socialist States of Konzask

Trade Deal Purposed With Aesidia

After days of debate within the party, Konzask has decided to officially offer trade negotiations to Aesidia. The KCP stated that this move is mutual beneficial to both nations, especially for the Konzaskan people, as it aids in hastening the goals in the 10 Year Plan, with some even beginning to wonder if these diplomatic missions are part of the plan itself. The KCP on the matter officially stated that "Konzask has come out of isolation only less then 2 decades ago, it is important to show the world that we are a free, democratic, anti imperialist nation. If they refuse to believe us so be it, let them come see for themselves". The KCP as of late has been making their aims to bring Konzask further into global geo politics quite often, and a trade agreement with a nation that has a shared history with Konzask is a good start. The media itself has been rather receptive to these recent moves, with many citizens eagerly anticipating the response, even more so to the Trekan one.

10 Year Plan Cont'

As of now the 10 year plan is continuing on schedule, with the bigger changes still not expected to be felt until around 2024, they are most defenantly beginning to be seen now. With small scale infrastructure projects being finished, and the base of countless new universities, hospitals, skyscrapers, office parks, apartments, factories and more fully visible, jutting out of the ground as construction continues on schedule. With this the KCP has continued to re affirm that "It's the Konzaskan Governments highest, most holy duty to serve the people of Konzask, and we will continue to do so until the end of time itself". The media and many citizens have generally poked fun at this statement, as it's seen to be a bit "much", some even finding it a little cringy, however the gesture itself is over all aprreciated.

Konzask and Possible BU Cruises

The KTB (Konzask Tourist Beauro) after weeks of planning, and focusing on attracting tourists, an official "Pan Berinsky Cruise" was officially created. The cruise itself is marketed to be extremely affordable, and cost efficient, with the route being around Berinsky as a whole (docking for fuel when need be). The KTB and KCP have begun efforts to refine Konzask's cruise 'industry' as well as tourist appeal, as both have noticed the potential in Konzask's rising tourist industry. With the KTB wanting to improve tourism at Berinsky as a whole, help mentain positive BU relations as well as work towards destroying negative continental stigma, have reached out to Quangsuh, encouraging them to work on their tourist industry as well.

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