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Capitalist gulags of alabama

Paraeth harz wrote:Your nation seems like hell to your residents

this was my intent. glad to know i succeeded! don't worry my main nation is nice and not-hellish as it ought to be

Southern heartland and Paraeth harz

Paraeth harz

Capitalist gulags of alabama wrote:this was my intent. glad to know i succeeded! don't worry my main nation is nice and not-hellish as it ought to be

Cool, good luck

Capitalist gulags of alabama

The Dictatorship of Banned and Illegal

The Party applauds your intelligence in accepting us into your region.

Capitalist gulags of alabama

The Imperial forces of Patty

I allowed robots to be citizen then canceled my herto

Paraeth harz

Post self-deleted by Patty.

Post self-deleted by Patty.

Black earth

Hello all! I would like to extend an invitation for anyone looking for an active roleplay region to join The Alliance of Sovereign States! It is a new region that I've created, and we have regional government positions to fill. If you are interested in complex geopolitical roleplay, this is the place for you!

The Nomadic Peoples of General Mahmud al Huchum

"Come brothers. On behalf of the oppressed nations of the world, we must fight for our most righteous cause. Take up your Kilij and follow our great General Mahmud al Huchum as we strike the global oppressors"

Global Liberation Army

Nao recruitment

Please join New Atlantic Ocean! A promising region with their own forum! We will have a RP map soon!

The Tranquil Ship of The Cruise Ship

Seeing as you have the tag "Recruiter Friendly" I will try to recruit.
I am recruiting for Mirror World, which focuses on RP.
Mirror wold has easy rules, and easy map claiming. There is lots of space on the map, even with over 15 nations. The RP is mainly on discord, and there is always someone online.

Currently, in Mirror World's RP, there is a cold war developing between my nation there and another nation. You have a chance to support either side and tip the scale if it comes to war.
What story will you make with us?

The Incorporated States of Mixy

Hey, looking for an active region with interesting people, an active democracy and do you want to partake in raids on an active basis?

Then Krasnaya is the region for you! A region with a long and very interesting backstory!

Join Krasnaya today! We would be glad to have you!

The Nomadic Peoples of Join India

Namaste! / Hello!, Welcome to the vivid multiverse of Nationstates. Aren't you someone who's looking for a region? If yes or no, you'll have to read this.

India is one of the oldest real life based regions in this huge multiverse, a region with a military system,roleplay and government.

India is Inviting you to join the region and join the World Assembly (if possible) and take part in making India Great Again!

Don't waste your time thinking, Join India now!

Nwa recruiter 001

We create a new world assembly.
1. Based on the operation method of the international assembly, we have created a unique system that you can easily participate in.
2. It is recommended, but not obligatory, to follow the assembly decisions.
3. It's still new, so you can create new international rules.
4. We also accept anti-world parliaments.



I haven't decided what to do in this region, so You are free as a result!


The Confederacy of Deep South Dixie

“Social media sites prompt users to send birthday greetings to unresponsive nonagenarians.”

So just like real life.