Confederation of Corrupt Dictators
Confederation of Corrupt Dictators was Liberated by Security Council Resolution # 263

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Empire of ShrewLlamaLand (elected )

Founder: The Shadow Cult of Jocospor

Last WA Update:

Most World Assembly Endorsements: 13th Most Nations: 61st Most Influential: 179th+20
Largest Black Market: 711th Most Corrupt Governments: 735th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 819th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 889th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 917th Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 1,027th Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,164th Most Avoided: 1,319th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 1,396th Highest Average Incomes: 1,617th Lowest Crime Rates: 1,760th Largest Mining Sector: 1,784th Largest Retail Industry: 1,795th Most Devout: 1,853rd Largest Information Technology Sector: 1,987th Most Authoritarian: 2,023rd Largest Governments: 2,182nd Highest Poor Incomes: 2,241st Most Scientifically Advanced: 2,306th Most Subsidized Industry: 2,343rd
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Jocospor survived. The Shadow Cult is rising...

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Tags: Anti-Communist, Anti-Fascist, Anti-World Assembly, Enormous, Featured, Isolationist, Liberated, and Totalitarian.

Regional Power: Very High

Confederation of Corrupt Dictators contains 336 nations, the 61st most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Advanced Public Transport in Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

World Census experts captured, tagged, and released trains in order to identify which nations have the most extensive, well-funded public transportation systems.

As a region, Confederation of Corrupt Dictators is ranked 3,455th in the world for Most Advanced Public Transport.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Federation of MarthuaniaDemocratic Socialists“Glory to Marthuania!”
2.The Democratic workers republic of MayakavaIron Fist Consumerists“равенство и порядок , для нашей товарищи”
3.The Democratic Republic of HumbledoniaPsychotic Dictatorship“Death is the great liberator”
4.The Empire of ComeinIron Fist Consumerists“Come in you never get out”
5.The Dictatorship of UzghanistanIron Fist Consumerists“A sword can kill a man. Fear can kill an empire.”
6.The Military Congress of United Federation Of PancakesPsychotic Dictatorship“Ut patriae decori coniunxerat”
7.The Golden Dictatorship of WalrusmartPsychotic Dictatorship“Save money live by my rules”
8.The Constitutional Monarchy of New England INCIron Fist Consumerists“Through bureaucracy we thrive”
9.The Eternal Empire of The Radiant SunPsychotic Dictatorship“What famine?”
10.The Empire of TertaniaFather Knows Best State“Technology is the one truth that keeps us alive”
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The Federal Republic of Northumland

Election in Northumland

President John Blowheart Will be running against former Mayor Huntsville Mike Johnson.

While Senator George Tavington Will be running against Ambassador Mary door.

Election starts at 18:04 CTD

We are making history-Northumland Times

Hail the Confederation

The Democratic workers republic of Mayakava

Koilenstkoy Street

In the waiting room, waiting to be called for his Botox injection appointment,
Nikolai was looking at his reflection, in the pocket mirror, wanting even more
to preserve, his precious youth and good looks, having a stiff and emotionless face
was not a problem, for him, his only goal was to be young and good-looking, as long
as possible, to avoid giving explanation for his actions, and after a long time waiting,
his name was finally called, so he walked, to the door, and closed it behind him, and lay down
on the reclining chair, Already knowing after all his visits since he was 19, what to do, His college
friend and Doctor entered the room, a few seconds after, with 2 needles on the cart

M.A:"you are ready, for your favorite time of the months I see"
N.S:"Being here, is my favorite time of the year, so I know what I have to do,
and why is there 2 needles, more injections today"
M.A:"yes as you know, soon you are 30, and the first wrinkles are arriving
so these 2 needles are here, because I have more work to do"
N.S:"The horrors of aging, but you are here to preserve my youth and good looks
I trust you, I let you do your good work"
M.A:"you can trust me, your only job is to close your eyes, and let me work"
N.S:"I let you work"

After these words, only silence was prevailing, in the room, with the occasional sounds,
of needles being taken of, or put on the tray, Nikolai his eyes closed injected in every spot and corners
on his face, was impatient to look at the result, but like said earlier it took more times, and 20 minutes
later, it was over, and he opened his eyes when he heard a positive response, he got up and walked to the mirror
to admire his face, really satisfied of the result, and came back to sit on a chair, money in his personal coffers
box, which he gave to his friend and doctor, with the amount he needed to pay, into an envelope, Mikhail took
in his hand the envelope immediately after

M.A:"you know the effect of Botox after the injections"
N.S:"yes, but I'm ready for them, I have everything I need"
M.A:"After all this time, I'm sure"
N.S:"yes since I'm 19, so I'm ready after all this time"
M.A:"Aging is worse than after effects"
N.S:"Suffering for youth, is always better than the eternal suffering, of aging"
M.A:"It's true"

After small smiles were exchanged, in response of these statements, the two men drank a glass of
vodka, and talked, before going their own way, each of them returning to their activities, and work
on this cold morning

Hail the confederation

The Borisovian Regime of Depackya

To the Imperial Senate,

A plane from Depackya will be arriving in Vocryae, Jocospor in approximately 48 hours. A large security detail will be attached to the flight. Upon arrival, the detail will retrieve me from the House of the Senate, whereupon I shall be returned to my homeland.

I thank the Senate for providing such entertainment during my tenure as Senator.

Hail the Confederation!

Stas Markov
Senator of Depackya

The Federal Republic of Northumland

Presidential Election in Northumland

Mike Johnson has won the Election by 1,507,782 votes.

This is the largest turn out in Northumland history with 135,704,864 votes.

Congratulations to President Mike Johnson on winning.

Senate election will conclude shortly.

We are making history-Northumland Times

Hail the Confederation

The Republic of Ridnez

The Very Dark Place wrote:I would also like to state the Imperatum's stance on this 'voting blockade' and ISV-NUF alliance. Both of them, and I can assure you of this, should not have started in the first place. A voting blockade, if there is one, is an idiotic idea and stunts growth inside the Confederation. If the ISV is what it has made itself out to be than it shouldn't participate in it. As for the ISV-NUF alliance, I hate it. Sorry for the members of the NUF and ISV watching on television, but I don't like it. Taking turns running for president not only stunts Imperial Senate and political growth, but it just doesn't make sense. The ISV and the NUF have polar oppisite ideologies except for the two leaders of the parties. I would also like to say that Mr. Whittfield did not go over this decision with his party.

Hail the Confederation!

It is with wry amusement that the Republic of Ridnez notes that The Empire of Cryptonnia first related the idea of a splinter-party from the NAP to Senator Bombardone with a future alliance with the ISV in mind and that the leadership principle dictates that all parties must express the character and merit of those who lead them, making the suggestion that the NUF and the ISV possess "polar opposite" ideologies a rather fraudulent claim.

The position of the ISV on the Pact of Steel is that allying the two parties guarantees harmonic concordance of mutual interests, seeing as contrary to all the bad-faith hubbub thrown about with utmost ignorance and contempt, the objective of the Pact of Steel is not solely to embargo legislation from the establishment. It is also our position that to speak of progress and cooperation is laughable when a monolithic construct exists in place to marginalize competent legislators and politicians in the Senate and ensure that the political environment is forever dominated by a petty grudge concerning not the welfare of the Confederation, but only the self-interested actions of the two parties within the establishment so concerned with perpetuating the grudge. Furthermore, it is a manifest reality that positive change simply cannot occur until the selfish bastion of establishment-party kakistocracy is destroyed by all means at the disposal of those who truly care about the Confederation, by which is meant the parties animated by new and radical ideas at the fringes of the Senate.

To try flattering the incumbent administration and the forces which support it in the Senate is to see revolutionary concepts bastardized by their indifference and to allow proper credit for those concepts to be stolen by hacks to further promote their creatively sterile organizations during the next round of elections.

Let us have a dagger between our teeth, a bomb in our hand, and an infinite scorn in our hearts.


The Federal Republic of Northumland

Senator Election in Northumland

George Tavington has won re-election by 49,391,570 votes.

This is the largest turn out in Northumland history with 135,704,864 votes.

Congratulations to Senator George Tavington on winning.

All elections have concluded.

We are making history-Northumland Times

Hail the Confederation

The Community of Zomocian Peoples Republic

A rising force has been revealed.
The underground Outted Zomocs People’s revolutionary army has declared the Zomocian Peoples Republic the successor state to Outted Zomocs.
However the Imperial Dictatorship is still around, and fighting for control.

Taken from The Socialist Times

Hail the Confederation

The Borisovian Regime of Depackya







The Socialist Peoples Republic of Daulmark

Presented By Alyosha Solkava

The Workers’ Party of Daulmārk is extremely proud to announce the completion of Daulmārk’s “Rupture Hydraulic”, the frictionless self-mobilising rotary piston that continues to turn without need for external powering! This new invention will be constructed at all of Daulmārk’s power plants into the motors and generators, for cleaner non-fossil fuel powered energy for our fatherland. Daulmārk will no longer be faced with the potential dangers of nuclear meltdown, or reliance on wind farms during calm weather. This is a great advance for our glorious nation!

Work Hard For The Benefit Of Our Glorious Nation, Comrades!
Work Twice As Hard Tomorrow Than You Did Today!

♪ national anthem instrumental ♪
Hail the confederation

The Republic of The Rebellion of Medici

The beginning of the end

City of Manea, Medici Sud, province of Baia, 10:58

The city was calm. The soldiers calmly patrolled the town's main square, where one of Di Ravello's gigantic statues sits enthroned. Most civilians go about their business. Loudspeakers broadcast propagandic messages to the glory of the General.

Then, suddenly, a truck explodes at the entrance of the city. The soldiers' radios broadcast the same message:

- To all units, visual explosion, need an assistance.

The soldiers rush to the site of the explosion. The street is calm. No civilians, just the crackle of the flames which ravage the carcass of the vehicle. The soldiers are confused.

Then, suddenly, shutters open and shots are fired. Blue jeeps appear on the outskirts of the streets. Bodies are falling. - To all units, need reinforcements, I repeat need reinforcements! The town of Manea echoes with gunfire. Smoke rises from some corner of the city. The rebels rush towards the military headquarters of the DRM militia. Helicopters stand in the way of the insurgents, they are mown down by the many bullets.

Then, appearing out of nowhere, a man, equipped with a grapple, grabs the helicopter and directs it towards the ground. It crashes in a noisy explosion. This man is Rico Rodriguez, the main figure of the rebellion.

Thanks to him, the rebels gained ground, then the DRM headquarters fell and the rebellion flag was raised to the applause of the civilians.
War is declared.

Hail the Confederation et Viva la Revolucion

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