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The Republic of Hubdova

The Free City of Nelson wrote:that's pretty nice! good luck!

Thanks :)

The Sun Never Sets on the Empire of Conch Kingdom

Cle Brait wrote:Hey there CK, your friendly Secretary of Roleplay here with some interesting news for ya'll. CK and Cape of Good Hope are planning an RMB Roleplay, if you're interested please contact through telegram United States of Gondor for more information. Hope to see you guys involved!

EDIT: How could I forget, here's the dispatch.

Hello Capers and CKers, I'm here to tell you a fantastic opportunity to participate in a cross-regional Role Play between The Cape of Good Hope and Conch Kingdom. This dispatch is a basic guide and will help answer basic questions about what will (or won't) be happening in this Role Play, as well as lay down some basic rules that will promote fairness and keep the Role Play real(ish), but not preventing fun and imagination.

What is it?
This Role Play will be different than others that some of us may have be apart of (I know for people in The Cape it'll be different) rather in just going in and figuring out the story as we go; the story will be set with only two or three possible end outcomes. The choices that are made in the Role Play will determine which ending is reached.

The main backdrop of the Roleplay is a disease is running rampant through both The Cape and CK, killing millions and no cure in sight. The choices each person makes to combat this disease will directly influence the end outcome. There will be political turmoil, scientific breakthroughs, horrible symptoms, mutations, and potentially a world completely devoid of people (if the wrong ending is reached). Rather than being competitive and trying to outdo one another in finding the cure first, we're going to be cooperative and try to find it together.

This will be most unfamiliar to The Capers, but here are some basic rules that this Role Play will follow:

1- The tech levels will be limited to current technology, so no spaceships or hyper advanced medical technology (glances at the Cape, as Conch Kingdom is confused)

2- The characters will be realistic (so no super-powers, or apparent super humans that seem to survive anything thrown at them.)

3- No immediately 'accidentally' or 'spontaneously' finding the cure (as this is not fun)

4- Once the Role Play starts, no one else can join.

5- While I can almost guarantee many of us aren't medical majors, try to keep the science mostly in line with irl medical science. Just to add a sense of realism

6- You must be not banned from either CK or CGH to participate

7- The moderators will be Me, United States of Gondor and Cle Brait

I hope that about 5 or 6 people from both the Cape and Conch Kingdom will want to participate. For a total of about 10-12 people. If more people join that is ok, and perfectly fine. I'm planning on the official start of the Role Play being in early March. (Exact date TBD)

What Disease Is It?
An interesting question was raised about what type of disease the RPers would be dealing with, I'm thinking a neurological disease. A neurological disease is a disease that attacks the nervous system, which is very bad: some irl neurological diseases and disorders include: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also called Lou Gehrig's Disease, Encephalitis, Myasthenia Gravis, and many more (also, feel free to look these up, they are really cool and disturbing) this will give everyone a good idea of what we will be dealing with. I may also craft a part of the disease that will affect the immune system, I'm just unsure as of right now.

Cape of Good Hope Participants
United States of Gondor
The Olivavan Union
North South North West Kansas

Conch Kingdom Participants
Suryadweep Islands
Socialist Platypus
Cle Brait

Read dispatch

Reposting again because it keeps getting buried by puppet spam (and discussion thereof). Please read!

The Chilling Empire of Cle Brait

Conch Kingdom wrote:Reposting again because it keeps getting buried by puppet spam (and discussion thereof). Please read!

Appreciate it!

The Antigone E A Jörmunr of Gibraltarica

I'd like to post this as Azell and I's congressional campaign!

Gibraltarica And Free Azell For Congress

You may know Azell as:
  • Current Delegate of Conch Kingdom

  • Former Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs

  • Founder of the United Regions Alliance

You may know Gibraltarica as:

  • The passage of this bill as the Congressional Code of Procedure

  • Experience, due process, and competence in the congressional procedure

  • A passage of a more comprehensive criminal and penal code

  • Election Security Law

  • State of Emergency Act

  • Holidays Act

  • Passage of a Constitutional Amendment addressing constitutional review of legislation

  • Elections start on March 1

  • From then until March 4, elections will be held for 6 Congressional Seats

  • Conch Kingdom uses a form of ranked voting call "Single Transferable Vote".

  • As such, you will rank candidates in order of preference

  • Rank Azell and Gibraltarica 1 and 2, or 2 and 1!

Read dispatch


Post by Quanzo never balan forever suppressed by Aelandi.

The Federal Republic of Liberto-Ancapistan

get a load of this guy



The Republic of Aelandi

Opentbad wrote:hi!!!!!!


The Pitbull-owned party island of Jossel

Aelandi wrote:hi

hey. . . like Pitbull?


if you a trapped in a cloud and your deaf what is the color of your house?

The Pitbull-owned party island of Jossel

Opentbad wrote:if you a trapped in a cloud and your deaf what is the color of your house?


The Dictatorship of Duby

Aelandi wrote:hi

If you're saying hi, does that mean you're far in the sky right now?

The Republic of Hubdova

Opentbad wrote:hi!!!!!!


The Antigone E A Jörmunr of Gibraltarica

Legislation: A guide for Candidates!

Hi, you’ve decided to run for the Conch Kingdom legislature. What will you be doing?

As the primary expert and co-author of the recent laws establishing the legislature, let me go through them!

Links to laws in question:

Section 1: Your duties: An Overview

Your duties in the legislature will be to write laws, propose them, debate on them, and vote on them.

Your first day in office will be a simple one: you will be presented with nominees for the Speaker, who will lead Congress in normal sessions, by the Speaker Pro-Tempore. You will vote on the nominees, unless there is only one, in which case he will be immediately elected.

The Speaker shall then proceed to request the bringing forth of founding bills of procedure. Here is currently the only draft of a proposal, written by Free Azell and I: page=dispatch/id=1494174

Once the bill of procedure is adequately discussed and modified, it will be voted on. After that, the normal legislative session begins. Here’s some things to look out for in the first session, assuming the passage of the proposal previously mentioned.

Section Two: Types of Bills

Here are all the types of Bills that can be proposed by you or a resident!
Petition to the Executive (including a specification of which Senior Minister(s) it is addressed to)
-A plea to the executive branch for action (e.g. the Prime Minister, MoDA, MoFA)
Petition to the Delegate
-A plea to the Delegate for action
Petition to the Monarch
-A plea to the Monarch for action
Bill of Impeachment
-A bill removing a member or members of Congress from their post
Constitutional Amendment
-A bill changing the Conch Creed
Operative Legislation
-Normal legislation, like you might see elsewhere
Legislative Amendment
-An amendment of existing operative legislation (should not be confused with a motion to amend)
Override of a Premieral Veto
-A reintroduction of an existing bill
Bill of Commendation
-A bill commending a resident, foreigner, organization, or region
Bill of Condemnation
-A bill condemning a resident, foreigner, organization, or region
Bill of Congressional Procedure
-A bill outlining internal congressional procedure

Section Three: How a Bill Becomes Law

Bills are presented either by citizens to legislators, or by legislators themselves. As a legislator, here is what you must do when a citizen presents you a bill (even if you are that citizen!):
You must confirm it is regular in form, per the procedure bill I mentioned (I can help you with this, if you are confused), and that it is constitutional (I can also help you with this), and competently and consistently written.
If it lacks in any of these qualities, you must state what is wrong with it, and tell the citizen what is wrong. You must do this within 24 hours of being presented to you.
If you don’t want to present the bill, you may tell the citizen that, but you must do it within 24 hours.
If you do want to present it, and you find it is consistent, constitutional, regular in form, and competently written, you must seal and identify the bill as such by creating a new dispatch with the bill’s text in it (using this template bill dispatch as an example).
Add a Legislative Identification Number (LIN) at the top of the bill, as such: your assigned prefix (The Speaker will give this to you), followed by which number of bill this is you have presented
Add a link to your nation at the top where you are asked for the congressional sponsor.
Add your signature at the bottom. This can be as simple as your nation name, or you can use an online signature maker (if you need help inserting this into a dispatch, let me know)
After that, present it to the speaker in #round_table in Discord.

After that, it’s out of your hands! It now goes to the Speaker. The Speaker will notify you of the bill’s order in the queue, and its new Congressional Resolution Number. This is called a “motion to present”

Once the bill is next in line to be presented, and its turn comes up, the Speaker must do one of two things immediately: table the motion (delay debate on it and return to it later), or subject it to debate immediately.

Debate may last up to three days. There may be a motion to amend your bill, which may be assented to either by you and the speaker, the author and the speaker, or a majority of Congress. In this case, the Speaker will change his version of the bill to reflect the amendment. Be sure if you are the amending party, you include your signature on a motion to amend.

After that, your bill will have 24 hours at vote, so be sure to vote on all resolutions! You will be asked to vote via poll.

If your bill passes the necessary threshold (usually a simple majority), the Speaker will declare it passed, and will send it to the Prime Minister for his approval.

If the Prime Minister vetoes the bill (does not approve of it), it will return to Congress and may be overridden (passed anyways) with a two-thirds majority. If he does approve of it, your bill is a law!

Section Four: Where, and when?

All votes, debate, and procedure occur in #round_table in the AA discord.

You will be given a calendar of days you are expected to be active in the legislature for the next month by the Speaker after his election. Expect to be voting on stuff, discussing, and debating!

Section Five: What special motions can you make as legislator?

You can, in addition to previously mentioned motions: Move to vote on a bill, move to debate a bill for additional time, move to adjourn Congress. The speaker must recognize these for them to pass.

Section Six: What are expectations for conduct?

Here is the mentioned code of conduct:
Legislators shall act respectfully towards all members of government in #round_table.
Legislators shall faithfully execute their duties under the law.
Legislators shall vote regularly.
Legislators shall participate regularly in discussions about bills.
Legislators shall not breach conduct of NationStates, Discord, or of the region.
Legislators shall be diligent in receiving legislation from and communicating about legislation with their constituents.

If you breach this code of conduct, you may be reprimanded.

Any further questions? Just ask me!

Read dispatch

A guide for all candidates for the legislature!

The Federal Republic of Liberto-Ancapistan

Gibraltarica and Free Azell would definitely be my first choices if Liberto-Ancapistan wasn't running. That guy's just on another level.

The Eco-Friendly Corponation of Kursibar

Hi. My name is Kursibar (or Plague [poundsignsixsixninertwo] if you pay attention to discord) and, as stated previously, am running for the position of legislator. I'll be honest with you, the citizens of Conch Kingdom: I am not experienced in law nor CK custom. I'm new here. This might cause some doubt amongst the folks who ought to know, but if I value anything, it's being up-front with possible constituents. Even this factbook is plain and without embellishment.

Now for the good part, where I sell you my better qualities.

I tend to vote on things with my head instead of my heart, and if anyone's ever heard me mutter about the state of the Security Council, you know that I have passion and a reasonably logical approach to legislature. If you haven't, well, consider that your warning. I have a real sense of...wanting what's best for this region, and I want to see our home prosper and run to the utmost best it can. If that can be achieved through lawyering and politicking, so be it. I'm here for you, fellow Conchers. I'll vote for laws that further our spirit of bonhomie and sense of good taste, such as legislation like the recent Bad Faith Posting act, or laws that would streamline our current set of legislature via amendment. In addition, I'll debate anything that needs refining to CK standards. And by the end, I may just have enough experience to write something, too.

Vote Kursibar at least rank 3 on March 1st for no-nonsense voting.

Read dispatch

And he posts a campaign. Why? To spread the news.

The Provincial Union of Werstonal

I forgot how chaotic and messy the RMB could be.

Opentbad wrote:if you a trapped in a cloud and your deaf what is the color of your house?

Ironically, sky blue. We call the colour "Nilakandi" where I come from.

The People's Republic of Hockeyyekcoh

What's the best green, is it world bench mark, or excellent or, what?

via Cape of Good Hope

The Revolutionary State of United States of Gondor

It's annoying getting requests to be in the RP from people who are banned
Also, Conch Kingdom has numerous enemies... whatever will they do?

The Holy Empire of GibmeMoney

What was Jalen guy spamming

via Cape of Good Hope

The Revolutionary State of United States of Gondor

GibmeMoney wrote:What was Jalen guy spamming

I don't know... all I know is I got asked by Bea Kand and Quanzo to be in the RP... I told tme no

The Kingdom of Nibelia

Duby wrote:Just because I finished RWBY season 4 just minutes ago, doesn't mean I'm a nerd. You nerd.

If you're just getting past vol 4 you've got some serious sht ahead of you

The Dictatorship of Duby

Nibelia wrote:If you're just getting past vol 4 you've got some serious sht ahead of you

I finished season 5 as well today, it is heavy but amazing stuff

The Democratic Republic of Trapaca

Hello Comrades

The Provincial Union of Werstonal

Trapaca wrote:Hello Comrades

Good morning/evening to you too, mx/mr/ms.

How's your day been?

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