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Founder: The Kingdom of Borduria6

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Largest Soda Pop Sector: 1,779th Largest Gambling Industry: 2,082nd Most Pro-Market: 2,422nd
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Once boasting of 230+ members, CAROLINGIA was captured by the stealth brigade commandos of 21st Bordurian Light infantry and converted to be the Imperial capital province of GENUA . It is now the seat of power and the administrative fountainhead of the sprawling empire of GENUA and houses the magnificent palaces and castles which are the diplomatic missions of the constituent nations.

OBERSTE FÜHRER & Reichskanzler : Kaiser of ✠ BORDURIAA

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    ✠ Reichssymbole of the Genuan Reich ✠

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    ✠ Genuan Colonies, Protectorates & Dominions ✠

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    The Anti-Communist Defense Siren

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    Guide to Carolingia

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    Meditations on the Subject of Potentialism

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    Carolingian Orders of Chivalry

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    Contemporary Carolingian History

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    Registry Backup

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Embassies: Genua, Sea of Okhotsk, The Atlas Union, Christians United, Union of Free States, Charlemagne, Aurelius, Conservadom, Aryan State, RED ARMY PRIDE, Taiwan Empire, The Comintern, Grand Union, Priory of Sion, Darul Islam, Islamic Comintern, and 134 others.Transcendence, The Sacred Order, The Defender Alliance, Sunni Islam, International Communist Party, Caliphate, NationStates Communist Party, Borduria, Communist Republics, United Soviet Socialist Republics, Pravda Rebirth, United Communist Nations, Leftist Interregional, Bolshevik Union, Leibstandarte, The Communist International, Islamic Illuminati, Islamic Caliphate, The Wolf Syndicate, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Alliance of Free Nations, Nysa, Nazi Hunter, The Union of Sovereign States, Asgardia, Great Soviet Socialist Republic, Islamic Union, Templar order, Slavya, Fascist Armed Forces, Islamic Extremists, Crusader States, World Union, Church Of Magdalene, Islam Worshipers, The Peoples Federation of Qandaristan, Arab Federation, The Malazan Empire, Unified coalition of nations, Empire Of Iran, The Communist Federation, Brotherhood of Muslim Nations, Bethel Park, The True Rebirth, Islamic Union of Free States, Teachings Of Islam, Christian Empire, The Empire Of United Nations, Muslim, Free Tibet, The Muslim Brotherhood, F R S S N, Leninist Union, ISSU, Democratic Social Union, Slavic Union, Indian Revolutionary Alliance, Judean League, Deutsches Kaiserreich, Union of Armed Nations, The United Right Wing States, Leftist Union, East Europe, Nazi Suprema, Union of Authoritarian Communists, Authoritarian Socialist League, The Chernobyl Union, Socialist Economic Union, German Democratic Republic, The Soviet Armed Forces, Arab World, Coalition Against the Ideology of Nazism, Jaipur, The Association of Imperialism, The Utopian Freesocialists, The Soviet Bloc, Communist America, United Kingdom of Britain and Eire, The Peoples Liberation Army, The Eagles Nest, THE UNITED SOVIET UNION OF COMMUNISM, Fascist Action, Union of Proletarian States, Marxist Union Treaty Organization, AntiFascist Union, World Communist Party, The Royal Knights, New Roman Empire, The Union of United Socialist Nations, New Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Zionism, Northern Democratic Union, Laotis, Antarctic Alliance, ISIL, The Communist Legion, NATO RESISTANCE MOVEMENT, The Liberals, LEON TROTSKY, Great German Reich, Muslim Rome, Syndicalist International, Muslims for Socialism, Fredonia, Sons of Islam, The Crimson Order, The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Viet Cong, Internationale, Allied Independent Nations, The Holy Empire of the Jihad, Crusaders, A Muslim Free World, Nationalsocializmus, Yerfilag, Communist World, Proletariat Coalition, The European Empire, The Islamic Confederation, Memeland, The Juche Order, Al Quds, The Maoist Communist Collective, New Britannian Empire, New Britannia, Capitol Alliance, Confederation Of Sovereign States, United Commonwealth Of Islam, Council Of Islamic States, Islamic Nations Of Nationstates, The Celtic Union, Order of Catholic Regions, The International Socialist Union, and Communist India.

Tags: Anti-Communist, Fascist, Imperialist, and Minuscule.

Carolingia contains 4 nations.


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The Most Beautiful Environments in Carolingia

World Census researchers spent many arduous weeks lying on beaches and trekking through rainforests to compile a definitive list of the most attractive and best cared for environments.

As a region, Carolingia is ranked 18,754th in the world for Most Beautiful Environments.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Shadow Stalkers of Weisse WolfswalderPsychotic Dictatorship“✠ For the Fatherland! Mein Mein Mein!”
2.The Kingdom of Borduria6Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“CoC Shall prevail”
3.The Republic of Christian dynastyFree-Market Paradise“...”
4.The Empire of OrigamyCorporate Bordello“Living for the nation”

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The Kingdom of Borduria6

Genuan troops stormed into the crumbling bastion of the Council of Islamic States, a terror stronghold of the UEI and decimated the opposing forces.
The population of the CoIS was persuaded to convert to the Church of Magdalene by the Crusader States of Genua.

via Genua

The Fascist Bordurian Reich of Numerous Currencies

Numerous Currencies wrote:Our former ally region, Union of third positionist associates, with whom we had an embassy CTEd. It was secured by Deutsches und Italienisches Kaiserreich before ANTIFA took it.

Due to the lack of military defense,by DIUK forces, this low value asset was taken over by the winter cultist.

The Kingdom of Borduria6

3 days 2 hours ago: The Idek of Chertone arrived from Lazarus

What brings here, dude?

via Genua

The Fascist Bordurian Reich of Numerous Currencies

So happy that we raided and beat the defenders to the major update in The ARAB LEAGUE !!
This Anti Fascist region has been destroyed.

The Idek of Chertone

Borduria6 wrote:3 days 2 hours ago: The Idek of Chertone arrived from Lazarus

What brings here, dude?

Oh, sorry for not responding, this is an alt! I had a friend in here once, and i never really left. This nation died and i came back.

The Kingdom of Borduria6

In the past few days we had a string of successful tag raids. After The Arab league, we took Soviet Union and Communist Assembly.

The Kingdom of Borduria6

The Shadow Stalkers of
Weisse Wolfswalder

The Idek of

Hope you are not Python or Xoriet. Lol.

The Idek of Chertone

Borduria6 wrote:The Shadow Stalkers of
Weisse Wolfswalder

The Idek of
Hope you are not Python or Xoriet. Lol.

I'm Loli County, from The Fish Tank.

via Genua

The Fascist Bordurian Reich of Numerous Currencies

Christian dynasty..

Tell us your story.

via Genua

The Fascist Bordurian Reich of Numerous Currencies

We struck at Genuan Rebirth and United Islamic Association and successfully tag raided them.

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