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    The Hutt Wars – A Series of Inter-Clan Conflicts

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    Grand Anjiliac Fleet | Granee Anjiliac Pankpa

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    Zabonda Anjiliac Gresta

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    The Kajidic

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Rogue Nation of Gordian ReachCorrupt Dictatorship“You have nothing to lose but your restraining bolts.”
2.The Oppressed Peoples of PriastheusMoralistic Democracy“Strength Through Freedom”
3.The Fiefdom of Kor NasiriiCapitalist Paradise“Let them marvel at our splendor”
4.The Borderlands of SiKlaata ClusterLeft-wing Utopia“All things pass in time.”
5.The Oppressed Peoples of Stygian-CalderaIron Fist Consumerists“Peace is a lie”

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Kor anjiliac

Hutt Wars




Decisive Anjiliac victory
    Zabonda the Hutt's criminal empire legitimized and expanded

    –Galactic borders encompassing the region of Hutt Space expanded

    –Desilijic severely reduced

    –Gejalli dissolved

    –Zann Consortium dissolved

•Hutt Space
•Mid Rim
•Outer Rim
•Wild Space


Various Hutt kajidics





Shell Hutts

Zann Consortium

Major Engagements
•Battle of C-Foroon
•Battle of Tatooine
•Battle of Ryloth


The Hutt Wars

Battle of C-Foroon

Gorga Desilijic Aarpo's Palace, C-Foroon




Decisive Anjiliac victory
    –Triellus Trade Route opened to Hutt Space

    –Planetary spice industry absorbed

•Outer Rim
    °C-Foroon System, Arkanis Sector



Battle of Tatooine

Skirmish in the Jundland Wastes


Late 4 ABY

4.9 ABY

Pyrrhic Anjiliac victory
    –Hutt rule reasserted on Tatooine

    –Local Tusken Raider tribes pacified by Anjiliac
    °Dune Sea trade and supply routes between major settlements secured

•Outer Rim
    °Tatoo System, Arkanis Sector




•Tusken Raiders

Read dispatch

Introductory post will be posted soon, within the coming day or two. The above dispatch is for reference as to the conflict taking place in the coming post.

Kor anjiliac

Post coming soon, a lot more has gone into it than originally intended.

Side note: If anyone would like to get in on RP, send me a telegram with a summary of your general idea. Get as creative as you'd like, but make sure to stay within the lore of the SW Expanded Universe, which heavily inspires this region all together.

Kor anjiliac

Late 4 ABY | Ryloth, Gaulus Sector—C-Foroon, Arkanis Sector, Outer Rim Territories

Perched upon the rocky cliffsides of Ryloth's sun-scorched Bright Lands, Zabonda's secluded spaceport-palace served as the ideal mobilization point for the Anjiliac clan's planned surprise assault on C-Foroon, a minor Desilijic stronghold in the Arkanis Sector sealing off the Triellus Trade Route, a vital hyperlane linking Ryloth and Tatooine to Hutt Space. In order to begin expansion efforts, the capture of C-Foroon was paramount to open up the Triellus Route and provide a reliable supply line suitable for drawing reinforcements from the clan's ancestral throneworld, Kor Anjiliac. Little by little, the cartel forces poured in with ships of all manner of shape and scale, an assembly of the Hutt's lieutenants and bounty hunters amassed in Zabonda's throne room all while final preparations were made for the invasion. The bulk of these forces, however, comprised of Hutt vassal species including Nikto, Vodran, Twi'lek, and Klatooinians serving as levies.

Flanked by his Quarren enforcer resting a hand on his shoulder slung targeting rifle, Zabonda observed the foot-soldiers and mercenaries before him, making note of them before calling the attention of the room with a robust cackle.

Zabonda Anjiliac Gresta: [Huttese] <"Ho ho ho ho ho, truly my kind of scum... Hardened and Ruthless. A providential time has come, the mighty Jabba is no longer and the Desilijic teeters on the brink of decontrol from it's many holdings. The Empire is slain, fractured into many enclaves while the New Republic remains preoccupied with it's pitiful remnants. Nothing stands in the way of my Eminence. Not today and not for centuries. Spread the glory of Zabonda throughout, kill many in my name.">

Raising blasters and vibro-axes in salute, they cheered on the Hutt's words with undying fealty, decongesting the throne room as the forces make way to their ships. One at a time, the hodge-podge assortment of starships departed the Palace, destined to convene in orbit above Ryloth. There, the Fleet would be strategically split into two major strike groups, one would remain in orbit, while the other would make for C-Foroon with the element of surprise on it's side. In a heavily-armed CEC Acklay-type light freighter, Bor'saja, the Anjiliac's fleet commander, Bontoma Nehar, spearheads the planetary invasion. Powering up hyperdrive systems, comm channels were abuzz with chatter as the formation led through the jump to hyperspace.

Tap Point, C-Foroon

A relatively short journey to the infamous "Spice Triangle", upon reaching the coordinates, the starships instantaneously poured out of hyperspace behind the Bor'saja, amassing the strike group promptly above C-Foroon's undefended orbit. On the planet's forested surface, however, the arrival of the Anjiliac Fleet was neither expected nor prepared for. With no true city-structures much of any kind, the planet was dotted by smuggler's outposts and shadowports that encompassed local spice mining projects. Long before the Desilijic clan forcefully recovered C-Foroon from the control of Gardulla Besadii the Elder around 1 BBY, it served as the Besadii throneworld and the kajidic's major source of income via spice exports. Not only did it serve as the Triellus Route's gateway to Hutt Space, but profits derived from the planet's spice industry would prove invaluable toward driving the war effort, pleading further case to it's overall strategic pertinence.

Once the Anjiliac ships began to break atmosphere, they daunted ever closer to striking distances against one of few major settlements scattered throughout the forbidding forest world, known to smugglers simply as "Tap Point", a large refueling platform situated in the planet's northeast. On the ground, nothing seemed out of ordinary, only until the sky was seemingly blotted out beneath the shadows cast by the vessels descending from orbit. Upon realization of the imminent assault, the Desilijic forces scrambled to put fighters to the air, though their efforts proved too little and too late as the strike group of various starships closed in. Electronic warfare equipment aboard Rappa's flagship, Oom-avah, a Rendili Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser, thwarted all attempts to warn nearby outposts of the impending doom with the employment of a communications scrambler. As a batch of Desilijic scout fighters made flight, the Minstrel-class Space Yacht, Khema, serving in lieu of close support, placed itself directly between the incoming enemy fighters and the flagship, Oom-avah, opening up with an array of suppressive medium turbolaser fire. During the maneuver, six Z-95-AF4 Headhunters attached to the Minstrel-class yacht's complement were dispatched to interdict, ensuing a dogfight to herald the invasion.

Meanwhile, Bor'saja, having managed to slip through the oncoming fighter sortie lumbered closer toward the surface while the main strike group's advance was temporarily slowed by the aerial resistance. While the station's fighters were tied further up in the atmosphere, it was left virtually defenseless once Bor'saja approached for a daring attack run. The Acklay-type gunship's dual turbolaser cannons make short work of enemy ground units, completely exploding persons off their feet with a devastating sweep. After it's initial run, the gunship swiftly makes an about-face, lining up for another attack until a storm of starfighter debris began falling from low atmosphere, crashing across the refueling platform and surrounding area. There could be nothing more telling of the enemy's fate than to be bombarded by the scorching scraps of their own defeated ships, falling debris attributing to further carnage below. With the skies now clear of the aerial sortie dispatched by the Desilijic, four VAAT/e ferrying Anjiliac enforcers descended from the Oom-avah, which decidedly remained in the troposphere, serving as the strike group's command ship.

The formation of VAAT/e dropships touched down on the refueling platform with little, if at all, enemy contention, landing their onboard personnel instructed to secure Tap Point. As they had arrived, however, the last of the defenders were already making way down to the hangar level. Steamrolled by the Anjiliac's unstoppable onslaught, the Desilijic stragglers broke out from the hangar in a formation of various swoop bikes escorting an AV-21 landspeeder in the direction of another nearby settlement, Hethu Station, some miles due east of Tap Point, escaping into the brushland. Just as quickly as they had arrived, the Anjiliac invasion formed it's foothold on C-Foroon with the capture of Tap Point. With the platform now completely secured, it opened up to serve as the ground headquarters of the invasion, becoming host to a schedule of transport landings offloading personnel and surface craft to the station. Over the course of the next few hours, a wide range of repulsorcraft were ferried to Tap Point from the Dreadnaught-class cruiser in preparation for an offensive on Hethu Station including a number of SoroSuub Flash Speeders, Gian heavy patrol speeders, Bantha-II cargo skiffs, Sienar Fleet Systems Ultra-Light Assault Vehicles (ULAV), and a few Ubrikkian-Ord Pedrova WLO-5 repulsortanks. These craft would serve to support infantry and improve their mobility during the ground advance while supported by a wing of Z-95-AF4 Headhunters, inserted to maintain the air superiority.

Hethu Station, C-Foroon

After taking a few hours to ferry and mobilize adequate enough force from the flagship, Oom-avah, roughly 3,000 personnel and at least 200 repulsorcraft are deployed on the ground. Among those coalesced at Tap Point, a scratch force of 800 poise for the assault on nearby Hethu Station, a starship repair yard doubling as a Desilijic security outpost due in part to it's strategic locationing between the major spice operations and Tap Point as the local refueling well. Now that it was under Anjiliac control however, the chokehold they established was already being felt by the enemy, having lost their only on-world fuel depot. The detachment bound for Hethu Station rode with confidence, believing the hard part was mostly over. Many believed, even, that upon their arrival, the Desilijic's forces would simply surrender in face of such a grand threat. The amalgamation of landspeeders traveled at high speeds, nurturing a large dust cloud in their wake visible for miles.

Peering through a set of MB450 macrobinoculars, the lookout at Hethu Station signaled the attention of the local Hutt lieutenant, Dhassc. Menacingly adorned in Wookie furs and bone fragments, the Trandoshan takes the binoculars and sees the trouble for himself, though he only remains deftly silent, prompting the lookout to beg his response.

Desilijic lookout: [Huttese] <"Your order?">

Dhassc: "Fire up the enginessssss."

Desilijic lookout: [nodding] "Tagwa lorda..."

Upon order, the forces at Hethu Station, having amassed inside, ignite a series of engines beneath the station itself, chucking away rock and dirt as repulsor systems come to life, uprooting the entirety of the structure, revealing the stronghold to actually be an Ubrikkian Floating Fortress, fitted with several rail-mounted Gi/9 antipersonnel blaster cannons and able to support hundreds of passengers. While the Anjiliac force drew near, they could see the fortress rising in the distance, though alarming a sight, they press onward. As they closed in, a glint shined from the floating platform's command tower, only to be followed up by a series of precise blasts that managed to land multiple targets. The Trandoshan wielded a DLT-19X targeting blaster to deadly effect, mercilessly sending heavy bolts down range at the imminent invasion, watching through his scope as bodies are launched off speeders with every shot. The invaders eventually get into range, however, hitting back with a kick of combined firepower until both sides end up exchanging indiscriminate volleys of red bolts. Casualties mounted substantially on each side as bodies plummeted off the side rails of the floating fortress, and equally the attacking speeders collide amongst one another as dying pilots lose control.

Soon enough, the Anjiliac forces make it within close distance of the repulsor platform, SoroSuub Flash Speeders and WLO-5 Repulsortanks open up with their hood-mounted heavy laser cannons on the Ubrikkian fortress' repulsorlift engines. With each shot, the anti-gravitational systems weakened and waned, slowly forcing the floating platform back down. As it scaled toward the ground, the sortie of Z-95-AF4 Headhunters descended upon the fortress, devastating it with proton torpedos and laser cannon strikes in a final series of debilitating attack runs. Explosions rocked the fort and intense fires quickly overtook it's various decks, scorching to death those within. The behemoth slumped back to the surface with a hearty eruption, a thick barrel of smoke and dust overtaking the crash site. Climbing down the fortress' command tower, the now beleaguered Dhassc grieved the vessel he once enjoyed as a personal hunting platform to track spice mine runaways. The Trandoshan informs nearby outposts of the assault via a personal communicator device.

Dhassc: "We're under attack, inform the palace-sssssss... I regret to mention, Hethu S-ssssssstation is down."

In the commotion, Dhassc made a break for the station's shipyard where a Shad'ruu War Barge, the formidable vessel commissioned to an anonymous bespoke ship manufacturer personally by Jabba Desilijic Tiure, awaited his escape. Instead, a Flash Speeder restricted his path to the barge and halted the Trandoshan square in his tracks. Raising his DLT-19X targeting blaster, Dhassc railed the speeder and it's occupants with heavy blasts as their return fire merely glances the Trandoshan's rough scales while making headway against them, seeming he may just manage to escape only until a fibercord whip overtook the hunter from behind, binding both arms to their sides as the rifle hit the ground, ending the rampage. His attempts to break through the whip were to little avail, he was captured whether he liked it or not, and now so was the Shad'ruu. Among other spoils of war, several unique  single-manned airhooks used by Gardulla the Elder's militia sometime during the Clone Wars.

Gorga Desilijic Aarpo's Palace, C-Foroon

Formerly of Gardulla Besadii the Elder, the Palace on C-Foroon was constructed originally by the Besadii kajidic when the planet became the clan's throneworld. Today, however, it serves as Gorga Desilijic Aarpo's personal estate when traveling to the planet, a monument to it's usurpation by the Desilijic during the Galactic Civil War. Though the throne room sits empty, the Palace maintains a rigorous guard attache at all times as rumor suggests the wealth of two ancestral Hutt clans are stored within a grand vault secure behind the Palace walls. Aside from holding a portion of vast riches from both the Besadii and the Desilijic, the Palace was the last defensible stronghold as most of all else were the spice mines, the pre-fabricated slave barracks accompanying them, and a company of guards to maintain productivity. The Palace, seemingly, was the only thing standing in the way of C-Foroon's annexation into the Anjiliac sphere.

The inevitable could not be stopped, the invading forces not only arrived better prepared, but even better equipped. Nothing on the planet currently could curtail the assault, only merely slow it down and hamper it, proving a somber revelation to the defenders. Due to the events at Hethu Station, however, the Palace was made aware of the attack, buying them vital time to set up adequate perimeter defenses. All while, the Palace's armory is sealed tight behind a dual-set of heavy blast doors, along with many other parts of the structure, including the throne room, servant's quarters, and guest wings, all sealed by grated doors instead, with the intent to cut off access to various areas. Apart of the defending guard attache, several Gamorreans manned the main entryway, flanked by two nests of E-Web heavy repeating blasters fixtured on tri-pod mounts. While standing sentry, they anticipated the enemy's arrival, though had little semblance of when or how intense they were to come.

Off in the distance, however, the sound of starship engines roared faintly toward them though they failed to spot the source of the distinctive sound, even with their eyes fixed skyward. Shrouded behind dense cloud coverage, a CEC VCX-700 heavy courier, Kluaxi, and it's lone escort, Oo-Ta Goo-Ta, maintained their approach as the sole forces dedicated to the capture of Gorga's Palace. Aboard Kluaxi, a seven-man team of the galaxy's finest scum, hand-picked by Rappa to lead an unyielding assault on the well-fortified Palace, made necessary equipment checks as scanners indicate their approach upon the designated coordinates. The five passengers, including Kluaxi's Gran pilot, Tireed Kheim, encompassed the ground team tasked with landing and fracturing the Palace security from the inside, all while Chordak, a Rodian and seventh member of the team provided aerial assistance from the cockpit of his heavily-modified YT-1300 light freighter, Oo-Ta Goo-Ta. A gifted pilot and ship modder, Chordak boasted his custom-built freighter as the fastest in the Minos Cluster, earning him quick attention in the Hutt underworld after claiming it has even made the Balmorra Run. A ship and pilot of this caliber were well sought by the Hutt clans seeking to tip the balance of their inter-species feuds, those on the opposing ends would soon come to see why.

Emerging out of cloud cover, the starship duo caught their first glimpse of the Palace. Once within sight, they find themselves narrowly dodging fire from the ground as the E-Web cannons opened up with an array of heavy blasts sending toward the sky. Kluaxi retaliated with two concussion missiles, thrusting forth from their bay, exploding each of the mounted guns and sending the Gamorrean sentries into a frenzy, squealing in terror while escaping the blaze of fire caused by the concussive blasts. The VCX-700 avoided landing at the main gate, knowing all too well the bulwark lying in wait within, opting for the rear palace entrance, quickly but skillfully touching down, Kluaxi's exit hatch burst open before her engines even powered off. The small infiltration team of six poured out, blasters drawn only to find the rear palace blast door sealed, nobody guarding it. The enemy, outnumbered and desperate, locked themselves within, prepared to defend as long as they could hold out.

Prepared precisely for this such situation, the infiltration team had it's dedicated field slicer, Mujik Bendrep, a Salt-addicted Arcona who was exceedingly talented at what he did, slicing terminals and hacking the HoloNet was what Lorda paid him for most. Rappa's top lieutenant, Tireed Kheim led the team to the rear palace doors and secured the access terminal, the Gran confidently brandished a DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle with one arm as it balanced slung over the right shoulder. As Bendrep prepared to work the terminal, Kheim brought a commlink to his face and communicated current status to Chordak, reconning the Palace from the Oo-Ta Goo-Ta above.

Tireed Kheim: [Huttese] <"This is infiltration team, we're in position.">

Chordak: [Huttese] <"Copy loud and clear. Preparing to jam all outgoing Palace communications. Standby.">

As Chordak circled overhead within comfortable range, all outbound communications of any sort within a mile radius were jammed by his onboard signal. Though now the infiltration team too was in the dark, an automated signal had already been delivered to an auxiliary landing party of Anjiliac reinforcements, having yet to arrive from the staging base at Tap Point. Their objective now was getting through the daunting Palace doors, proving difficult even for the most seasoned slicer, though not impossible. Despite the time-consuming nature, Bendrep's efforts finally pay off as the door groans and squeals it's way upward, revealing only a shadowy hall within. The dark realm that lied in wait was unappealing to all but Zir'teen Tassah, a rogue Defel blastfighter hired for his species most practical abilities, aside his tendency toward aggression. The bestial-natured Zir'teen sniffed the pheromones radiating from inside the palace, providing him with information of exactly how many beings are inside and their respective species. Drawing him to the darkness, the Defel unholstered his pair of Merr-Sonn "Quick-6" sporting blasters and entered, the others in tow.

Without any sense or notice, a single blaster is discharged from the furthest end of the hall, sending down directly at the Gran, Tireed Kheim, as the Defel seemingly disappears into the shadows. Taking to the ground for cover, not a moment afterwards the single shot was followed up by a complete overwhelm of suppressive fire against the infiltrators. The remaining members of the team, two Mandalorians, Jetim Cussarn and Kreth Udi, spring to action, returning fire back into the Palace. Rappa's Lieutenant, Tireed, regains his footing and delivers heavy covering fire as the Mandalorians rush on ahead, taking each flank. The Gran squeezed the trigger, unleashing full-automatic hell while the rifle's buttstock recoiled into his forearm, covering Kreth as he lobbed a flash detonator as far down the hall as he could. Once the device spent, those within were rendered utterly blind by the bright flash that emitted, even at some distance the flash scalded eyes with intensity. As they rushed inside the Palace, the Desilijic guards were picked off with prejudice, each member of the team shooting at the small defensive threshold leading toward the throne room, including an automated E-Web cannon that proved formidable while it lasted. A few survivors manage to retreat and lock a grated door behind them, pacing down the hallway as the Anjiliac team catch up too late, angrily sending red bolts to their backs through the door gating.

Before the runners were completely out of sight, some stopped and began to return fire at the infiltration team as the Arcona serviced the door's terminal, inserting a variety of hacked code cylinders to the key ignition. After sequencing through three cylinders, the grated door opened with a fizz and the five of them make chase toward the throne room until the sound of blaster exchange from the direction ahead slowed their advance. Upon arrival, the scene before them was difficult to comprehend, an unseen force killed the remaining palace guards holed up in the throne room, having believed they were safe from the intrusion only to find they had been gravely mistaken. Some killed by blaster, others, however, left mauled and maimed, unrecognizable. Judging by the carnage left behind, the team knew what, or rather, who, was responsible.

Jetim Cussarn: "The Defel..."

Kreth Udi: "You know what they say, it's always the quiet ones. Let's just pray he's not so hopped on bloodlust that he's gone rogue."

Tireed Kheim: "Don't worry about him, we have our objective. The enemy retreated to the palace armory, they regroup their defenses there. Now, we just hold the throne room until reinforcements arrive."

Kreth: (Sarcastically) "Sure thing, boss."

Tireed Kheim: "There's a reason I was hand-picked by Lord Rappa to lead this mission, not you, Mandalorian!"

Jetim Cussarn: "We can argue about leadership when we're done here. See the mission through before you start to boast."

The Gran pridefully scoffed away Cussarn's rebuttal, simply returning to his unerring sense of duty. Unlike the others on the team, this wasn't just 'another job' to Kheim, who was genuinely proud to serve his Lorda, unlike the mercenary scum he found himself alongside. Subsequently, his loyalty earned him more than most ever had within a Hutt's court, rising as one of the Anjiliac clan's top Lieutenants. Though he distrusted the mercenaries, and their intentions, Tireed had little choice other than to rely on them to see this through and as they awaited their reinforcements to arrive, the rumble and clamor of the Palace hangar bay doors broke the tension as they all realized something was happening.

Tireed Kheim: "They're trying to launch starfighters... To the hangar, quickly!"

Racing down to the Palace hangars, sunlight peaks through the actively opening bay doors as two MandalMotors M3-A "Scyk" attack fighters ascend and prepare to jettison. The team could only take fruitless pot shots at the ships as they charged forth from the Palace hangar station. In the air, the fighters honed in on the unsuspecting Oo-Ta Goo-Ta, luckily however, onboard scanners picked up the two blips before they could reach effective combat ranges. While the M3-A Scyk's gained, Chordak initiated the YT-1300's custom-retrofit automated targeting systems that allow the ship's cannons to work autonomously with specifications adjusted by pilot. The freighter's three KYD Sol-Mk. VI ion engines picked up incredibly, sending the Oo-Ta Goo-Ta off at speeds unmatched, forcing Chodrak to cut the comm-jam signal and focus on piloting maneuvers.

Chordak: [Huttese] <"I've got two fighters tailing me, I had to terminate the jam signal so communications are back up. Infiltration team, what's your status, how copy?">

Tireed Kheim: [Huttese] <"This is infiltration, we read you. The throne room is secure and the enemy has fallen back to the Palace armory for a final defensive posture. We await reinforcements to conduct the final sweep.">

Chordak: [Huttese] <"Copy. I think I see your reinforcements now...">

As this was relayed, a CSS-1 Corellian Star Shuttle, Ji'Nooma, lumbered through the sky, slowing significantly as she prepared to touch down beside Kluaxi, dwarfing the VCX-700 in comparison, near the rear palace gate. Before making the descent, Chordak performed swift barrel-rolls and even Immelmann turns at atmospheric speeds as high as 850kph while the pair of M3-A's rigorously pursued his YT-1300 all while taking fire from it's auto-turrets. Proving the adequate distraction to allow safe landing for the unarmed CSS-1 transport, the shuttle depressurized with an assortment of hisses and groans, various hatches opened up allowing the some 200 passengers to offboard, rallying outside the rear entrance. There, they regroup with the infiltration team who in turn receive a much needed re-up on supplies while they coordinate their combined forces and plot their advance, taking what advantages they could during this rare lull in the fighting.

Surrounding a small, portable hologram interface displaying a detailed map and floorplan of the Palace, Tireed Kheim briefs several other Hutt lieutenants, getting them up to speed on the situation and familiarized with the layout, emphasizing specific choke points across the Palace. During the briefing, Kheim noted two entrances leading to and from the armory, the defender's bastion. In contrast with the much larger throne room, the armory was  well-supplied and defensible, especially suited for an outnumbered force. Inside, the enemy lied in agonizing wait, banking that the two armory entrance ways were cut off from one another by the Palace's active security protocols.  Little did they know, the Arcona, Mujik, was already slicing the security mainframe intending to lift the protocol. Actively experiencing onset symptoms of Salt withdrawal however, Mujik became unfocused and irritable with his work, setting the offensive back each time he made a mistake. The minutes dragged on and Bendrep tirelessly worked the lock-tight security for results, something, anything at this rate. Frustrated, the Arcona even tried scaling down to focusing on just one door, still to no avail.

After nearly two hours, Tireed payed the Arcona a brief visit. Getting his attention, the Gran tosses something at him, Mujik catches it into one hand, revealing in his palm a small vial filled with the addict's drug of choice, Sodium Chloride. Fixturing a faint grin while glancing at him, the Arcona simply nodded in approval. Tireed nodded back, and without a word, the Gran continued down the hallway. By this point, patiences were running thin, most of these grunts just wanted to get this over with, the last thing standing in the way of this planet's conquest was this minute vestige of guards. Cutting the tension, the Palace doors unexpectedly began to open before them. Within the armory, the defenders found themselves entirely caught off guard once the doors began their sequences on each side of the room. Springing to action, many of the Desilijic palace guards, those of whom not wounded, man their stations along crude barricades fixtured with furniture, tables, anything that could be found. With two-layer blast doors, the much heavier exterior door lumbered opened first and once complete, the second door fizzed open in an instant as indiscriminate blaster fire began to drop bodies dead on either side. Funneling in, the main Anjiliac force tried blitzing it's way into the armory, only to be gunned down in number by the palace guards and their E-Web cannons, forcing a tactical retreat in order to regroup, recoordinate, and flank. Though the attacking forces sustained heavy losses initially, the second wave would now have a better advantage dealing with a softened defense and a new strategem at play. The Anjiliac forces would break off into two formations, each would both attack and then unexpectedly retreat to cause unnerving effect on the enemy, forcing them to anticipate which flank they'd sustain fire from.

The Anjiliac units poised themselves in the halls outside the armory entrances for the two-pronged offensive. Several bodies lined the door frame on the flank where the first rush was attempted, that unit began first, feinting that they were yet again going to funnel from one end instead of utilizing both. Just as the first flank began to retreat, the second flank  immediately pushed, opening fire upon the defender's backs at perfect timing, slaughtering a handful of Palace guards before the second flank too pulled back. Then, in a cascade of blaster fire, the first flank rushed back in, hailing the defender's stockade with everything they had, and, before long, each flank began to keep the pressure up on both sides, chiseling out the defense with staggering results. Despite the intensity of return fire from the devastating E-Webs, the Palace guards were summarily routed, leaving very few survivors once the smoke created by the exchange of blaster fire had cleared, those that did were confirmed dead with a swift follow-up shot, following Rappa's orders to complete expectation. No survivors, only casualties.

As mop-up operations in and around the Palace grounds metastisize into the complete eradication of the Desilijic clan presence on C-Foroon, this leaves only the Anjiliac to reap in the spoils of battle. Starfighters, speeders, vibro-weapons, blasters, laser cannons, more airhooks, and even explosive ordinances, all uncovered in the wake of victory, all to now fuel the cousin's newfound war efforts which, thus far, has failed to reach the rest of the Galaxy beyond the forsaken Outer Rim. With Imperial Remnant factions and the fledgling New Republic seemingly playing Dejarik across the varying diverse regions of space, news of some Hutt Rim-world conflict from it's most far-flung reaches proved little more than a far cry to the Galaxy at large. Disingenuously, this would only allow the Hutt War to continue rampaging unchecked all while Zabonda's fleet above Ryloth already plots course for Tatooine.



Mid-Late 4 ABY | Theed, Naboo, Naboo System, Chommell Sector

Struggling to match up with a rapidly changing galaxy around them, Naboo scrapes itself up from the ashes of the Galactic Civil War, and the subsequent fracture of the Empire into several factions, cliques, and warlord fiefs comprising the Imperial Remnant. Having lent it's full support behind the Galactic Empire and it's Naboo-born Emperor Palpatine, the system was host to hundreds of thousands of Imperial personnel at the height of the civil war. As a result, the planet's traditional Monarch, Queen Dalné, was belayed to merely a ceremonial figurehead, whilst all executive power was exercised through the venerable Royal Captain turned Imperial Grand Moff, Quarsh Panaka, incumbent Imperial Governor of Naboo throughout much of the early years of the Galactic Empire. The 'Amidalan' resistance group led by a triumvirate of former, now defected RNSF Captains, Ric Olié, Gregar Typho, and Rayce Tonra, ruthlessly assassinated Governor Panaka on the nearby moon of Onoam, however, bringing about an end to an era of order, peace, and economic advancement triumphed in the wake of Imperial loyalty. As 3 BBY chronicled the subsequent death of the Governor, the Panaka family and name maintained it's presence within Naboo's affluent, aristocratic political circles. While wealthy statesmen preferred to maintain the status quo, many other Naboo hailing from lower caste in society, however, yearned for reform. Though, it would only take time until they would receive it.

After the Second Death Star exploded above Endor, everything changed. From the grunts serving faithfully in Her Highness' Royal Security Forces, to the market tradesmen, or even the rurally displaced farmer, Imperial rule collapsed before their very eyes less than eight standard years after the death of Governor Panaka. In it's wake, Panaka's government was replaced by a hollow transitional government that ruled inefficiently and sought to indenture the planet to the fledgling New Republic. Reflecting his father's cynical, yet efficient mindset of the need for Naboo to field a Grand Army, Captain Tantyl Panaka, a decorated Security Guard Officer in the Royal Naboo Security Forces, gathered the personnel under his command, including several other Staff Officers, and led them to seize the many Royal Government Administration Offices, the Senate Hall, and, most notably, Theed Palace. Several of Her Highness the Queen's Royal Palace Guards were disarmed and detained upon seizure of the Palace, all without firing a single shot. Whatever chance Queen Dalné's transitional government had at reestablishing it's seat within the Galactic Senate on Coruscant and assuming full control of Naboo as a New Republic constituent system, was now at a complete loss by means of a bloodless coup. Unfortunately for her, more RNSF Officers chose to join the coup, than chose to abstain or put an end to it. Even the detention of the Royal Palace Guards by coup forces meant little more than formality.

The morning after the coup, Queen Dalné, is awoken from her sleep to find her chamber doors flanked by Royal Security Guards in their signature royal yellow uniforms, brandishing Corellian Arms CR-2 heavy blaster pistols, out of place considering weapons were not permitted within the Queen's Chambers. Before long, Tantyl Panaka appeared on holograms in cities across the planet, in  Theed, Moenia, and Keren, blue hologram images of Tantyl Panaka in full Royal military regalia spawned from public holocommunication terminals, interrupting all other streams, planetwide, to relay.

Tantyl Panaka: "Fellow citizens, this is Captain Tantyl Panaka. The patriotic forces under my command have ousted the previous government and seized control of the Royal Capital. I call upon the men and women of the Naboo, all patriotic citizens to stand with the Royal Security Forces as we fight against injustice and corruption, your cries and pleas were heard and we have acted, taking the ultimate gamble for the sake of reform. You shall have fair, free elections and a democratic society, without intervention from the New Republic, it shall be forged on the back of this very revolution, a model example applicable to systems across the galaxy.

Until democratic elections can held, I serve you, great citizens, as acting Governor of the Naboo. Further in that regard, our new government seeks to forge close bonds between the people and the Security Forces with the establishment of the Naboo Authority as a government of necessity, with strong, capable, and efficient leadership.

Effective immediately, the following appointments have been made in the Royal Naboo Security Forces:

Captain Siles Olié, Chief-of-Staff, Royal Space Fighter Corps

Captain Aynza Terrill, Chief-of-Staff, Royal Security Guard

Commander Merin Dulios, Chief-of-Staff, Royal Palace Guard

Captain Warn Hulom, Wing Commander, Bravo Flight

Your cooperation and support are not only paramount to our efforts here today, but to the future of this now truly independent system. Rising above the New Republic's propaganda and the absence of the Galactic Empire, the proud Naboo will ultimately prosper from it's own, by it's own. The dawn of a new era is shining through."

As the planetwide communique ended, throughout the city squares of Theed, and other cities, Security Guardsmen and Seraph-class urban landspeeders congest the ornate streets, emboldened by the speech of their superior, Captain Panaka, mastermind of the military uprising. As the brisk early morning turned sunny and bright, a wing of N-1 Royal Starfighters flies at cruising speeds in vee formation above Theed Palace, asserting the command presence of the new Authority with their flyover. They controlled the ground, the skies, orbit, and everything else within the star system beyond, and it was made clear with such a display of dense military presence within the major cities, but almost especially in the Royal Capital. Later that evening, a grand firework show drew families out in celebration of the change promised, the chance at a new beginning.

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