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Most Authoritarian: 495th Most Conservative: 1,845th Most Ignorant Citizens: 2,103rd+1
Most Extreme: 2,375th
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This region is dedicated to the now retired members of The Aryan Army, and other players who stood their ground in a place that did not wanted people to have some fun and at the same time be proud of their lineage and culture.
And specially dedicated to players like Uberdan, Hesse, Aryan Shields, Australian Skinheads, and all those amazing people wich i shared so many funny moments.

We are dedicated to the survival,expansion and advancement of the White Race through the promotion of National Socialism,White Nationalism,Pan-Aryanism and many other worthy ideologies.

Embassies: The American Wasteland, Oneid, White Salvation of America, Genua, The United Nations of the Caribbean, Estado Novo, and The Great Universe.

Tags: Conservative, Fascist, Neutral, Serious, Small, and Totalitarian.

Aryan Resistance contains 6 nations, the 3,278th most in the world.


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The Most Primitive in Aryan Resistance

Nations were ranked by World Census officials based on the number of natural phenomena attributed to the unknowable will of animal-based spirit gods.

As a region, Aryan Resistance is ranked 9,771st in the world for Most Primitive.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of Darth RactusNew York Times Democracy“Unity, Discipline, Work”
2.The Super-Festung of Flakturm 02Psychotic Dictatorship“Resisting the red menace”
3.The Aryan Supremacy of Mecha BavarianPsychotic Dictatorship“I call the living, I mourn the dead, I repel lightning”
4.The Super-Festung of Flakturm 01Psychotic Dictatorship“Resisting the red menace”
5.The Unaufhaltsame Kraft of Landkreuzer P 1000 RatteFather Knows Best State“Super Tank”
6.The Super-Festung of Flakturm 03Psychotic Dictatorship“Resisting the red menace”

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The Unaufhaltsame Kraft of Landkreuzer P 1000 Ratte

Dont know who are those people

The Unaufhaltsame Kraft of Landkreuzer P 1000 Ratte

At this point i am not sure if you suppress my posts just because you found them offensive, because you can or because you are bored.
Also did they invited you to invade Coalition of Facist Nations?
Maybe the invitation was lost in the mail.

The Unaufhaltsame Kraft of Landkreuzer P 1000 Ratte

Welcome to the new people.

The Motorized Panzergrenadiers of The Pruthuanian Guard Division No 1
The Unaufhaltsame Kraft of Landkreuzer P 1000 Ratte

Just trying to be nice.

The Unaufhaltsame Kraft of Landkreuzer P 1000 Ratte

The Pruthuanian Guard Division No 1 wrote:Vroom vroom beep beep
Kirov Blimp Airship
Tactical Marine no22
right time was 30 min ago.
you absolute plonkers

Did you really needed to say that in public? What a lousy commander.

The Aryan Supremacy of Mecha Bavarian

That was a fun week. Not the kind of party that i wanted, but still.


The North Baltic Empire of Pruthuania

That was a weird raid.

The Aryan Supremacy of Mecha Bavarian

As time passes, the tell of World War 2 is narrated more and more like a Saturday Morning Cartoon, and hiding and forgetting that the "forces of good" allowed and even promoted horrendouse behaviors to their soldiers.
The mainstream banker-backed propaganda is happy to tell about the war crimes of the soviets, but what about the ones that happened in the western front. Crimes commited against their own allies?
What we have is only, silence, shame and impunity.

Explosive new book:

-Debunks myth that the ‘GI were manly and always behaved well’
-By 1944 women in Normandy ‘filed complaints about rapes by US soldiers’
-Debauchery, lawlessness and institutional racism are chronicled in book
-Penned by Mary Roberts, a history professor at the University of Wisconsin
-Veterans Affairs rep says there is ‘no way’ to reprimand the U.S. soldiers
-Comes just after Sexual Assault Prevention Month in the U.S., where the military is under fire for string of high-profile assault cases
-Japanese politician also just claimed that American soldiers used their women as ‘sex slaves’ during WWII

UPDATED: 00:46 GMT, 30 May 2013

Swapping stockings for kisses and teaching girls how to jive, American GIs were meant to be a welcome ray of sunshine in war-torn Europe.

But a new book has revealed the dark side of Europe’s liberation after the Second World War.

Professor Mary Louise Roberts, from the University of Wisconsin, said within months of D-Day ordinary French women came to fear their American ‘liberators’.

American soldiers seen here (who are not related to the book’s content) disembarking from Coast Guard landing craft at the shores of Normandy. In an explosive book, Roberts claims that some soldiers terrified French citizens.

The professor said previous historical research on the subject paid little attention to this ‘dark side’ of Europe’s liberation. The people in this picture are not related to the book’s content

She tells how, by the summer of 1944, large numbers of women in Normandy filed complaints about rapes by US soldiers.

And their arrival prompted a wave of crime all over France, with American soldiers caught committing robberies and petty thefts.

Professor Roberts said: ‘My book seeks to debunk an old myth about the GI, thought of as a manly creature that always behaved well. The GIs were having sex anywhere and everywhere.

‘In the cities of Le Havre and Cherbourg, bad behaviour was common.

‘Women, including those who were married, were openly solicited for sex. Parks, bombed-out buildings, cemeteries and railway tracks were carnal venues.

‘People could not go out for a walk without seeing somebody having sex.

‘But the sex was not always consensual, with hundreds of cases of rape being reported.’

The locals of Le Havre were shocked by the soldiers’ behaviour and wrote letters of protest to their mayor.

One complaint, from October 1945, said: ‘We are attacked, robbed, run over both on the street and in our houses.

‘This is a regime of terror, imposed by bandits in uniform.’

Le Havre’s mayor, Pierre Voisin, complained to Colonel Thomas Weed – the commander of US troops in the region.

‘Scenes contrary to decency are unfolding in this city day and night,’ Voisin wrote, adding it was ‘not only scandalous but intolerable’ that ‘youthful eyes are exposed to such public spectacles’.

The mayor suggested the Americans set up a brothel outside the city to avoid public outrage and contain the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. However although US officers publicly denounced the behaviour they did little to curtail it.

The book also claims the US army ‘demonstrated a deep and abiding racism’, suggesting they pinned a disproportionate number of rapes on black GIs.

Documents show that of 152 troops disciplined by the army for rape, 130 were black.

Professor Roberts said: ‘American propaganda did not sell the war to soldiers as a struggle for freedom but as a sexual adventure.’

She points out that The Stars and Stripes, the official newspaper of the US armed forces, taught soldiers German phrases like ‘waffen niederlegen’ meaning ‘throw down your arms’.

However the French phrases it recommended to soldiers included ‘you have charming eyes,’ ‘I am not married’ and ‘are your parents at home?’ US magazine Life even fantasised that France was ‘a tremendous brothel’ inhabited by ‘40,000,000 hedonists, who spend all their time eating, drinking and making love’.

A cafe owner from Le Havre said at the time: ‘We expected friends who would not make us ashamed of our defeat. Instead, there came only incomprehension, arrogance, incredibly bad manners and the swagger of conquerors.’

The author claims that when the first soldiers swarmed ashore at Omaha Beach in Normandy (pictured) on D-Day, it was ‘a veritable tsunami of male lust’


Hail Victory!

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via The American Wasteland

The Military-Corporate Oligarchs of The 14 Commonwealths of America

Hello everyone, i know im pretty late on this, but i wanted to congratulate you all on your swift recovery from that raid, which tbh im still confused on sice it was just a disorgonised mess. Anyway congats and if you ever require assistence the American Wasteland will come in, all ya gotta do is ask. Hope your all havin a good day/night!

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