Region: Declansburg


The Dáxlamic Evergreen Republic of New Bradfordsburg

Declansburg's Governmental Transition is Complete!

Today marks the inauguration day for Declansburg's new Prime Minister, New Nationale Einheit, as well as our new Deputy Prime Minister, Korbalis!

Isla De Militarias has been sworn into another term as Minister of Foreign Affairs; as have Odinburgh as Minister of Defense, Pravitel as Secretary General, and New Bradfordsburg as Minister of Cultural Affairs. Yaxopsville has been dismissed as Prime Minister but shall assume new duties as Vice Founder, an appointment issued by The Founder's Office immediately upon this nation's discharge from the duties of Prime Minister.

Thank you to all nations who helped facilitate this transition by changing endorsements at the direction of our messages. It is very appreciated!

-The Founder's Office