Region: Declansburg

The Free Land of Voxmire


The entire nation of Voxmire is preparing for Li'ahenn, a week long festival in honor of the Grand Swamp that we call home. Preparations take all year, culminating in a resplendent celebration complete with food, entertainment, fireworks, storytelling, and traditional activities and events. Nightly boat rides by the R'lyehians, Carcosan-approved firework shows, street food everywhere, and folklore shows and tales from the locals make for an unforgettable, if a bit terrifying, experience. The festival dates back to ancient, ancient practices, almost unchanged even now. Everyone dons a mask made from materials from the swamp, all personally handmade and decorated by the person itself or our esoteric artisans.

Archduke Craven personally wishes to invite the people and leaders of Declansburg to attend. Do be mindful of our people's beliefs, as Voxians are very, very religious. our spiritual practices are unconventional, but harmless. Lodgings and transportation will be provided for, as Archduke Craven wishes for our guests to be as comfortable as possible. We await your delegations, esteemed leaders.