Region: Dreams of Good Hope


via Cape of Good Hope

The Occupied Territory of Aerlanica

Monsone wrote:-snip-

Erich could sense, in full force, the shock, horror and fear that CEVA-00Mk1a felt. Towards Inaki and, now, towards Erich. There was no anger, just fear.

Eventually, and with an exasperated sigh, she replied.

"So be it, i'll synchronise with Sarah...but i assure you, it will not work."

Tyramon wrote:

Delegata smiled and snuggled up against him more. Foggy tendrils emanating from her body began to caress Iblion's body.

"Corali is your apprentice, however."

Alena frowned.

"Is everything alright? you seem quite preturbed."


iblion let out a little giggle.
"Never change my beautiful Sorceress..." he murmured, planting a kiss on her forehead.