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The Republic of Monsone

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New Franco

"You snuck into the work site." Remarked the woman.

"And?" Asked Erich.

"Did you take a piece of the obelisk with you?" She asked.

"I did." He curtly replied.

"May I see?" Wondered the woman as Erich reached into his fanny pack.

"Here, here it is. Not even a pure blade." Responded Erich as he handed the woman the blade.

"Well, this is a valuable object." She said, handling the sliced piece carefully. "You'll be rewarded handsomely."

"Is this why you picked me up?" He asked.

"Of course not. There is something both the IM and SIM need you to work on." Replied the woman as she handed Erich a docket on Azulakas.

"No," Erich said.

"This isn't negotiable." Emphasized the woman.

"Damnit." He sighed.

HAA Longinus

"Using my own creation against me, quite creative albeit unoriginal." Erich didn't so much scoff at the comments from CEVA-00 Mk1a as he simply chuckled at them in a tone that certainly had condescending undertones. "Combine is indeed a definition of the word synchronize, but only in certain contexts. What you implied was a merger, which is a combination of sorts, albeit there is some semanticism behind why the use of combination and merger interchangeably can cause confusion. In turn, what I implied was a correlative and parallel action mirrored between one another, which is a sufficiently apt description for how an interpersonal relationship ought to work in this circumstance."

"If I may elaborate on some chemistry," this really wasn't an offer, it was deeply implied that Erich was going to do so regardless of the opinions of others. "An emulsifying agent is designed with the intended purpose of combining otherwise non-soluble substances such as hydrocarbons and hydrogen-based polar fluids. This is a perfectly valid description in the realm of chemistry in the context of teaching children. Oil and water don't mix; hydrocarbons and polar fluids don't mix, a very simple rule to follow. Unfortunately, this does not aptly describe the immense complexities possessed by the mind as a physical being let alone as a psychological entity. Truthfully the difference between the mind of a human and the mind of a Celestial is great, and bridging that gap is an enormous challenge. However, it is completely doable. My basis for such a bold assertion is that I've just done so."

"However, if you refuse to synchronize with anybody save for a child stuck in an intensive care unit due to injuries your little excursion precipitated, I ought to question your validity as a weapon ad bellum, para bellum. You are not exactly in the position to select who pilots you like I select my morning breakfast. You're too useless to fight, but not useless enough to be killed. Quite ironic actually, that you espouse such eloquent truths with the conceived notion of wisdom after having been alive for such a brief period of time. Age turns all idealists into cynicists; I ought to know having undergone the transition myself. After half a millennia and give or take a few decades of seeing constant suffering blood-letting, turmoil, destruction, death, and suffering, everything becomes one and the same."

"Millions have died fighting for and against my name, many more millions have perished as collateral. I am apathetic about the greater picture at large merely because I've seen enough to know that keeping my hopes high will only lead to greater disappointments. There have been times when I've feared for my existence, and it was in those times that the unreliable solutions often ended up buying me enough time to fight on, and eventually triumph. Timidity is the enemy of progress and fear is the enemy of rationale."

"I will not hesitate to do what I think is right and necessary. If you wish to not take my olive branch, then so be it. But do not forget that rescinding an offer of assistance--a gift--has its own set of repercussions. This is my final offer. I am not a Celestial, and I especially am not akin to the pathetic waste of space known as Iblion. My gifts do not ensnare; my punishments do. I can turn the CEVA's body into that of a human, but I cannot strip its mind of its powers. Consider my proposition for a final time and weigh your options carefully before you respond. The wrong answer might see your precious weapon reduced to a pitiful meatsack with no way of reverting the effects save for my own good will."