Region: Dreams of Good Hope


via Cape of Good Hope

The Military State of Tyramon

Aerlanica wrote:The woman paused.
"Alright, we'll consider your offer, but no promises in that regard."

She stood up and stretched.
"Do you want to have a walk around the plant with me? see what we'll be using and what we're dealing with?"

Alena nodded.
"Perhaps some of that time could be spent with me; i enjoy your company, as I said. And besides, i already met your other apprentice."


Iblion nodded.
"Well, send them off to do their job...but for right now, let's just spend some time together."

"She's off to the capital or something, i don't know."

The blood drained from Witta's face.
"You met my...other apprentice? mean Corali, right?"


Delegata nodded.
"Sounds good to me."