Region: Dreams of Good Hope


via Cape of Good Hope

The Occupied Territory of Aerlanica

Roxium wrote:

The woman paused.
"Alright, we'll consider your offer, but no promises in that regard."

She stood up and stretched.
"Do you want to have a walk around the plant with me? see what we'll be using and what we're dealing with?"

Tyramon wrote:

"Hopefully, yes."

Alena nodded.
"Perhaps some of that time could be spent with me; i enjoy your company, as I said. And besides, i already met your other apprentice."


Iblion nodded.
"Well, send them off to do their job...but for right now, let's just spend some time together."

North South North West Kansas wrote:

Connie looks at Tsarina and shakes her head. “So what exactly happened with Carissa just now?”

"She's off to the capital or something, i don't know."