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The Rei Khans Wife of North South North West Kansas

Tyramon wrote:”Oh? How so?"

Lucas shrugs. “They’re basically putting poisonous radiation into your body, it kills the cancer cells but does a fair amount of damage in the process,” he explains.

New Drachma wrote:“Every one of those things we let lives will result in the death of 10 people, you really intend on that?”

“So, put it out somewhere away from people, where it can’t hurt anybody.”

Azulakas wrote:

The two settle into an oddly comfortable silence, Azulakas drinking her tea. She watches the lad in front of her, seemingly monitoring his body language though never meeting his eyes with hers.

Kansa seems completely at ease, though he’s keeping a watchful eye over the restaurant and it’s patrons. He happily takes a bite of his pancakes, observing Azulakas a bit as well.

Rei Khan wrote:Micheal cried louder, clearly not liking being squished.

"Okay. Plots?"

"It really is." Kyra replied softly.

Casey sat beside her. "Hey. Whats wrong?" he asked gently.

“What’s wrong with him now?” Macy asks, looking at Thomas with panic in her eyes.

Noelle shrugs. “I’m still trying to decide on a genre, I’m thinking something in romance or adventure or maybe both, maybe my main character scours the world for her long-lost love, or something like that? It feels a little tacky, though...”

Kira smiles and holds her hand. “I love you so much.”

Carissa shakes her head. “August, how could she say that?! Who does she think she is?”
“My sister’s wife, Tsarina. She thinks she can make this decision for me.”

Aerlanica wrote:Harold flicked his fingers.
"Ah, a monarch of the people; i am aware. That is why I avoid doing it around her. However, i still respect her in this vein."

"Are we just going to ignore Carissa?" Tsarina asked.

Connie looks at Tsarina and shakes her head. “So what exactly happened with Carissa just now?”