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The Intergalactic Federation of Roxium

Azulakas wrote:*SNIP*

Zoninite wrote:(i didnt make a move, all i did was to try and get my suspicious man out of the oaterian ship)

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Monsone wrote:*SNIP*

HAA Longinus

"On one hand, no longer having to use Spencer, the son of Iblion, would put Cicada Command at ease, but on the other hand, Ceva 0 Mark 1a refuses to allow anyone other than Spencer to pilot her." says Inaki. "If we are to use Sara, we would first have to make sure she's capable of synchronizing with a regular Evangelion before we attempt to synchronize her with the Celestial Evangelion, not to mention that we still don't know the effects of synchronizing with a sentient Eva. The other scientists think that synchronizing with a sentient Eva would result in the pilot experiencing severe psychological contamination that leads to a complete neural shutdown, or in Layman's terms, synchronizing with a sentient Eva could very likely result in the pilot being rendered comatose." says Risato.

Upon Erich mentioning changing CEVA-00 Mark Iα into something else, Inaki said "That would be ill-advised. Ceva 0 Mark 1a is currently the only Ceva in existence. It would be in everyone's best interest to NOT turn the Ceva into something else."

Scrap Rats

"I think you misheard me." says CK. "But since you seem willing to negotiate, I may as well throw in an extra few billion to purchase that 10%. The Scrap Rats should consider themselves lucky that they're receiving an amount of money that rivals the GDP of some Augustan nations, or 510 billion to be exact. That includes the extra few billion I threw in."


A note that came with the money has been discovered. It reads:

Sorry for the trouble from last night. Take this as compensation.

- C

The money is legit, and who ever sent it seems to be associated with what happened last night.

It is likely that one of Azulakas's satellites has passed over the Roxium/Monsone border by now, revealing the epicenter of that explosion from last night. A pretty sizable crater is seen on the border, a crater that was not there yesterday. All around the crater is miles and miles of destruction, with the bulk of said destruction being on the Roxium side of the border. Comparing the latest satellite imagery with older images, the crater is centered on a border crossing in the Roxium city of Hing-Myong, and said crater is bigger than Hing-Myong city proper. Last night's events have wiped an entire Roxium city off the face of Augusta...

A decent chunk of the tech recovered from the wreck should be somewhat easy to reverse engineer. Most of the tech however, is extremely difficult or borderline impossible to reverse engineer, especially the more... biological/organic bits.

A strange thing has likely been noticed while exploring the wreck: There's not a single dead crewmember to be found.

Oaterian ship

(I'm now confused)