Region: Dreams of Good Hope


via Cape of Good Hope

The Republic of Monsone

Aerlanica wrote:-snip-

New Franco

Taking advantage of the distraction created by the self-loathing CEVA, Erich left the scrapyard without much of a hustle. With his sole blade-shaped piece of Astral Adamantium hidden away, he passed through the gates and soon blended into the street with its passing crowds. The blue car for its part proceeded to follow him as best as it could given the amount of traffic present on the narrow street. After a few turns, Erich found himself walking by the same car. As he did so, a door swung open, preventing him from walking further. Then, a hand reached out and pulled him in, the door slamming shut in the process.

"What on earth?!" Shouted Erich.

"We've got a lot to talk about." Said a woman in a military uniform, her peaked cap resting on her legs.

"What did I do wrong?" He asked.

"Nothing. What you did is hand us with the weapon to kill Iblion." She replied.

The car drove off and disappeared into the hubbub of the city.

HAA Longinus (Pinging Roxium)

"What a foolish, reductionistic, and superficial deduction." Retorted Erich as with an invisible gesture, he donned a top hat and glasses from thin air. "Of course, your minds cannot merge. That is by design. The goal is for the two of you to work together, not to become a single entity. If there was a merge of minds and an eventual union of beings, that would precipitate the destruction of this universe. Not that would much matter to me as I have little stake in its survival."

"What I've created is a person who is fully capable of synchronizing and piloting you without risking cataclysmic effects. Are they of Celestial descent? No, because that would make them too dangerous. It would be irresponsible and reprehensible for me to even attend to something as stupid and reckless as creating Celestial." Explained Erich as he pointed with a cane at an ever-changing blackboard that he could seemingly manipulate to his own desire. "Despite the lack of celestial blood, Sara should be fully compatible with you. After all the analogy is less that of oil and water and more akin to that of an emulsion that contains oil, water, and an emulsifier agent. Individually oil and water won't mix, but with some external assistance, a merger is possible."

Sensing trepidation from the CEVA, Erich rolled his eyes and changed his attire once more. Now wearing a fedora and different glasses, he had a stein of beer in "hand." After taking a sip from it, he spoke.

"The LCL ruins the taste of a red ale. All the delicate notes are overpowered by the distinctly wretched flavor of human beings." He remarked before speaking to the CEVA. "Well, then. It seems you need a change in perspective, a jolt to rethink your constant self-hatred. I could tell you how as a child I had to work the field day in and day out without much regard for my own health or well-being, but hardly would you listen, let alone heed my advice. Hence, I think it would be in your best interest to become something less grandiose and more mundane. Perhaps a human form would suit you to force a reformation in your thoughts and considerations. It might even teach you to be grateful when you're given a gift."