Region: Dreams of Good Hope


via Cape of Good Hope


Aerlanica wrote:

Sarah shrugged.
"Whats the point?"

She shifted.
"They'll just be told the same thing; the government will weave some tale about how i'm causing danger to the society, and next thing you know i'm shipped off to a work camp or something."

"Don't say that-"

"What else do i say? that everything will be fine? that it's all good? that everything will be fine in the end?" Sarah asked, "it's all falling apart, i just..."

Mitra frowned as Sarah trailed off.

"Perhaps...they may not like you...but they might appreciate your don't know if you don't try."

Sarah paused, and sighed.


Mitra gently stands up, “Smile, it’ll help light your way.” He takes a look at the time, “Its quite late.. I’ll bring you some coffee and dates in the morning, alright?”


North South North West Kansas wrote:

“Of course.” Kansas takes a bite of his pancakes, staring thoughtfully off into space.

The two settle into an oddly comfortable silence, Azulakas drinking her tea. She watches the lad in front of her, seemingly monitoring his body language though never meeting his eyes with hers.