Region: the Rejected Realms

The Empire of Aandruzognivia

Hoffania wrote:Question of the Day!
Which season is your favorite?

Fall/Winter. I dislike Spring for its warmth, and I HATE Summer for its scorching days. I like cold/mild weather :p

Hoffania wrote:Donít play nice! Be mean!

I already do this, you're preaching to the choir (who admittedly can't sing)

COPPAtilism wrote:We have a history of that here. I find it fun to pick out the flaws in other people's thoughts, just comes naturally to me :P
You are completely free to return the favor and pick out flaws in my thoughts as you wish.

"What's the point of picking out flaws when it's obvious everything about your argument is flawed"

Who I'm talking to is up to interpretation >:)