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The Ukrainian Shades of COPPAtilism

Visionary Union wrote:Why can't you people ever play nice.

Because we aren't French.

Pre-Christian Persecuted People wrote:Norepinephrine is the main neurotransmitter used by the sympathetic nervous system, which consists of about two dozen sympathetic chain ganglia located next to the spinal cord, plus a set of prevertebral ganglia located in the chest and abdomen. Okay thatís all for biology / pharma class for today lol, for more info, go to the google god. Also bro, it doesnít matter whether you are 97th or 99th. It diminishes with time anyways and having high intelligence does not mean one is of value unless he is used and contributes that way. The one who is of value is someone with an open mind who can explore various things. Also, chizophrenia does not mean a person is not intelligent. In fact, people with high intelligence usually are more vulnerable to this. So you be careful. 🤪

FYI, as a kid, I was diagnosed with LPR. It is not that it is very hard to cure, just requires discipline and dieatary changes, and it can re emerge. It did on me few months back and as a result, I donít eat spicy food at all.

And the reason I didnít explain further is because I am on mobile, canít write big paragraphs every time on mobile, and you are programmed to think me as a cultist even if I tried. If you are interested, I may explain later or if you are meant to know, you will come face to face and get to know.

The point of a discussion is to get one ego dominate the other anyways, but I do this to check if there is any deviation from materialistic people.

You are unlucky that quiti is not here. Coppa offended him somehow and quiti tore him a new one and refused to talk to him for a few days even if coppa initiated the chat. 🤣

On the quitishae remark, I will abstain, as I see no reason to disagree, even if the word choice does not represent the entire story.
For the biologogical statement, norepinephrine is not just that. Even though sympathy is in part controlled by it, norepinephrine is mostly located by the heart, by the chain ganglia you mentioned. It is activated by the prefrontal cortex, which activates norepinephrine to activate throughout the vagus nerve and into other upper-chest nervous shafts. "Balancing" norepinephrine with serotonin and dopamine is essentially impossible as the two do not share the same nervous system and only co-exist when a person is experiencing positive empathy whilst feeling a sense of accomplishment, also assuming that your blood flow is not in the slightest way obstructed, and the vagus nerve has uninterupted signaling to the heart. Not sure how that is a daily occurrence for you...

You still don't seem to realize that schizophrenia describes people with frequent short-term memory loss, large amounts of distress, and moderate mood swings. You are only claiming my fantasy schizophrenia based on a false sense of loss of touch with reality, which you yourself have distorted to conform to your own biases, so in extreme technicality both of us have schizophrenia.