Region: The Cretanja Queendom


The Principality of Oslerya

Coros wrote:New kids. An unexpected development

This is a puppet account of my main; Cretanja.
I have four puppets, three directly tied to Cretanja - Oslerya, Clanstock, and Manndown.
The other is Duelandia. My OG puppet account, that I can't part with.

Fijian Islands wrote:Im sure your all probably aware whos back, but if not, look at the last posting on the Regional Dispatches and tell me the author of said dispatch.

I've been around. I just didn't want to impose myself *here*...
As a regional leader, well, I wasn't the best. But if the region starts back up, I'd be more than happy to become a citizen!
All we need is the initiative flame to be lite...

Also. Is it possible to let the founder accounts of the other MULTIPLE variations of "Cretanja Queendom" to CTE.
^ Whomever owns them.


Also! Happy New Year, friends!