Region: Nationstates Ski Resort

The Republic of Nationstates Ski Resort

Calebs Haven wrote:[A red and white UH-1 Huey Hog flies over the Nationstates Ski Resort and admires the site before dropping off two Deligates from Calebs Haven on a K2 mountain side. One of the skiers biffs it a quarter of the way down and continues to roll the rest of the way down the mountain as a giant man snow ball. The snow ball finally comes to a rest and the skier breaks out of the giant snow ball like a chick out of an egg)

"Dude, that was narly"

The entire staff of the resort wish you a warm welcome !
We all hope you'll have a wonderful stay here.
Don't forget to buy your ski pass!

Have fun and be careful, it has snowed heavily well, the danger of avalanche is high !

Try to stay on the slopes

Ski resort village