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Not to Fret wrote:Good morning, lovely people!

Today's Question of the day!

What songs do you feel compelled to sing along with when you hear them, even if you donít totally know all the words?

I recently found a song called Derniere Danse by Indila, which is in French. I don't speak French (though I studied it in school so I have a bit of familiarity with it), so when I found it I was just vibing along to it not really knowing what it was saying. Then I looked up the lyrics and can 'sing' along to it - though I don't really like singing that much XD Other than songs in other languages, there's a lot of pop songs from the 90s and early 2000s that I do know, like I recognise the vibe & the music but I just don't know the words. Those types of songs too :P

Not to Fret wrote:Bonus question!

If you win the endorsement contest, what flag will you torture the delegate with?

I think Prim will be free from my evil ways... for now... throughs menacing glare