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The People's Republic of Greater Hongshan

Dynamic revolution wrote:Its been a while.

I wonder how Engels insistence that monarchy is followed by a bourgeoise state followed by revolution followed by communism squares with the two greatest examples of Marxist states that weve seen in both the Soviet Union and The Peoples Republic of China.

The Soviet Union went from tzarist russia and skipped to Soviet Union

The PRC went from feudal warlords to The PRC

you may be interested to know that the Xinhai Revolution (1911, ended with the overthrow of the Qing monarchy) was characterized as a Bourgeois revolution because of the revolutionaries involved. But then several wars happened in rapid succession, so it's kind of hard to say how bourgeois chinese society was by 1949. Lenin and Mao didn't think there needed to be a bourgeois society to overthrow first, they just wanted to get to the end stage. I guess it does contradict Engels on there needing to be private property in the early stages of mass industrialization, but Engels does say that private property can't be abolished immediately after revolution either