Region: The North Pacific

The Republic of South Baba

Emeraldisia wrote:

"For that, we are in your thanks. And yes, helping others is of the utmost importance. Our nation seeks peace with the world; we want to be part of it too. To conclude, we have deliberated and have become set that these agreements you suggest are in favour of acceptance by the Principality."

OOC: These responses are the words of Prince Bernadonne and his government being broadcasted through to South Baba.


*”Your Majesty? My humblest apologies, I wasn’t aware of your presence on this exchange,” utters the startled South Baban Foreign Minister upon hearing Prince Bernadonne’s voice. “Until now I had only conversed with an unidentified individual who spoke on behalf of your government. Nevertheless, we appreciate your commitment to peace & development and will do everything in our power to modernise your nation”*

*The Republic of South Baba and the Principality of Emeraldisia conclude an agreement which calls for the former nation to assist the latter in developing contemporary technology in various fields. To this effect, the agreement, termed the ‘Radio Protocol’ by the South Babans, divides Emeraldisia into six operational zones (to be drawn by the Emeraldisian government) and formalizes a South Baban commitment to create an elite ‘Technical Requirements Assistance Force (TRAF)’ to supervise the modernisation of its western neighbour in accordance with said commitment. The Radio Protocol also asks the Emeraldisian government to select “appropriate sites” to house and headquarter TRAF personnel in each zone as well as “adequate office space” for the same purposes in the Emeraldisian capital of Emeraldia City. Per the agreement, South Baba will appoint a TRAF Director General for an undetermined term with responsibility for strategic planning and management, administrative & operational policy, intergovernmental relations, and enforcement of the aforementioned protocol*