Region: The North Pacific

The Republic of South Baba

Emeraldisia wrote:

"For that, we are in your thanks. And yes, helping others is of the utmost importance. Our nation seeks peace with the world; we want to be part of it too.

These agreements you suggest; we are in favour of accepting. Furthermore, in the near future events that we see unfold and once the Principality connects with the outside world, we would like to formally establish diplomatic relations with South Baba, as well."

OOC: These responses are the words of Prince Bernadonne and his government being broadcasted through to South Baba.

OOC: We wouldn’t be having this RP with you if we had no diplomatic relations since we usually imply trade and/or diplomatic relations are ongoing unless otherwise stated by any of the parties so you can assume your nation already has normal diplomatic relations with both Babas.