Region: The North Pacific


The Socialist Federation of Emeraldisia

South Baba wrote:SR RP

*The Minister responded: “In that case, I will personally recommend to the Prime Minister that our government create a specialized corps dedicated to the distribution of expert technical and scientific advice for development initiatives within Emeraldisia.” Paraphrasing Prime Minister Alden Ridgeway, he adds: “Helping others is who we are as a people,” before suggesting both countries should formalize this understanding by signing a protocol that would encourage the South Baban House of Assembly to allocate the proper funding for such endeavour*

"For that, we are in your thanks. And yes, helping others is of the utmost importance. Our nation seeks peace with the world; we want to be part of it too. To conclude, we have deliberated and have become set that these agreements you suggest are in favour of acceptance by the Principality."

OOC: These responses are the words of Prince Bernadonne and his government being broadcasted through to South Baba.