Region: The North Pacific

The Republic of South Baba

Emeraldisia wrote:

"Ah, that is our fault. Apologies. What our message was trying to reveal was that we are struggling technologically and scientifically. For the longest time, our nation suffered under a brutal dictatorial monarchy that was quite backwards in it's system of running; and now, here we are, on Strangereal.

We only arrived here maybe a week ago now. It was Earth one moment and Strangereal the next, as if like a blink. But we forget ourselves. Anyway; we are simply requesting for a group of technicians and scientists to be allowed to assist us in our advancement in science and technology up to par with the rest of the world. In fact; we are having to send this message from the closest island to South Baba as if we went any further, there'd only be static and silence."

OOC: You are making an IC statement about your nation materializing into SR from another planet (Earth) that exists nowhere in this world?