Region: The North Pacific


The Nonbinary Pan Pride of Emeraldisia

South Baba wrote:SR RP

*The South Baban minister of Foreign Affairs, perplexed at the vagueness of the Emeraldisian petition, inquires: “What is it your government requires of us to ‘connect with the rest of the world,’ stranger? The South Baban government is in no disposition to help you without specifics of the situation on the ground. I am sure that we will assist wherever possible”*

"Ah, that is our fault. Apologies. What our message was trying to reveal was that we are struggling technologically and scientifically. For the longest time, our nation suffered under a brutal dictatorial monarchy that was quite backwards in it's system of running; and now, here we are, in this situation.

We are simply requesting for a group of technicians and scientists to be allowed to assist us in our advancement in science and technology up to par with the rest of the world. In fact; we are having to send this message from the closest island to South Baba as if we went any further, there'd only be static and silence."