Region: The North Pacific

The Empire of The IC 1101 Empire

The IC 1101 Empire wrote:Solo RP - The Most Remote Settlement in the galaxy.

In IC 1101, the settlements in it are all concentrated on the galactic warplane, which spans from the most western settlement of IC 1101, New Icaria, and the most eastern settlement in the galaxy, Faursea, and 90% of these settlements are on this warplane, as they benefit from tolls and trade with the visitors. The warplane is currently being extended to Northern Icaria, as that area is more profitable, and is home to many mining institutions that could benefit the IC 1101 Economy. But thanks to Vasouliki Iís obsession with Southern Icaria, has made her expand the warplane to some of the most southern settlements, and thanks to the Southern Rican expedition, the warplane has been extended to the most remote, southern, and most unknown settlement in the galaxy. New Vasouliki, is the most southern settlement, and itís on a planet that has a record low of -139 degrees Celsius, and the planet orbits a white dwarf, but the settlement there is still there, and they are a spaceport for further expeditions to more southern areas, they are the only settlement in Southern Rica, and they are the legal capital of Southern Rica, according to the IC 1101 Government, the settlement is named after the monarch that made it possible for that settlement to exist. And the monarch, Vasouliki I made some trips there, and she is the mayor of that settlement as well, the settlementís population is 1 billion, and its population is made primarily of miners, researchers, and Jhals. The settlement has a local militia, and they are the most remote, as the settlement is more than 30 thousand light-years away from the nearest settlement.

This settlement is only 14 thousand light-years away from the most southern system, but nobody lives in an official settlement more south, as cities, villages, and outposts, are considered a part of the nearest settlement. (A settlement is a place with above 900 million.)

This is based on the Icarian legislative classification of Settlements, and suburbs.