Region: The North Pacific

The Presidential Republic of Emnaria

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(The following is an explanation of activity in the past 5 months)

Month 1

In recent weeks the union strikes have caused many workers to go to, "Unconventional Methods" to support their families. After the settlement with the unions however, the workers who wanted their old jobs back, were now being denied jobs. The workers went to protesting and soon began boycotting businesses supported by those unions.

Month 2

Workers have begun to create their own companies and refuse to pay government taxes on income and sales until their demands are met. The government however, maintains the side of the unions due to a law passed 50 years ago on employment and recruitment. Because the government is forced to side with the unions and businesses, and the workers maintain their fight against government taxes and laws, the situation sits idle. Nothing can be done.

Month 3

The situation grows dire. Workers continue to smuggle illegal materials into the nation and police are trying their best to bust these rings of smuggling and thievery. The workers have begun to outrage against this and communist groups have begun to post propaganda posters in workers businesses, which none of the businesses do anything to take them down.

Month 4

The police and workers have begun to clash even more in the past few weeks since the communist groups began rendezvousing in worker businesses. The communist groups (mainly the Kommissrat Parisian Party, a.k.a. K.P.P. which is what I will call the communists because it is easy) have begun to openly sponsor worker groups. The police, and Army, and many citizens, have begun to take actions in preparation for another civil war like the ones 100 years ago.

Month 5

(Current time) Open firefights have begun between workers, K.P.P., and the government and unions. These firefights continue throughout the cities for 2 weeks, until now. The K.P.P. (which many of the workers have now joined) have begun to take over many cities in the rural parts of Emnaria (mainly the west). Now the Army has mobilized to maintain authority in these towns.


[Spoiler= Vive Le Revolucion! Pt.2]

(Explanation of current situation)
The 2nd army has been dispatched from their base in southern Emnaria to regain control over "Hill 111" (that's the official designation for a battleground or enemy controlled territory). The K.P.P. have quickly established walls of sandbags and multiple small boats have been spotted by reconnaissance aircraft with caches of weapons and ammo.

Reconnaissance Group Alpha

(From the point of view of an LST-44 commander)

We left the 2nd Army 5 days ago. We haven't been able to maintain full speed because of the snow. It's winter time here in Emnaria, and in the west it gets snowy, well I guess the east does too, but only in the mountains. I constantly am trembling at the thought of an ambush. We were sent with 10 rounds per tank and only 500 machine gun rounds.

The next day...

Nothing still. We have had to replace the rubber pads on our tracks with the metal ones, but now ice is too dangerous to travel on. We have reached a small crossroads, I order all 8 of our tanks to halt. Infantry rush up ahead and clear the vicinity on the low ground. However, there is a massive hill less than half a mile from our current position, we can't see the top of it due to heavy fog hovering around it. I sit there, nervously, with the rest of the company busy, and the tanks sitting idle, I order the tanks to get into cover to either side of the crossroads. I park my tank behind a giant stone boulder and inform my company's infantry to scout that hill. I radio to the rest of the tanks, "Tango Golf, this is Charlie, Romeo Hill 000."

I have just signaled for the tanks to perform recon on the hill. Let's hope this doesn't get ugly...

30 minutes later...

I see fire coming down from the hill, I shout at the infantry, "Get the h*ll over to that hill! Encircle them on the other side!"

I order my driver to put get up to 5th gear and head towards the rest of the tanks. As my tank rushes forward, the rest of the hill is revealed. At least one platoon of K.P.P. are positioned on the hill and I observe a field gun shooting at my tanks. Me and 2 other tanks haven't been hit, we spread out and advance up the hill, one other tank has been hit but is still functional, it follows behind and fires at the field gun. A series of explosions happens on the hill, we all fired our guns and then turn to either side of the hill, 2 on left, 2 on right. The K.P.P. soldiers try to shoot at us with AK-47s but they don't do anything. We turn our tanks and aim at them with our MG-3s. I give the order, all 4 tanks open fire and immediately 5 of them drop to the ground. I can see splinters flying about the hill and the hailstorm of bullets stops. We drive forward up the hill and we can see our allied infantry coming up the other side. We reach the top and all of the soldiers of the K.P.P. are dead. We decide to make camp on top of the hill and look for any available ammunition.