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The Proletarian rule of AJ Empire

The communist blocs book club wrote: questions

I am just a beginner so sorry if I get my answers wrong.
1) I guess the book has clearly shown the current day to day situation of proletarians. Engels had predicted years ago what it would be like being worker. His line in the summary stating that more worker = more profit for bourgois is also very true irl

2) umm.... Actually we live in a time where slavery has ended. So comparing slaves with workers may not be easy for everyone to understand.

3) I agree with Engels that banning private property wasn't possible at earlier time. You see, the industrial revolution has sown seeds for demise of property by itself. And for the last part of answer, I think we can't give definite answer of alternate history questions. It isn't like if marx hadnt written manifesto, communism wouldn't born. But it isn't either that this event wasn't important for us, so no comments at last part.

4) comrades, I do believe that reforms can be an alternative path for revolution. But comrades in TCB made me understand that peaceful protests are useless because then bourgois just ignores it. Take india for example, If mahatma gandhi didn't work of non violence path of independence, then we would have achieved independence as early as 1920s. And I believe bourgois socialism is a bad ideology. It isn't socialist at all. It aims to make all proletarians Bourgeoisies, which can't ever happen. Class dissolution is easier way than this. Democratic socialism is also not much better and that we all know why

5) I guess no? USSR revolution was a violent one, and that's because all sufferings of proletarian Reached on extreme levels. USSR revolution was inevitable. Same as China (although situation was little complex there) and other socialist countries

Sorry for any typo in message or if you disagree with my stance as I am just beginner :)