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The communist blocs book club

I figured it was time to get some of the ~structured conversations~ I promised going now that it's almost the end of the month. I really appreciate that people have been talking about these readings so far, and feel free to keep asking your own questions and talking about what you took from Engels' writing and the Owen poem

Some of this has already come up, but here are some questions I'd be interested in hearing your opinions on:

  • What parts of Principles stuck out to you as most relevant to your life/the state of the world?

  • Was there anything you found difficult to relate to or antiquated?

  • Section 15 asks, "Was not the abolition of private property possible at an earlier time?" Engels' definitive answer is, "No." Do you agree? And is this still true? Has everything that's happened since then also been necessary?

  • This especially goes for those of you who are not a Marxist(-Leninist): How do you feel about Engels' assertion that peaceful transition is not realistic? What about the idea that the transition to communism will be a gradual one? And Section 24 on the different types of socialists?

  • Does the revolution in Engels' mind differ from the successful communist revolutions throughout history?