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Socialist Heronia wrote:re: highly educated specialists

Some long, rambly thoughts

I personally fall under this category, so there very well may be bias here, and I'd love to hear others' points of view

I hold no sway in the company I work for, and I could be fired on a moment's notice. But at the same time, it's not the same. I am not up against the same struggles as factory workers, farmers, retail employees, etc. I've worked customer service, I've worked in a warehouse, and now I have a cushy office job. Each is objectively different, and I fully understand distrust or at the very least skepticism towards those who don't bear the full weight of capitalism on their backs every day

But. What's important, and in my opinion necessary for a successful revolution in the modern era, is solidarity. Just as Engels was on the side of the proletariat despite being part of the (petit? I can never remember) bourgeoisie himself, alignment with the working class is what matters more. In my (extremely anecdotal) experience, the upper and upper middle working class are a lot less likely to want to give up their comfortable lifestyle, and they tend to think they have a lot to lose. The reality is that no matter what type of work you do or how much money you make, you would benefit from socialisation. A lot of protest around it comes from the myth that communism = abject poverty and food shortages, but that is not inherent to communism, obviously

It shouldn't be our main goal, but uniting all proletarians is important in the struggle against capitalism. Class traitors are basically inevitable, but armed with the proper knowledge, the wealthier and even the bourgeoisie are capable of compassion and change. Even if it feels like an uphill battle

Edit: thought I included this, but per Engels: "These democratic socialists are either proletarians who are not yet sufficiently clear about the conditions of the liberation of their class, or they are representatives of the petty bourgeoisie, a class which, prior to the achievement of democracy and the socialist measures to which it gives rise, has many interests in common with the proletariat."

Also I'll post some questions later this afternoon/evening