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The Pirate Republic of ETopiAna

The Republic of Western Sol wrote:Greetings Islanders!
The Cultural Office has released a new event for you to enjoy! Tell us about some funny laws that exist in your nation or in a real life country that you know of! You can submit laws for three categories by posting them here on the RMB or sending them to me and on Sunday, the best entry of each category will be announced and receives an epic trading card! Find out more in the following Dispatch:

XKI National Legislation Contest

This event is all about national legislation! Let us know about the funniest laws that you have encountered in real life, in issues and in your own NS nation! Send them to Thedairos or post them on the RMB to discuss them with your fellow Islanders! You can submit something for each of the three categories:
  • RL Nation Legislation: Did you know that it is illegal in Britain to "handle salmon suspiciously"? Which weird and confusing laws do you know that really exist in some real life countries?

  • Issue Fallout Line: Which odd results did the laws that you passed in your issues have on your people?
    Example: Following new legislation in Thedairos, it takes months to get the proper permits for a child's first tricycle.

  • Invented Legislation: Which unusual laws does your own NS nation have? Tell us about them!

The event ends on Sunday, the 28th of November and the best entries of each category will win an epic trading card!

The Winners

The event has come to an end, thanks all for your avid participation and discussion on the RMB! Without further ado, here are my personal gems from all categories:

RL Nation Legislation
This category had so many submissions that I've decided to pick two of them:

ETopiAna wrote:[...] Another US state, in Kansas, Throwing Snowballs is prohibited. [...]

No snowball fights in Kansas? How do they survive winter?

The Republic of Western Sol wrote:Did you know that in alabama you can drive the wrong way down a one way road as long as you have a lantern on the front of your car

I sure know now which streets to avoid in Alabama!

Issue Fallout line
"Following new legislation in Macrasetia, police officers that upset their bosses get assigned to 24 hour stakeouts of bike sheds."

These poor officers, I really hope someone brings them food while they are standing watch!

Invented Legislation
This one is from Gonggong, ever the pacifist: "In Gong, it's canonically illegal to mow your lawn or harvest fruit without a signed consent from the grass."

The epic cards will be sent out in a second!

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Gum is illegal in Singapore
Swearing is a no-no in the UAE
In Iowa, No buying cars or RVs on Sundays
Another US state, in Kansas, Throwing Snowballs is prohibited.
(Im sure you guys can follow these laws, it's not that hard to break anyway.)