Region: Institute of Cellulose

The Kingdom and the Church of Orange Creek

Boris Cult wrote:Skye: extremely well played, Church.
Senshi: there is a solution.
Doyoon: uh oh.
Due to the ID chips that the Tian implants on every baby and vat child, the Tian are able to track the priests, scholars and monks. Conceding that they cannot kill the people inside the sanctuary, if the monks, priests, scholars get close enough to the sanctuary, they overload the ID chips with data, causing the ID chips to overload and shock the Confucians and Dao’s. They then have Tian police rush in and apprehend the person.
As for the people that have escaped to the Liang, they detonate the ID chips, killing the person instantly.
However, they do not do this if the person has already become
1. A citizen of the Liang
2. A cleric of the Crymenathean church
3. If they are physically in a sanctuary. But the moment they step out, where the Tian has jurisdiction, the Tian arrest or kill them
Because of the rise of Alexandria again, the Tian does not want to start a war against Orange, knowing that the Tian is probably the first target or one of the first targets of Alexandria

(Based on the criteria you listed above, non-citizens would be killed within the Liang borders.)