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The People's Republic of Eriadni

AJ Empire wrote:Now I am thinking that how underrated Engels is. Shouldn't he be as popular as marx?

He does a great job cutting through where Marx gets difficult to read. Engels published a synopsis of Das Kapital, which are his chapter notes on the original text, which helps a lot when reading it.

Engels’ other work includes Socialism, Utopian and Scientific and On the Origin of Family, Private Property and the State. Both are pretty influential, Socialism especially on the development of revolutionary parties and the Marxist-Leninist tradition, and Origin especially lays the ground for further Marxist analysis of the state. It’s also notable for contributing to popularisation of a socialist feminist tradition within the socialist and women’s movements.

(I do disagree that Marx was an awful writer generally though. He can get pretty clunky but he does have some absolute zingers)

On the poem…

This is one of my favourite poems. Wilfred Owen was a British soldier who fought in the First World War and was injured and eventually killed in action a week before the Armistice. It’s a really haunting message of futility and suffering that is present in warfare, especially for the overwhelmingly working class combatants.

For those curious, the last lines: “dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori” translate to “It is sweet and fitting, to die for ones country.” Owen’s irony here is a pretty harsh criticism of the nationalism so often used to justify war and the absolute horror it results in.

It’s a poem well worth remembering and spreading, especially as the West’s propaganda campaign for another war is well underway.