Region: The Internationale


The Matriarchy of Graminea

Carrico wrote:Yall are really killing us with these spam one word posts that you feel the need to keep posting. Let's keep this section on political and current event topics. Can we please stop posting one word messaged like "ah"? Let's keep conversation on topic, yall are really killing this regional message board by ignoring our previous requests to STOP SPAMMING THE MESSAGE BOARD.

A couple of us have been working to try to revive this region, but the way yall keep spamming and refuse to listen to basic message board rules is making me realize reviving this region is simply never going to happen.

We are down to only 40 WA delegate endorsements, down from 80, which means our region is politically the weakest than its ever been despite our efforts.

This message board used to have some pretty strict rules about posting, and those have all gone out the window- along with any enforcement, as our elected border security is rarely online to moderate. I say its beyond time we start enforcing some actual rules on here again so we can actually retain new members.

"Wah wah wah people are talking in the message board and having fun!!! That isn't allowed!!!!!"
Shut up buzzkill