Region: Equestria

The Free Land of Esthe

Pacifist Optimists wrote:
[color=B759AB]Welcome to Equestria![/color]

A blossoming empire full of various Equestrian nations, this region seeks peace and acceptance. Originally founded by Makrtopia, and currently managed by its major World Assembly delegate The United Utopia of Untspah, alongside vice-delegate Dragoria, Equestria invites and welcomes with open arms anyone wanting a new home or second chance.

To new nations: Please, be certain to join the World Assembly, and once you have, don't forget to endorse our regional delegate. Not only does this help strengthen them, it helps prevent hostile take-overs and invasions. And we don't want those to happen again, do we?

[color=B759AB]Our offsite forum is here .[/color]

Uh, I believe that you are the invader.